Atheism is innate to human nature. Even the most religious in fact cannot erase the fact that they think and act more independent of God than anything else.

God is that which we need a relationship with. But many of us do not need such a relationship or want it and that is the way we are human so being forced to do religion or God in any way is inherently against our dignity.

Atheism is needed by human nature. We are innately atheist and our needs demand atheism as well.

The atheist identity then must unapologetically receive and demand respect and affirmation for it is not easy to be your own god. Support and respect for your true identity is necessary for your inclusion and integration in society. It must fuel a care model. Who says it is up to professionals to look after you? You need better than that.

Honour yourself by honouring your mind by thinking for yourself

Think for yourself for if you don't, you are letting someone or someone else develop you. You may get it wrong but you are you which is why you remain the best judge of what is right for you. If you love yourself you will. If you suspect that others are better than you and that you are less lovable than they then you won't. Your mind is yours and nobody else's - treat it accordingly.

Think outside the box - open your mind eagerly and widely. Don't dismiss anything as mistaken. Listen first and then decide. If you do this you prevent attachments to ideas. Attachment can cause problems. For example, don't vote a party just because your parents do. That is really putting habit before considering what is best for you and your country.

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