If a person has borderline personality disorder, no evidence of being loved will impact them. They just cannot feel loved and they think that that they feel about not being loved is the truth. Facts will not get through. Imagine the harm belief does to them.

The notion that all you need is love for the religious person means all you need is God's love. As God is that which supposedly made you and gives you all you have that is a major thing if you cannot see his love. And what if the reason you cannot see it is that it really is not there! It is obvious that religion has potential harm and must destroy vulnerable people merely by advocating faith in God.

If you cannot see how others love you despite the evidence, then to tell you that you have God's love for which you cannot see evidence, is only adding to your trouble.  It only makes you more dissociated from evidence than you are.

Religion is accusing - even if it does not use the words - atheists and doubters of borderline personality disorder of the worst kind.  If it is serious to doubt your devoted spouse loves you it is off the scale bad if you cannot see the devotion your loving God has for you.

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