Biology and randomness and God

In evolutionary biology, what does random mean? Though evolution is believed to have started by chance it is not kept going by chance. The pattern came about by chance and so chance does not need to and cannot direct evolution. The pattern is strictly speaking directing nothing - a snowflake is just what it is, something that looks designed but is not. So randomness then is largely not about chance but means that changes happen regardless of whether they are useful to the creature or not. The changes have resulted in a pattern that is useful for us now but may not be in a thousand years when the pattern makes us so advanced that we prove it is not real advancement when we blow ourselves into atoms in a nuclear conflagration.
Believers in God say that God not chance rigged it so that the pattern would appear. Unbelievers say the pattern was created by chance but is not a pile of chances itself. These views are incompatible. One has intention and the other does not.

Can we choose one or the other? If so then God is not important. God is not God. God to be God cannot be a menu item.
Religion answers that God as an intelligent being is the only answer for random generates only disorder.
It is not true that chance creates only what we would see as useless chaos. It can cause a framework.
If God is directing evolution then we should speak of intention. Intentional guidance of evolution means evolution has nothing to do with chance. It means that evolution is about intention and it is intention we should be dwelling on. Evolution ceases to be a theory but a mere symptom of intention. Intention becomes the real theory.  Thus science holds that luck and the unintended is what started evolution off and also what caused it to go into enough order to produce the many creatures and plants that thrive on earth.

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