Does challenging superstition or faith protect people?
Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?
If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them,
is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?


  Gospel of Atheism
1 Salvation by atheism
2 What is self-esteem?
3 Why is self-esteem important?
4 How to love yourself
5 You want to be happy
6 You can be happy
7 To love yourself means loving yourself alone ultimately
Fear is the father of evil
9 Nobody makes you unhappy but you
10 Let happiness come just pave the way and trust yourself
11 Be easy to please and life will be better
12 You just need to see your worth
13 Egoism is the way to go!
14 Distracted selfishness is your salvation
15 See that you are not a sinner
16 Be your own person
17 Only God you need is you!
18 You have a will but it is not free in the religious sense
19 Proof that there is no free will and we don't really want it
20 Belief in fate is not really that bad
21 Liberation and guilt the gospel of atheism
22 Forgiveness in the popular sense is a snare!
23 Hatred in disguise the gospel of atheism overcomes it
24 The importance of evidence and why probability not possibility is what counts
25 Using reason correctly means protecting yourself correctly
26 There is no God - be your own God
27 Show the oppressive God belief the door!
28 Belief in God thrives on attacking your self-regard
29 Why it is inhuman to condone God's often cruel plan
30 Religion is fanatical superstitious and therefore harmful
31 Why prayer offends against decency
32 Why it is bad to believe in revelation
33 Miracles are a toxic belief
34 Fast inner transformation for the atheist
35 Don't expect too much
35 Affirming atheism in a positive way
37 Humanist meditation - transforming your inner self
38 Feeling that life is meaningful
39 On optimism - the atheist and mature optimism
40 Why there is danger and irresponsibility in the afterlife doctrine
41 Telling the difference between right and wrong
42 Being fair
43 On value on human life
44 Can an egoist be a martyr for others?
45 Animal rights
46 Ways of being complicit in society's evil
47 Lying and stealing
48 Gossip is a plague
49 The need for social regulation
50 Proper relationship of church and state
51 The value of education
52 The evil of marriage
53 How to have a happy love life
54 Erotica is harmless and to be enjoyed
55 The bare essentials of atheism
56 About Humanism
57 Humanism is not a religion or a faith position
58 Atheists here are the rules if you want them!
59 Being an atheist or humanist in a religious world
60 Making friends for humanist atheism
61 How we must spread the good news of atheistic humanism
62 The end goal of atheistic humanism
63 Ultimate truth - the theorems of atheistic humanism
Your subconscious mind remembers everything that happens you. You never forget anything Ė its still somewhere in your mind. All that happens is that you fail to recall things which is different Ė that just means your conscious mind is unable to get at this information but it is still there. Your subconscious mind will have beliefs and perceptions that you are not aware of. The more you put your conscious mind at peace with your subconscious the more you will get out of life. The subconscious mind realises things that you donít consciously realise. That is why you can get bad feelings about people for no reason and be proven right about them. You only use a small part of your mind Ė your subconscious mind is vastly more powerful than you can imagine. It is programmable. You can program it to take you out of unhappiness and insecurity to lasting contentment and enthusiasm for life.
Feel inferior to nobody whatever their dignity is because as good as they seem to be they might have more of a desire to become an blood drinking tyrant than you ever could meaning you are a better person despite the things that make you feel stupid and flawed.
Your mind is far greater than you can sense. Your conscious mind is only a small part of the mind. The subconscious mind is the part of your mind that works your conscious mind but you are not aware of it. It is full of beliefs, discoveries, thoughts, feelings and memories that you are not aware of right now but are still there. For example, if you are not thinking of what you had for breakfast today the memory still exists but in your subconscious mind and not your conscious mind. People using ouija boards soon see that the subconscious can act like a separate entity. When people pray to God and feel that he has changed their feelings to make them feel better and answered their prayers it is actually the subconscious mind that has done this. You can treat your subconscious mind as a separate being greater than yourself that has the power to be your best friend if you treat it the right way. It will give you better comfort than God for you have some control over it and none over God. God might give you good feelings and incline you to be a better person but then he might take these things away from you to test you or to crush you for one of his mysterious good purposes and these purposes might be concerned with other people and not you at all. It is foolish then to seek solace in God and not in your reformed subconscious mind especially when it is a God like the Christian or Islamic one who sends sinners to endless torment in Hell without any hope of it ending. God cannot be used as a ground for self-confidence for your confidence could be destroyed by him any second.
