Boxing and Violent Sports and Christian Love

Some forms of sport are dangerous and violent. An obvious example is boxing. It was even more dangerous years ago when medicine and health and safety was still comparatively primitive.
Forms of violence in sport, especially for money, create a culture of acceptance towards violence inside and outside the sport.  You are going to have a hard time explaining what is so terrible about a short brawl on the street when you permit worse in the boxing ring.


Those who consent to such violence are consenting to far more than what they have the right to. You might have a right to consent to experience violence in sport if you knew beforehand exactly what would happen. But you do not.  People only try to choose for their future but in reality they cannot.  You do not choose to get your nose broken in the ring next year though you think you do.

Violent sport has society and the organisers consenting on another's behalf that they will engage in violence and suffer it. Their consent is taking away the possibility of consent from another. For example, if the boxing is too much for you in the ring, there are times you will not be able to get away from it. Your degradation is used as a spectacle for and as entertainment for others.

Violent sport always told me how hypocritical society and the Catholic Church are. It is worse for the Church to approve such violence as it boasts, "Oh we believe in loving one's neighbour as oneself and deny that there is any religious justification for violence."

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