Did Jesus frown upon the idea of female ordination?

The Bible never mentions women being ordained to the ministry.  There are texts saying that women must not speak to Church meetings and leave it to men.  Jesus according to the gospels promised to give all the truth and thus he took responsibility for what the apostles taught.  They had no women clergy and the Churches they founded only ordained men.

Rome lays the blame for its sexism on Jesus. She claims that he didn’t ordain women but the Bible, the only source, doesn’t say that he ordained anybody to any sacramental ministry. If he did, then he might have ordained women for the fact that the Bible doesn’t mention anything means nothing. Rome is guessing so she is anxious to condemn women priests no matter what. The fact that the Bible opposes women speaking in Church does imply that women priests is wrong but the Church always ignored that rule so it cannot depend on it to refute the legitimacy of female priesthood.

Women priests serving paganism were all over the place so though the Jews wouldn’t have liked it, Jesus would have ordained women if he had any regard for women or considered them to be as intelligent as men. Jewish tradition would not have deterred him for he was eager to break it all the time anyway (Mark 7). The Law of Moses restricted the priesthood to men but Jesus was starting his own so it could not stop him from raising women to the priesthood and as long as the women were observed and bossed by male priests the divine order that man is the head of woman and the superior sex could be maintained. God could have corrected what was wrong with ordaining women before Jesus or perhaps it corrected itself.
Consider this argument, “Jesus might have declined to ordain women for some purpose way back then which doesn’t imply that he doesn’t want them ordained today.”
But we can’t depend on it too much for we have no evidence that he has such a purpose in this. It may not be unlikely that he has a purpose. But it looks unlikely to us for the Son of God has power over all things and could have seen to it that the ordaining of women would assist his plan.

If Jesus did forbid the ordination of women then he was not the Son of a good or sensible God. Rome knows fine well how laughable her arguments are. She has no love for women when she has to resort to fraud and slander to keep them out of the priesthood.


The Bible says that only men can be made ministers or bishops.
1 Timothy 3 says that a bishop and then a deacon must be a man and a married one at that for experience of family life is required to serve a spiritual family. Ordained women argue that it may just have been the rule in Ephesus where Timothy was that women were not for ordination. When the ministry of prophetesses and female clergy were common among the pagans there could have been no such limitations. And Christian priests who were not even called priests at the time could have included a female minister for it was so different from pagan priesthood. Ephesus was a centre of pagan worship of the goddess Diana. If you believe the author was prompted by God, then God would have told the author to work so that the time would come when women could be ordained. Clearly, the only rule was that no woman could ever be ordained under any circumstances.

There are deaconesses mentioned in the Bible but these were women who did charity work. The deacons had the same job originally. When the Timothy passage states that the deaconate is for men it shows that the office was changed and evolved into a spiritual ministry. They were probably preachers now and the fact that women could no longer become deacons shows that women could not become priests or preach. Tradition has it that the role of the deacon is to preach and help the priest but the deacon can only give one sacrament, baptism. They can officiate at marriage which is a sacrament that the bride and groom bestow on one another.
Loyalty to the Bible commands opposition to female clergy or preachers but loyalty to goodness commands opposition to this revolting male chauvinism.
The Catholic Church is addicted to power. It would gain more of it than it could handle if it ordained women. But to ordain women now would be admitting that past tradition was heretical and that she is neither infallible nor Catholic. A truly Catholic Church could not ever have believed that women are excluded from holy orders. Catholic means open to all and accepting of all. Apologists say that the Church is Catholic for it cannot admit everybody into the ministry. The fact of the matter is that it is not Catholic if it debars unjustly. The true Catholic Church has to be Catholic so Roman Catholicism is non-Catholic.


“Let a woman learn in quietness, in entire submissiveness. I allow no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to remain in quietness and keep silence [in religious assemblies]. For Adam was first formed, then Eve; And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman who was deceived and deluded and fell into transgression. Nevertheless they will be…saved…through the Child-bearing” (1 Timothy 2:11-15).