The fact that people who pray for consolation though they wonít turn to the ways of God and still get answers to prayer shows that the subconscious mind is really what is doing it for God will not comfort people to encourage sin.
Talk to your subconscious mind and ask for its blessing. Tell it you are sure it will deliver and if it doesnít it will bring you something far better. Picture that you are getting what you are asking for in your mind as if you have already got it for you are so sure of your subconscious mindís power over you. Do your part to bring about what you want. The subconscious mind is more intelligent than you can ever hope to be.
Be often aware that your subconscious mind is with you and is there to be changed into something dynamic and a force for good in your life. Feel its friendship for it is like a separate mind in your mind and it responds to that. You donít need to feel alone.
If God exists then God comes first for he made us and loves and is perfect so every waking moment should be offered to him which means that nearly everything is a sin. It is a sin to enjoy your favourite record for you will not enjoy it much if you occupy yourself with thoughts of God. God will block your progress towards true self-esteem and the belief plays a part in all the evil you do. When you release yourself from the burden you can say then that you are really trying to do something to improve yourself as a person.
It is important that we be sure what right and wrong are and are not. If we are not sure or very sure then criticism by other people will get to us for we wonder if they have a point. To base right and wrong on God and not on your own dignity results in you being less sure and that is why no matter how good a God based morality is basing right and wrong on the certainties that exist in you and which are you is better.
Many teachers tell you that you can get self-confidence by simply believing that God is looking after you. But that is more confidence in God than in yourself and you are using God as a prop. If you really had confidence you wouldnít need God. If you try to get comfort from God rather than your own resources you are programming yourself to believe and feel that you canít help yourself much so you end up need God like a drug addict needs drugs.
To say you need God is to deny that you only do what gives you pleasure which means that happiness is in your hands. Only you can decide to be happy. God is your belief that you have decided to believe which means that you have created this belief in your mind. So when you have to create God to get help from him it shows that you could do it without him and indeed should for if you really love yourself you will help yourself in the quickest most direct and simplest way there is. God and deity-based religion only get in the way of your progress and so are the cause of all the evil that is done in their name even if they say they condemn it.
There is no need for religion or God when nobody or nothing can hurt me unless I decide to use them as an excuse for hurting myself. Keep things simple. Remember that to worship God is really to worship yourself because if you create God in your fantasy then you must believe that you are better than what he is. But this is egotistic and irrational and therefore harmful. It means you secretly feel and believe on some level that you are better than everybody else which will prevent you from enjoying life properly for you will feel that it is beneath yourself to help them. If you are better than the God you make you must be better than other people for your God is better than them! Religious people propagate their faith not because they want to help other people but because they want to reproduce the flaws in them that attract them to religion in other people out of jealousy. Religion is egotism no matter how much good it may do for egotism underlies the good works.
What is the point of saying you should not make a God out of any man when men tell you what God is and wants which amounts in practice to the same thing? Do not be manipulated any more!
You do not need God for your subconscious mind can take his place. You know yourself better than God who might not even exist but you cannot doubt your own existence so who better than yourself to be your own God and give meaning to your life and help you live a fulfilled life? Deep down you would rather put your happiness in your own hands than in anything outside of you for that leaves you in control and you know that even belief in God cannot make you happy unless you decide to be happy. To find happiness in God is not real happiness but a delusion for true happiness is based on reality for happiness that is not is dangerous. When a person feels so happy perhaps with drugs that they walk over a cliff that happiness is not real but a trick that leads to destruction and the subconscious mind which knows and reasons better than we ever could feels unhappy about this. Happiness that attacks your subconscious mind will not last though you may pretend to be happy when that happens.
