St Bridget of Sweden was a mystic and Roman Catholic saint.

The fifteen prayers revealed by God to St Bridget of Sweden say that Jesus had a delicate body and had enlarged wounds as a result of the pulling and abuse he got on the cross and his limbs were so badly dislocated that there was never any pain as bad as that on earth. At least it shows she never heard of the Turin Shroud which does not show all this enlarging and record-breaking distortion and depicts a strong tall man.

But her vision is fanciful.

Absurdly, she was told in her visions and messages that there was not a drop of blood left in Jesus when he was stabbed with the lance.

Jesus promises that whoever is devoted to the fifteen prayers will have fifteen souls of his family released from purgatory and fifteen preserved from damnation and will be able to become a saint more easily and will give him communion fifteen days before death. Few could believe this. She claimed she received these revelations in the Church of St Paul in Rome. Many of the popes, notably Urban VI, endorsed and propagated her revelations.

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