To do harm is bad enough. But religion makes this harm worse by saying that it offends God. So if there were no God, or you believed there were none, you would not be as evil as you would be if you believed in one for you have an extra being, that Great Dignity called God, to take offence. The God belief increases sin. It is immoral. It implies that morality does and should not care what damage it does. It evangelises for a harmful form of legalism. Religion will reply that it makes your goodness better too. But you can do good and not believe and still mean it to please a God.
If God exists then sin is infinitely bad for God hates it infinitely for he is infinitely good or would be. When all sin is infinite, all sin must be equally bad. Anything then that does not seek to root out self-will and make the person all for God is sinful so everything we do is a sin for even the greatest saint says they do not love God perfectly. That means there is no goodness in us for good is just a pretence when we refuse to be totally God-centred. That is a cynicism-inducing doctrine and will make people feel good about murdering and other serious wrongdoing. When you are a sinner anyway why not be a murdering one?

Since sin is infinitely evil that means God comes first and nothing ever justifies sin. It is possible to sin and be mentally ill. It is like being guilty but insane in the law. If a mentally-ill person could not refrain from a world saving act because it would be sinful for him, sin is so bad that he should let the world die.
Failure to put God first is sin. Belief in sin harms us and does not care as much for human life and happiness as it does for pleasing God. It follows then that God comes first and is the only thing that matters.
Sin is intending to do harm so many say that it is a mistake to accuse religion of ethical scepticism just because it says that sins which caused a general decline in sin and did more good than bad are still wrong. They say you still do wrong by meaning to be wrong. Religion is falling into ethical scepticism by saying that you can’t do evil like murder or adultery and have a clean motive even if they will enhance the spiritual lives of others. Even ethical sceptics believe their actions are right for we are all made to do whatever we think is right at the time so there is no such thing as meaning to be wrong. The objective rightness or wrongness of an action is another issue.

If God allows feelings then he wants our strongest feelings to be devoted to him and his pleasing. But there is a link between love and hate. Love makes it easier to hate the person you love. It causes hate. God is asking for trouble when he wants all that love. At least if you love a number of human beings and hate some of them the hate will not be as strong as it would be if you loved one person with all that love and turned against the person. Then your hate will be strong for you have loved that person so much. But God wants to be loved more than any person which means that if God makes you angry the hatred you will feel will be very dangerous and terrifying and strong. You will also be crippled with a hideous guilt. All this will lead you to do bad things to others for people only hurt others when they are unhappy about something. Also if you love several people you may not hate too much if somebody hurts any of them. But if you give all your love to God then you will utterly detest anybody who doesn’t honour him. God and his commandments are our enemies and the enemies of the whole human race. We have enough to hate people about without the God belief making a contribution.

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