The Bible never teaches that God is outside the reach of science as in that which can be tested.   It is safe to assume that God would some kind of material or chemical composition that could be found by science in principle.  The Bible warning that a god that cannot protect itself when somebody breaks its head off or burns is clear that its God, who it calls the true God, has to be testable.


The Bible is not about teaching science or history but that does not mean it allows us to regard its science and history as doubtful or false. The argument that science is about God not science or history therefore it does not matter what it says about science or history is stupid. Yet it is popularised by Christian scholars who feed it to their foolish audiences. It is used as an excuse for saying that it cannot contradict science or history for it is not about them. Though the Bible is about God it explores God through its ideas about science and history and claims to be a historical record of God's dealings with man. So the excuse is a shameless lie.
If the Bible is really the word of God, who knows all and sees all and who has all power, you would expect it to be different from any other book. It would have the marks of divine influence on it. You would expect it to report history accurately and to perhaps reveal things that were not discovered until centuries had past.
The Bible is an evil book just because it opposes science. Science means checking things out and researching to make sure that we do know what we believe we know. But the Bible demands that the Bible be believed and we are expected to continue believing even when science and archaeology conflict with the Bible. This is unjust and offensive to those good decent scientists who are trying to enlighten the world.
The Bible has kept Europe and the world back from progress. It was only as unbelief and scepticism towards the Bible increased that we were able to make the discoveries that have benefited us so much today. To say God comes first is to say his word comes before all other words. Christian faith comes first so that faith is the enemy of science and freethought and reason with their emphasis on the importance of doubting and testing. It only uses these things to suit itself but it will not let them speak for themselves so it is only pretending to be a friend. If faith comes first then it will ignore or twist or deliberately forget anything that tells it that it is wrong. Many promoters of Bible based religion are enemies of the human race no matter how much good they do.
The old prejudice that the Bible is not in harmony with science is right. But it takes a bit of work to defend it because it involves exposing Christian lies and trickery. Christians invent problems and objections in order to swamp the inquirer with them so that he or she will start to wonder if the dispute between science and religion really exists or not and if there is any point in caring.
What Christians do is that they assume the Bible is all true. Then they interpret science and even the Bible itself where there is a contradiction in such a way that no disagreement seems to exist. No matter how wrong or silly or incoherent a book is you will end up concluding that it is entirely true if you assume that it is entirely true. This happens with Muslims in relation to the Quran, Mormons with the revelations of Joseph Smith and Catholics in relation to the pope and Church teaching. To assume something like that and then to conclude that because it all adds up and agrees it is the word of God is really making a God out of your assumption and all the harm you do in the name of God is unforgivable and poor God gets the blame.
The Bible is necessarily hostile to science because it claims to be superior to science while science says evidence and investigation and science come first. It was written before science made its big discoveries and still claims to come first therefore to be a Christian and a scientist is impossible. It does not stop a man calling himself both.

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