It is good policy to ask the big questions.  Is there a God?  Is God the ground of morality?  Has God spoken in a revelation?  Am I a soul?  Do I have free will?  If so, how important is it in assigning responsibility to me?  Is abortion okay?  There are many others.  Each is a separate subject by the way.  You get all the theories that try to answer each question and eliminate as many as you can to see what is left standing.  Then you look for evidence for what is left.  The reason is that you may feel that it is a nice thing to be biased.  Bias rewards you with secure feelings.  But it is not really nice.  You are a thought prisoner.  Errors lead to errors so you want to know what things are wrong in your life now.  Don't wait until you have to go to a psychiatrist over some kind of existential dread where you feel God has damned you to Hell already.

What makes a person a person matters. The idea of God being the authority who tells you right and wrong matters.  People can suffer and die over these things.  For example, consider the trolley problem.  This problem in all its forms is about the moral/ethical difference between ending a life or letting that person die.  Do you direct a train at a person on purpose to kill them instead of letting the train go its course and kill five people on the track?  Religion says that you don't kill and you don't weigh life so you let the train go on its course.  God would be about that principle then if they are right.  This is serious stuff!

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