The original Greek says that the man and women here are married to one another. It is husbands and wives it is about not males and females.

The verse most likely means that women are not allowed to teach religion to their husbands. And Eve manipulated Adam so it is taken by the Church nowadays to refer to manipulative teaching and authority and that these are being condemned. The word for “have authority over” is authentein which denotes using sex charms to get one’s own way. But when the verse says women will be saved by having children and not by teaching in a godly way which it would do if it allowed that it follows that the text is saying that all female authority and preaching over men is manipulation and is forbidden. The argument against women being teachers of religion to men is based on the doctrine that Adam was made first and then his wife was made. So Adam is more important than his wife. It makes it clear that woman is never allowed to teach religion to men or to be a minister. However the text does allow women to teach women.

It is ridiculous to suggests that women were just banned from teaching heresy to men for it couldn’t have just been men that were led astray by women. Women lead other women to heresy too. And heresy was not even mentioned.

Why would the author stress Adam being made before Eve as proving that women should not be preaching in Church unless he believed the Genesis account that Adam being made first showed that Adam was more important and that the woman was only made for the animals were unsuitable companions meaning that it was Adam God wanted to make and not Eve? It was Adam God wanted to have a relationship with and not Eve so only men can speak for God. The author has proved that he thinks that all preaching by women is heretical or manipulative simply because it is not a woman’s place to preach and God does not like it. There is no reason to think that by women manipulating men with sex-charms he means women stripping off and tantalising men in an obvious brazen way. He knows that men like women and even in seemingly chaste and unsexy situations female sex-charms still work on men and are always manipulation for men have to think clearly and not be influenced by their liking for women at all. Even just a woman looking for a few seconds into a man’s eyes would count as authentein in his logic for it is that.

The writer says that Eve was a transgressor and was deceived unlike Adam and that yet woman meaning the women born since and who are yet to be born will be saved by bearing children if they continue in great virtue. The passage is saying that women are all Eves and since they lead men astray though the men would not normally be deceived you cannot let them into positions of trust such as into the clergy. He clearly indicates that Adam was not fooled but the woman was and beguiled him and that all women are the same that women are a danger to men and need to be occupied with babies and good works to keep them out of mischief.

Despite being Eves, women will be saved by bearing children. By saved he means saved from evil rather than sin for only repentance saves from sin. The evil they are to be saved from is being out of place in God’s plan so having babies and not teaching is their job.

If the Bible says that men and woman are to pray everywhere as some translations have it at 1 Timothy 2:8, 9 then there is no conflict with women not being allowed to say anything in Church. The verses are not concerned about Church services. It may say everywhere but that may not include Churches. There was no need to insert “but not in Churches” for those familiar with the laws would have known that it meant everywhere but the Church during a service. Anyway women were expected to pray silently in Church so there is no problem.

There is not a single instance of ministering women in the Bible and nothing that says that women have a right to teach religion. There were prophetesses who let God speak through them but who did not speak for him but that is all. Priscilla and her husband Aquila instructed Apollos in the Christian faith (Acts 18:26). Instructed could mean they taught him by letting God do the talking through them. Women could only pray in public if God spoke through them or if they were using prayers got from men for prayers refer to religious teaching. God says that true prayer is inspired by the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:3; Romans 8:26).

Were women urged to say nothing in Church and debarred from the ministry to please a sexist society until times would change? The Christians were hated anyway (1 Corinthians 4:13) and upset people with their teaching of the cross of Christ (1 Corinthians 1) so that can’t be correct. The rules were for all the Churches many of which were in places that did not treat women that way. It is not right to pander to cruel customs by keeping them. The Church didn’t want to be accused of the hypocrisy of furthering sexism while preaching against it did it? The exclusion of women was not a custom but a moral principle.
The Bible never says women must submit to men for it is the culture. What it says is that such submission is for the Lord (Colossians 3:18). It would be insane to imagine that God will care about culture more than principles.

No real woman would be a Bible Christian or a lover of the Bible God. She is a traitor to her sex.

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