The shocking truth about Christian Missions


A religion has to try and convert others for it claims to be the truth. If it is the truth and is revealed by a good being then it is best for all that they join it. If there is a God who has given a gospel then all people should do what he wants. He has a right to our service and submission. Those who don’t make converts for him are against him. They are unjust. It must be a sin to withhold spiritual truth from anyone unless there is really nothing that can be done.
Religion has to go about bringing in a new victim as fast as possible for delay is sinful and may be harmful. It is a sin to keep a person from the truth without need even for a moment. As long as there is delay, you are promoting evil and offending God.
Christianity received its mandate to turn the world to Christ from Christ himself (Mark 16:15).
Christianity says that causing another’s unbelief by not converting them is as bad and sinful as ceasing to believe yourself. Each religion must have the same opinion. Each religion must have the same opinion. Even religions that preach indifferentism have to believe in making converts for they counsel people against caring for truth which is what we mean by indifferentism.
Lots of people have met religious people who won’t leave you alone. They continually nag at you and preach to you not caring if it all seems to fall on shut ears.
You have to put your religion before being liked for God comes first.
It is better to turn a person against your religion by making them sick of you than for you to do this on the thinking level. Then it is only a feeling that they will not have all the time that is barring them from the gospel and they understand why you irritate them deep down – you have to promote what is right in your opinion. The fact that religion does not usually annoy people proves that religion is just a con.
Jesus continually got up the noses of the Jewish leaders. He told them everything they didn’t even want to hear in front of the people. He even told them that they were vipers and children of the father of lies. They would not have come to talk with him before the people for fear they would be humiliated. Therefore Jesus must have gone out of his way to meet them and annoy them. (God would not need his Son to behave like that for God is all-powerful.)  That is what the gospels teach though it is certain that this is all fiction – the Jewish leaders would not have been that easily had – so such behaviour is obligatory on Christians who have to walk in the ways of their infamous Lord.

Jesus told Christians to spread his teaching all over the world. Yet he forbade doubt as sinful. Obviously, when he commands us to believe and when he says faith is a gift from God he would have to. Christian missionaries seek to make those who hear them have doubts about the religion they think is right. All missionaries forbid doubt as an offence against God. The goal of the missionaries is to make their hearers sin by causing them to doubt their own faith and betray it and their own people.
A religion that preaches salvation through sin cannot be honest or holy. The victims cannot repent of the sin for that would entail wishing they had never encountered the missionaries. Instead of salvation, religion metes out spiritual illness and damnation.
All people start off their spiritual lives with a twisted version of their faith. They have to doubt this before they can subscribe to the purified version. If doubt is a sin then it is a sin to give them light for it is causing them to do wrong.
Christian missionaries often go into countries where they could die for their faith at the hands of hostile regimes. When they smell danger they should cease preaching but they wont. This is recklessness though it pleases the Church. They want to be killed if they end up in front of a firing squad. It is so pointless when the Church does not make it obligatory to proclaim the so-called good news in a land of wolves. It is like attempted suicide.
Witchcraft and some other religions are against going out to bring in converts. They accept whoever comes to them but they will not spread their faith. They say that no religion is right for everybody. But theirs is so flexible and they can have members who are not comfortable with magic as long as they believe in magic. If the members do not believe that their religion is best then they should not be in it. Their faith is evil. If they do believe that it is the best then they should preach it. The excuse that one religion cannot suit everybody is useless. Most religions have room for people to make a place for themselves in it that they are comfortable with. If you hold that your religion is true then you should proclaim it. Otherwise, you are trying to bury the truth – something that no person with self-esteem or integrity would do.
When there is so much deception about these issues we should not trust religion and let it have too much power for it will compel people to come into it with it.

Idolatry is to worship an image or that which is not the true God.
Nobody has ever worshipped an idol just because it is a lump of wood or whatever. Nobody could do it either – the most you could do is pretend. The idol is always held to be an abode of the god or to have been transubstantiated into the god like bread becoming the body of Christ in Catholicism. Or the idol can be considered to be a substitute for the God. If I kiss my daughter’s photo I am kissing her by proxy. I am honouring her and not the snap.
You can’t mean to worship a false god while knowing it is false so deliberate idolatry is not possible.
To adore an ignorant and arrogant God would be idolatry if idolatry is possible for it is preferring him to goodness.
God has decreed that idolatry is a sin that one should be destroyed by getting stoned to death for (Deuteronomy 13). Idolatry must be sincere for you cannot worship anything without sincerity. To condemn idolatry as sin is to say that sincere error is sinful which is absurd and belie the Bible-basher’s claim that they don’t believe in unintentional sin. The Bible reminds people that they don’t know it all and can commit unintentional doctrinal error which shows how uncharitable it is being when it has such harsh things to say about idolatry. When one sincere error is immoral all sincere error is immoral.
Most idolaters believed in a being that could be identified with God and were still censored and rejected by God. Their honouring idols was an expression of devotion to God. God is saying that if you err about what he is like any attempt to worship him is idolatry. So who does worship him? Only the doctrinally infallible are not idolaters!
All sin is idolatry - loving something better than God - yet religious idolaters are singled out by the unfair Bible. And that is especially awful when all sin is idolatry that does not mean that all idolatry is necessarily sin!
We know that the anti-idolatry rules in the Bible are just products of its quarrelsome spirit and gratuitous hatred. Jesus was an evil man when he supported such rules for he said he believed in the Old Testament which he knew very well for when he was at school he had to learn it and all about it.
The whole Bible should be banned for each book ratifies the others in the eyes and teaching of the church so if one is accepted the rest will be with it. Catholic and Protestant terrorists got their sectarian fanaticism from it. They reason that when God recommends hatred and the concealment of it behind smiles and sweet words he can’t complain if they decided to go a bit further. Religion must stop expecting countries to let it do what is illegal for ordinary organisations to do.
The Christian doctrine of the duty of all Christians to be missionaries and that God brings in converts through the missionaries has loads of bigoted and disturbing implications.

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