It will take a bit of time to feel comfortable about being your own God when you have been conditioned by religion but you will gain freedom. Soon you will feel uncomfortable about having anything to do with God again! You will find yourself being more drawn to people to practice this philosophy because their example and fellowship gives you strength than to people who donít.
Being happy is simple Ė it means gently but firmly changing the way you think so that what you think is self-affirming and self-accepting and optimistic Ė but it is not easy. But do remember that the subconscious mind does not want the evil and malice your bad thoughts infect it with for it wants to help itself and you. Survival after all is your strongest instinct. Good thoughts then are more powerful than bad thoughts. But there many be so many evil thoughts that you are not even aware of having that are haunting you secretly and unknown to yourself so it will take time to conquer them.
Remember that when you list your good points you often fail to see how good you really are so when you are judging how good you must take it for granted that you are perhaps up to 20% better than you think. Feel it and know that it is certain that you are better and that you always underestimate yourself through memory loss or faulty perception or through false humility.
When a negative thought comes, first of all remind yourself that the thought is trying to change your feelings and thinking so that you expect the worst and give a bad performance that reduces the chance of success. Recognise that the thought is not a friend but an enemy. But do not fear it for you have the power to turn it into good. Secondly, do not try to force the thought out of your mind. Accept the thought and transform it. Rejection is violent and stressful and unpleasant and is a bad thought in itself. If the thought tells you that you will not get that job you are being interviewed for tomorrow what you do is remind yourself that you believe you are the right person for the job and why. You bring up so many positive thoughts so that the negative thought has no voice any more so that it stops speaking to you and becomes a good thought itself for it realises that it was wrong. So you gently treat the bad thought. You donít rebel against it because that is too aggressive and shows that you are afraid of yourself which is bad for self-esteem and we want you to enjoy the path to self-fulfilment. If you believe in God you will find that you have to put his will before your own so God commands this kind of violence against yourself. It is a cruel belief because it is easier and better to see why you should be positive and treat people well than to try and force yourself to live somebody elseís rules that you may not understand for God has mysterious ways.
Turn the evil you have done into goodness by learning from it and trying to make up for it by doing a good work to make up for it and then an extra good work and this will help you deal with guilt. Guilt is trying to punish yourself for doing wrong by making yourself feel bad. What you need is not punishing but to turn your behaviour around. Donít feel guilty but deal with evil in a positive way and remember that no evil is completely bad and has a positive side. Remember that evil is a mistake or an illness and not something to be punished for. Guilt is useless for it tries to get the attention that is best spent on doing some good works. Guilt is destructive. Guilt is doubled by the notion that God is watching you and disapproving of what you have done. Atheism saves you from that. It gives you more power to move on. God being good must necessarily disapprove and judge and his opinion matters for he is better than you.  So God forces you to judge yourself and that is evil. Itís not what you have done that matters but what you are going to do about it now. Self-esteem involves seeing yourself as your favourite person which is only right for you know nobody like yourself and nobody can do anything for your happiness but you. God should be the favourite if you believe in him so abandon belief in him.
When you feel worried about something make a picture of yourself succeeding. Do not let yourself think that this picture is wrong. If you canít believe and feel the picture is right then you need to see your good points better. List them. List ways that will get you the best chance of obtaining your desire. You will find then that you will be able to believe and feel the picture will come true better. Have a fall back plan that is good Ė resolve that you would learn where you went wrong if you didnít get what you wanted. This makes everything far more positive. If you see the picture as so real and hold it in your mind every time a worry hits you, you are programming your mind to do its best to win your success.
Avoid violence in your visualisations because violence is scary and is telling your mind that you want violence which is incompatible with self-love for violence can harm you. For example, if you are trying the placebo effect getting the mind to heal the body and you imagine that your immune system is kicking sickness out of your body that is bad. What you should imagine is that your immune system is sending and delivering love to the sickness so that the sickness changes into health.
