The gospels claim that Jesus was crucified outside Jerusalem and buried there.  He vanished from the tomb allegedly.  It has been alleged that the Talpiot tomb near Jerusalem was Jesus' family tomb and his bones had been there. Dr Witherington says, that Christians went on pilgrimage there and thinks it was because St James was buried there but if Jesus had been there they would have kept away as it reminded them that their faith that he rose was wrong. 

Jesus would have been buried in his home town of Nazareth and that shows us why the body might have been removed.

Dr Darrell Bock, a professor of the New Testament based at Dallas Theological Seminary raises some questions.

"How did his family have the time in the aftermath of his death to buy the tomb space, while also pulling off a stealing of the body and continue to preach that Jesus was raised BODILY, not merely spiritually?

 ...The bodily part of this resurrection is key because in Judaism when there was a belief in resurrection it was a belief in a bodily resurrection, a redemption that redeemed the full scope of what God had created. If one reads 2 Maccabees 7, one will see the martyrdom of the third son of seven executed who declares that they can mutilate his tongue and hands for defending the law, because God will give them back to him one day. To lack a bodily resurrection teaching is to teach in distinction from what the earliest church had received as a key element of the hope that Jesus left his followers, a hope that itself was rooted in Jewish precedent. Paul, our earliest witness to testify to this in writings we possess, was a former Pharisee who held to a physical resurrection as 1 Corinthians 15 also makes clear. Paul matches the Maccabean picture noted above. He explicitly denies an approach that accepts only a spiritual resurrection."

I would say that even if they claimed Jesus was bodily resurrected and was physical  that was still only their opinion.  Jesus if he rose spiritually from the dead then pretended to be raised bodily!  No direct evidence at all is given that Jesus had a body.  It is only hearsay.  We don't even have a sworn statement directly written by anybody that touched him.  The bodily resurrection is theology not history.

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