Such is the hold Jesus Christ has over people that they would even follow the likes of Luther and Calvin in order to have Jesus.  The evil doctrine taught by those men, Luther's anti-semitism was rabid, did nothing to put them off.


Please read: Adultery and Divorce in Calvinʼs Geneva, Robert M. Kingdon (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1995.

Jesus and other dangerous individuals like Luther, Calvin and Muhammad are lovingly described by bootlickers and liberals as "men of their time". One would expect better of men who prayed so much and studied so much and who were allegedly opened up to God’s influence. The excuse is just an insult.  Many ordinary people would never have picked up the stones to kill anyone.  They were also leaders and prophets and not just men of their time! You never try to excuse such evil!

The Reformers found that the New Testament showed that Jesus had no problem with or objection to any savage Old Testament law. His teachings were about how people should treat each other and not about how the state should treat its people.

Interestingly Calvin observed that the Old Testament laws never ever mentioned treason. That is good for usually liberal Christians lie that the reason the laws were so harsh and cruel was because to break them severely was treason against God who was supposedly head of state. In fact, when Israel was in the desert its head was Moses who supposedly got commands from God. God did not direct the day to day ongoings. Moses did.

How could cursing a parent really be treason? That sin was punished by being stoned to death.


Calvin wrote against the adulterous woman:

“She injures her husband, exposes him to shame, despoils also the name of her family, despoils her unborn children, despoils those whom she has already borne in lawful wedlock. When a woman is thus in the hands of the devil, what remedy is there except that all this be exterminated?” [Opera xxviii, 51]

Then he adds with reference to the stoning commanded in Deuteronomy 22:21:

“And so it must be, in such a great extremity when the punishment is so severe, that the Lord wishes this to serve as an example to us, that those who have lived in such scandal in their lives may teach us by their death to keep ourselves chaste.” [Opera xxviii, 52]

 “Do you not see that it is an insufferable crime, and one which ought to be punished to the limit?” [Opera xxviii, 53].  As has been noted by scholars, jusquʼau bout, punished to the limit means the death penalty.

Page 360, J. M. V. Audin, History of the Life, Works, and Doctrines of John Calvin, translated by Rev. John McGill tells us how a woman accused of adultery was drowned for it in the Rhone under Calvin's directions.


“In the year 1560, the Genevese made two examples of justice which savored of ancient Rome. A citizen having been condemned to the lash by the small council, for the crime of adultery - his case was reconsidered, and the council, knowing that he had before committed the offense, and been against caught therein, condemned him to death" [Spon., History of Geneva, in 4 to., t. I, 305.].


Robert Kingdon wrote “We find in the surviving dossiers of Genevan criminal trials a cluster of several cases of adultery punished with the death penalty in 1560 and 1561. That was when the Calvinist Reformation was at its peak".

In 1572, a young boy was nearly executed for hitting his mother.

Calvin preached in 1555 that the command of Deuteronomy to remove evil children by killing them was still in force. The Geneva Bible note on the command in question is "Which death was also appointed for blasphemers and idolaters: so that to disobey the parents is most horrible.”  Under Calvin a young boy was decapitated for hitting his parents in 1568. This was to respect the laws of Exodus 21:15,17.

The Commentary on the Five Books of Moses by Calvin appeared in 1563. Calvin was immensely proud of it and told magistrates in it to enforce the murderous Bible laws against children. Executions followed and the blood ran. Many alleged witches were also killed on the instructions of this book. One was put to death on the spot.

Even today such works appear. The Reverend William Einwechter published his article on stoning recalcitrant children in January 1998.

Calvin advocated beating up children.  Child beating is prescribed in the book of Proverbs. Remember this book is not about laws but about wisdom so it is plainly saying it is wise to obey things such as "Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy soul spare for his crying." - Proverbs 19:18 (The Hebrew word for “chasten” means literally “chasten with blows.”)


What are we doing respecting this man and his statues and monuments?  His legacy is a dish of hypocrisy and spin.  All who promote the Bible as good or God's word have blood on their hands. If the Catholic Church gave the world the Bible it has to take some responsibility for what Calvin did for he merely got the guidance and the chance to kill people in accordance with the Bible.

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