Men are men and women are women or is it that simple?  Biology is presented as saying yes.  However, science does not sustain the traditional ideological view that you are whatever you body looks like when you are born. 

It is thought that females have two x chromosomes and males have an x and a y. 

But some creatures, for example, flatworms if they lose a penis in an accident or attack will develop as female.  Some female humans have an 5-alphareductase deficiency and may grow a penis at puberty.  We humans are not like that but we can do what flatworms do but in a more interventionist way!  So the difference is hairsplitting.

Some females have an x and y chromosome but androgens do not work on them which is why their bodies develop as female.

Some XY females miss a gene from the Y and end up with a male body.

We are both male and female. Our genes say our bodies will have (not should have!) have certain characteristics. For example, a vagina for females and a penis for males. But if we change this through surgery, if a penis is made into a vagina then one is female. Genes aren't everything! They are only about the physical.  And then only to an extent.  Genes in some way are able to give a genderless brain network to some, a female one to male-bodied ordinary men, a male one to female-bodied ordinary woman.  That is physical too and only lived experience can tell us that so we cannot detect it in instruments.

By lived experience we are saying that only a trans person knows who they are and so anybody disagreeing is an oppressor for they cannot stand in your shoes and they think they can know only what you know.  People worry about this lived experience model, this standpoint epistemology, as nobody knows where it will lead.  But a person's truth is their truth so we have to learn to accept it. It would seem that somebody knowing their brains tell them their bodies have birth defects does not give anybody else a duty to modify their bodies or to agree with them.  As we should hold that nature is not a designed pattern but a coincidental pattern whether we help or don't help we are doing something to those people.  We think medicine is not made up of service providers who must do what you ask.  But let us change our thinking.  We are guilty of assuming nature is okay the way it is and it will never be for it is a pattern yes but a largely bad one for us.

Despite the expectations of the world about real men and real women each one of us is partly male and partly female. A caring man has the female instinct of caring and nurturing. Many will despise him for that showing that they are awful people because they would rather he was some kind of callous and arrogantly macho monster. With its stress on the way nature is, religion should shoulder much of the blame for this. Yet it is made up of men who haven’t the guts to be truly and genuinely decent.

Some men and women like to dress up and act like the opposite sex for it fulfils some need. It is getting in touch with their female or male sides so it is perfectly natural for no man is totally male and no woman is totally female. Nobody should be ashamed or guilty about it as long as they don’t steal clothes off lines.

Long ago, macho males wore wigs and made their faces white with make-up and put on beauty spots. The rules about how men and women should dress and act are just tradition based on habit and custom and there is no natural law that says women should wear make-up and men should not. If you have skin you can wear it and should if it is good for it and makes it look better. It is bigotry to force your conventions on others who may not be willing to follow them. If a man wants to wear the male version of a skirt like Jonathan Ross did some years ago then let him. He may look awful in it to some people but all should worry about pleasing themselves instead of others when working on their appearance. Religion puts itself up to be a great fighter against prejudices. If it were it would not be barring people with “inappropriate” dress from the Church. It was worse in the past but is still a keen prejudice maker.

It is wrongly thought that effeminate men are likely to be homosexuals or paedophiles. Mannerisms come from habit and environment and are not inherited like the colour of your eyes nor are they your nature. They do not come from being born a homosexual or a transvestite but the gay man can feel more in common with women and may behave more womanly.

The argument I wish to make is, DNA can make a man with a female body and a woman with a male body.  This cannot be proven by testing their DNA codes.  Their brain does the test and so we have to take them at their word.  They know who they are.

Gender dysphoria is often seen as a person not recognising their secondary sexual characteristics as belonging to them. They are like birth defects and bring painful distress. But it can involve being tormented by what your DNA is.  Many trans men suffer for they are not cis men.  Many trans women suffer for they are not cis women.  This type of dysphoria can be very hard to manage.  Some trans after hormones and medical intervention may commit suicide over it for DNA cannot be changed.  Yet it was best that they had attempted the treatments.  The person needs a chance.


facilitate those who have gender dysphoria where they suffer from their bodies not matching their mind gender

Question the difference people make between gender which is if you are male or female or genderless in your head and sex which is your biology.  Gender is biological sex in its own way.

