PACK OF LIES: Why Suffering? Finding Meaning and Comfort when Life doesn't make sense Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale

This book is written by two Christians who are famous for ignoring anything that refutes their nonsense. They are not afraid to lie.

Lie One: It's in the title of the book. It says life doesn’t make sense but Christianity says it always does. But what about rapport? We sometimes need people to feel life is useless right now. It helps us hope that it will change for the better.

Lie Two: When asked if the problem of suffering is the worst obstacle to belief in God they simply answer that many think it is. They state that though suffering is an obstacle to a relationship with God it does not have to be and can be the greatest reason to turn to God. So they argue that if it is the greatest obstacle it is also the greatest reason to turn to God.

Now if it is both the greatest obstacle and the invitation to God it makes no sense.  It cannot be both.  And if it is equally both how do we measure that?  If it more the greatest obstacle than the greatest invitation then suffering disproves the love of God and thus the existence of the Christian God.

Lie Three: That if you wish for a better world than this one you are as good as wishing yourself out of existence for there can be no better earth.

We would need to be able to prove God's love before we could say such a thing.  It is not worth the risk of being wrong so you need proof.  Consider how serious suffering is for heaven's sake!

Lie Four: If it is wrong for God to create us in a world of suffering then it is wrong for parents to reproduce.

Parents do not have children if they have reasonable grounds to believe the children will suffer or at least do something worthwhile about suffering.  God knows more than any parent and is able to put a shield around his creatures to protect them.  What parents can do these things?  It is not the same.  If parents having children in a world of suffering proves God can have children for such a world then it is probably the most important argument of all that God's love and the suffering of his innocent creatures can be made to agree.  But it does not work.

Lie Five: “Something is only truly evil if it is a violation of a moral law.” That implies a lawgiver - for Christians the lawgiver is God. So if you think suffering is evil then you must hold that there is a God who rules that it is indeed evil.

This argument is an evil lie.  If nothing is causing you to live forever in desperate agony but blind natural forces and there is no God or anything like that involved then that is still evil.  Those people are more concerned about moral evil than about evil.  They are saying it is better to suffer at the hands of mechanical forces forever than to steal a bar of chocolate.  That is not logical and not compassionate and totally insane.  It is religious extremism.  You are forced into it by the need to say God and evil can fit together so the very idea of God is extremist.

Lie Six: People are reminded that Jesus said that if they suffer it may not be punishment for any sin they have committed.

This doctrine is a scam to comfort you and lure you into the Christian faith.  In fact it is no consolation at all.  Jesus denied that suffering is necessarily down to any sin you have committed but it is a group punishment.  The group is punished for sin even if includes members who are not.  You would rather be punished for something you have done than punished just because God wants a group to suffer for sin!  If you don't know what a God who is prepared to punish you for your sins will do you are less prepared for what a group punisher God would do.

Lie Seven: Their arguments or some of them are supposedly new. They are not.

Real proofs that God cannot be love are ignored.

Even if it is nice to believe God loves you, you should not demean yourself by giving and receiving love except from a person you at least know for sure is real. You cannot know this about God. You can only believe it. The internet facilitates relationship based on too much faith and not knowledge. A man who believes his girlfriend exists is sad. He needs to meet her and be with her.  It is not fair on him to encourage him to have that amount of faith!

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