Hell is a doctrine of hate. Jesus said that unless we believe in him and get his forgiveness we will go to Hell forever at death deprived of mercy for all eternity.

The Handbook of Christian Apologetics insults our intelligence by claiming that God punishes people forever in Hell for saying he doesn't makes liars out of Jesus and the Christians.
It says that it is unthinkable that Hell could not exist for that makes Jesus and the Christian Church liars. But not necessarily. They might be just mistaken. And considering the kind of dishonesty the Church is riddled with would it really be unthinkable for it to be lying? Also, to argue, "This doctrine is totally evil if it is untrue. But we urge you to believe it for it would be worse to accuse or suspect Christians who believe of being wrong" is downright unfeeling and sanctimonious. That is not a reason for believing. You need logical evidence. This is not an opinion poll.  It is sectarian to say it is unthinkable that the Church is lying for a member of any different religion could say the same about the people who set up his religion. Are the authors suggesting that the argument only applies to the Catholic Church for it is the only good religion? They have to be!
It would be strange to argue that Hell is a wonderful doctrine even if it is untrue.
The Handbook says that if we reject the doctrine of Hell because we cannot stand it what is to stop us getting rid of other doctrines we cannot stand? But so unprofessional is this book that it does not make a distinction between doctrines that we should stand though we don’t like them and ones that we shouldn’t endure. The adulterer would not be able to stand the ban on adultery but he should.  The adulterer should not stand it if society starts condoning paedophilia.
The Christians will believe that Hell must exist because Jesus said so. This is alarming. It is really no different to the following horror. A woman says her husband raped children but must have intended some good for the children when he said so. She says we must believe him for it is unthinkable that he was lying. That kind of logic is disgusting. Jesus Christ and the Church are merely being allowed to pollute human decency.
No genuinely good person would say that we must be capable of hating everybody for all eternity just because we can't call Jesus and the Church liars. If the pope said that paedophiles want to become demons at death to possess children what would we think of somebody who argued that we must accept this for we must not call the pope mistaken or a liar? It shows plenty of concern for defending the doctrine-maker but none for the slander of the human race. It is no excuse to say that no specific person is being accused. To say any person could choose to be evil for all eternity insults us all for you could be speaking about anybody.
As we tend to adopt the beliefs of the majority of people we encounter, clearly we lazily think that most people will not fool us. That is no excuse for believing nasty doctrines. It is a proof that we shouldn't.

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