Gender dysphoria is never simple - to relieve it the sufferer may not need anything more than to live as the "opposite" sex.  Some need surgery and others do not.  This indicates that the disorder is different from person to person.  No one size fits all is acceptable.

There are other forms of dysphoria not just gender.  The programming of your nervous system and your biology can cause this.

A person may just have the feeling that they do not fit in their body but not have dysphoria.  Their transgender validity must be affirmed.  For example a man may feel he has nothing between the legs and feel he has breasts.  His neural makeup shows there is a mismatch.  But he may feel no dysphoria.

Misgendering is violence.  Words kill transgenders.  Suicide rates are horrific and dysphoria can kill and affirming the person in their real sex is part of treatment.  It is up to society to treat not just the medical professionals.  Society has the real role.

Be aware of ROGD - Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.  It is better for this to appear under guidance so it is important to invite people to be aware that their body may be physically wrong or their gender role is wrong.

Surgery is lifesaving for many with gender dysphoria. It is wrong to put operations for cancer patients with poor outcomes before the miracle of gender affirmation surgery.

We conclude that biological sex is mainly in the mind.  So transmen do not exist but are just men.  So transwomen are just women as well.  Some people are non-binary or gender fluid.


A trans person who has a child, especially when it is the birthing parent, may suffer dysphoria. Dysphoria is caused by our religions and social structures. If these social constructs hurt a trans parent and thus inflict dysphoria they are the ones ruining the parent's relationship with their child. They are certainly risking it. A birth cert should list the transman who gave birth as father as a harmed parent is not good for the child. It needs to record the true relationship.  The same if the sperm provider, the non-birthing biological parent, is a transwoman.  She is the child's mother.

Transgender - the Facts

Transgender: Fact or Fiction?

The Internet believes a lot of things about transgender people, but much of it isn't true by Alison Hudson

"A trans person's gender is determined by their chromosomes"


One answer is:

Your chromosomes determines your primary and secondary sexual characteristics, what is referred as “biological sex” – things like genitalia, body hair, breast development, and what hormones your body produces at puberty. The chromosomes do not determine your learned behaviors, do not declare whether you should wear a skirt or a necktie to work, and most definitely do not decide whether you ought to be called “sir” or “ma'am” at the service counter in a shop. All of that is determined by your identity, your gender. The easy way to remember the difference between “sex” and “gender” is this: sex is what is between your legs, while gender is what is between your ears. Chromosomes determine one; they most certainly do not determine the other.

To that I say chromosomes may determine or part-determine gender for they do have a say about how your brain works. And it does not follow that if a certain kind of chromosome goes along with having a certain kind of body part that it is meant to be. Chromosomes just happen. They don’t do meant. We have to decide if we are not confusing correlation and causation. Or can we decide? Can I decide that for you as well as for me?

Another one is:

Science should talk about chromosomes not biological sex if gender theory is to be believed. Normally each human cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes. So that is 46 all together. 22 pairs are the same in males and females. They are called autosomes. That is 44. Pair 23 differs. Females have two XX making up the final pair. Males have XY making up the final pair. This tiny difference makes huge developmental differences. For example smaller breasts in males and stronger bone structure. However xx males do exist. Some have only one X chromosome when they should have the final pair. There is XYY syndrome and XXYY syndrome where one extra chromosome is present. Other arrangements are XXXX and XXXXX. From this it is clear that there is more than one biological sex. Biological sex then is not as fixed as you would like to think. It is possible then for to biological sex to read XX or XY but to determine the person to be a man or woman in a different way. Biology is not clearly binary as in male or female.  Biological sex for some is purely a social construct or it is enough of a social construct to mark a person being the opposite sex to what they were assigned at birth.  Physical characteristics have nothing to do with what biological sex if any you are. 

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