Your subconscious mind acts like a genius inside your head. If you put evil into it, it will send evil back on you Ė that is where feelings of inadequacy and despondency and negative thoughts come from. To do evil is to tell it you are evil and embrace evil and to program it to be self-destructive for evil is destructive. If you hurt other people you are programming them to hurt others and you so you are telling your own subconscious mind that you are consenting to being harmed and it will oblige. To help others is primarily helping yourself. Put only good and optimistic thoughts into your mind and over time you will know happiness you never thought possible. If you put irrational beliefs like God into your mind harm will result.
If you really have an immortal soul or a mind that God will bring back to life then it follows that your spirit comes before your body. This belief is false because you must put your body first. The body has to be cared for because you value the mind in it so the body comes first for it is the shell and tool of the mind. If you look good and look after yourself you will find it easier to be good because you will like yourself and you will like your life when you take care of yourself. This tells your mind that you love it and it warms to that and serves you well. To put the mind first results in the subconscious sending harm to you. A strong positive attitude and enthusiasm for life fights disease and can keep a dying person living a very long time so Humanism heals.
If you find you donít have much energy then it is recommended that you get out of yourself. This stops you getting bored and sitting around worrying and not seeing how good you are which waste energy. Do this and your energy will build up. Laziness means you are willing to hurt yourself and others by doing nothing and it makes your mind make you feel bad.
The more you feed your subconscious mind on kindly thoughts the more you will find you like everybody more and this results in more goodness in your mind so the sky is the limit! You will also find that strange but lovely coincidences start happening more and more for the subconscious mind in your involuntary movements and expressions influences the subconscious minds of others to sense things about you that attract them to doing good things for you. The subconscious minds pick up on little cues like they have their own language. This is all natural though its results can seem like psychic powers. So when you are happy you give off nice attractive vibes without realising.
If you do fail in the path to self-esteem and optimism donít worry for it is never too late to start again and be thankful that you used the path and be conscious that it blessed you or has attracted blessings to you that are yet to come. Thank your subconscious mind for your blessings and more blessings will come. Treat it as a true friend.
Be humble. Being humble does not mean you put yourself down but that you have a realistic assessment of yourself and your abilities and knowledge. Humility is actually true self-esteem because you cannot love yourself if you divorce yourself from reality for you need to know what is real to be happy, secure and successful. Without humility you would not be able to improve yourself for you will not see where you need to improve. If you are egotistical and arrogant that is a sign that you have such a bad opinion of yourself that you donít want to see where you need to improve and this is not self-love and stop yourself from really being decent and really good.
If we have a problem with worry then the very first thing we must do to deal with it is to realise that it causes pain but does no good. Unless we realise that we will never succeed in breaking the habit for that is all it is. The next thing we must realise is that worry is a bad habit and we can stop doing it. The final thing we must realise is that for each of us our happiness is in our own hands not Godís. It is irrational to say that God is all-good and all-powerful and so we should not worry for things that make one worry still happen and are still possible. We break the habit by looking at the good side of everything and by realising that we can stop the worst from being the worst and bring good out of it. We must avoid people who say things that make us worry and correct every remark that seems negative so that we are always saying positive things. We must realise that nothing is really that bad and that good is most likely to happen and when we are sad or disappointed that it is the way we react to things that makes us feel like that not the actual thing itself.
Do not fear wealth. Work for it if you wish and welcome it. It gives you the power to help other people. Believing that money corrupts or that it is somehow wrong to be wealthy deprives you of satisfaction. Money doesnít have to be bad and believing that it is or is likely to be bad means you are programming blocks to prosperity into your consciousness. If you are afraid of money you wonít want a nice job or a wealthy partner and that could lead to you becoming a loser. Teachings like, ďIt is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of GodĒ, are harmful.
This philosophy makes sense. We understand it and how it works. That is better than having Gods and rules we donít understand. The philosophy is better than faith for it is knowledge and even if we donít use it well we still get hope for we know it is there and we can use it to help ourselves. We can keep going even when things go terribly wrong.