Can't Love God except in so far as you can show he must exist


A guessed God cannot be a God - all that matters - to you.  We do not know if the idea of spirit makes sense.  God is the infinite spirit and creator. Therefore a spirit God is a guess.  If there is to be a bias then the bias is to be in favour of atheism. The alternative to non-belief is to guess and that still does not give you God.  So even then you are an atheist in all the significant ways.




Jesus when he was asked what the greatest commandment of morality was replied as follows.
“The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; the Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these” (Mark 12:29-31, King James Bible).
Jesus said that we are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength (which is commanded by the depraved prophet Moses in Deuteronomy 6). That is, God is to be loved wholly. We do not love him most and give the rest of our love to others. We must love him alone and love others for his sake.




If there is a unicorn in the universe you will never find it. So if you have to assume either that it exists or it does not then what do you do? If you assume that it exists that will be on the grounds that even if it cannot be found and never will be that at least in principle it could be. You know that there are many things you will never perceive but which you hold do in fact exist. These are things you know you would perceive if they came to your door. Because of that principle you assume they exist.  It gives you permission.  God is undetectable in principle for he is not a thing but an entity with no parts - a spirit. Even if you see him you really see a vision he has created of himself not him. So he is not like one of those unicorns or whatever. Logically if you are going to assume that the unicorn or witch or whatever exists somewhere out there this is more rational than assuming the existence of God.  This shows the absurdity of assuming God exists.  So it is silly to assume God exists for you are more entitled to assume a fairy exists.  The alternative is to assume there is no God.  God would be terrible if he asks you to assume he exists.  Even those who say God has given us evidence that he exists tell you that assuming God exists is a good starting point.  You assume he is there and then go in search of the evidence.



We cannot know God unless he reveals himself to us in a relationship kind of way. Knowing the king through arguments is no substitute for knowing the king as a friend and person. It is knowing about him not knowing him. Only God can make God known. And it is easy for us to wrongly think we know God when we think we know ourselves and actually do not.
God claims that loving him helps you do what is best for yourself. Remember what is best is not necessarily what is perfect. Best is what is perfect under the circumstances. So God wanting the best for you does not mean God wants you to feel good about yourself. If you have to give your feelings to yourself or to God it would be immoral to refuse to give them to God. Feel good about God not yourself.
If loving God involves doing what is best for yourself then it is not best for yourself to devote love for something whose existence you are not sure enough of. Loving God when you are not really very sure he exists, if you have the right God or if he deserves it is self-abuse.
You can only love others including God in so far as you know they exist. In so far as I am unsure, I cannot love them for to love what I am not sure of is not the same as valuing those persons. Love and reason are inseparable. That is why we insist on rationalism or on people deciding for themselves what is true rather than them taking orders from prophets, Gods, Bibles and priests about what they are to believe.
The only justification you can have for loving God alone is that he is the best and that his existence can be verified. If God cannot be shown to be a reality, then true devotion to him is wrong even if he does exist. That is because we cannot be sure. The people we see, hear and feel come first for we are surer they exist than we are that God does.
To love God alone or first in our hearts is to intend evil towards humanity – it is an act of hate. God may make us indifferent to people in themselves as people. Indifference may be neither love or hate but choosing it is an act of hate. It is worse than hate for nobody hates somebody so much that they would love to see them suffer forever while the apathetic soul approves by simply not giving a toss.
Religion says that God cannot be harmed. Since he is all-powerful nobody can do him damage so everlasting punishment is immeasurably harsh. So religion sinks very low to say that God who cannot be harmed should be all that matters or come first despite the fact that it is those who can bleed and cry and suffer that should come first. Let God take care of himself. He is able to.
It is not the love of God and your neighbour that go together. It is the love of reason and your neighbour or God. You cannot love a person whose existence your reason is not as sure of as much as a person your reason is more sure of. If I respect (love) X more than Y and I am less sure of the existence of X then I am really not respecting (loving) Y but insulting Y. Those who know that Jesus’ existence is less certain than Napoleon’s take note! I can only value you as much as I know you are you and you are real. That is why religion with its insistence that I must love my neighbour as myself not myself more than my neighbour and love God more than myself or my neighbour is doomed to failure as a force for making the world a better place for it thrives on injustice and deception.
Real love is respect. You can feel a strong attraction/liking towards someone and not love them. If you don’t respect, then you just have a loving feeling for them not real love. Is respect for God really respect when he does not need it? No. If we need to respect him then it follows that in respecting him we respect ourselves and not him.
In so far as I am not sure my God exists, I love the image I have made of him and not him. I am an idolater and that selfishness will only produce worse selfishness.
If God is love then loving a guessed God is not connecting with him.
Why do people who preach love and forgiveness directly and indirectly cause a lot of hatred, deception and division in the name of God? The Church and the atheist will say that it is because they make a God in their own image and they get addicted to this God in their head. That is guaranteed to happen if there is insufficient evidence for God. Telling a believer that God is important brainwashes him to become sectarian even if he doesn't understand why God is important. To make things important without understanding why is the very stuff of sectarianism and religious terrorism. Without sufficient evidence for God, you end up making a God as you perceive him. Your perception of God is not God. It is an idol. And the next man has his idol and you have yours. No wonder there will be conflict.
The evidence for God in the eyes of many is not great. In the eyes of those who are more cautious, the evidence is non-existent. Whoever advocates belief in God or encourages it is part of the problem.

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