Faith when it is about the idea that God thinks you are so incredible and lovely and worthwhile and wonderful that he makes you as if you are the only thing he has made is just a form of narcissistic pride. It is so extreme that it is startling. It ends up with the person taking the attitude that they don’t care what anybody thinks of them only what God thinks of them. That is as vile and silly as the popular advice to care not what others think but about what you think.

First you naturally care what enough people think so to oppose or blind yourself to that fact is an act of self-harm and to urge others to do the same thing is to hurt them.  Second it helps you love yourself if they love you. Thirdly it leads to you doing bad things, to yourself and others, on the basis that it is nobody else’s business.

And if you care only what God thinks of you then clearly you think he thinks a lot of you. Even those who think that what others think about them matters about them will often insist if they believe that what God thinks matters most or matters ultimately.

All of that is bad enough if your faith is God is a matter of opinion to you but it is horrendous if you go as far as to see faith as a virtue or a gift from God!  God giving you the power to worship yourself and to feel that God worships you as his God is outrageous.  Believers who feel that they are that special usually only give themselves away by their actions for they are too ashamed to admit it.  A god who gives you arrogance and pride as gifts is not a good God at all.

It is possible that faith only works if people think it is God worshipping them!  Only the person herself can know if that is what her faith is about.  The rest of us wonder if that is all that it is about and is the reason people find it comforting!

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