The Bible, the only book inspired by God and thus authored by God according to Christianity, condones and permits and even commands rape.


The Bible for example says that sex is only possible between a man and a woman and Jesus for example spoke of how a man joins with his wife and the formerly two are now one flesh and how that was God's plan since the start of time.  The Catholic Church says too that sex between two men or two women is not really sex but masturbation.  Thus if a man is raped by another man the Church cannot call it rape.  It effectively insults the victim and adds insult to injury.  It deprives the victim of justice.  Rape that is not called rape is kind of condoned and there is a certain wish to ensure that proper justice is not administered.  If you approve of something bad but dare not admit it that is exactly what you would do!!


The Bible God gives men the right to rape their wives.  And not only that they were allowed to have more than one wife at a time.

The Hebrews were permitted by God and Moses to force women of other races that they have conquered into marriage if you read Deuteronomy 21:14. To force a woman into marriage is to rape her for marriage is a sexual relationship.


Arguments that Deuteronomy 21 advocates the rape of virgins are said to be false. It is claimed the command to kill the non-virgins and keep the virgins does not endorse raping them. But it does for would those girls really want to sleep with men who murdered their mothers and sisters? The excuse for the killing is that the non-virgins were married women and deeply involved in idolatrous religion otherwise they would not be married. In fact celibate women were more versed in paganism than the married women for they had more time to get involved.

Unmarried girls who were raped were forced to marry the rapist.  The notion that a girl must be forced to marry her rapist as no other man would have her if she was raped supposedly explains why God banned the man from ever divorcing her.  He would have to pay her father the dowry as well. The story of Tamar who begged her attacker not to send her away for that would be worse than rape is supposed to support this. Read 2 Samuel 13.  But the Bible never says why the girl should marry her rapist so any explanation is speculation.  And the idea that it is sane to get a girl to wed her rapist is better than leaving her single is insane.  Such a marriage involves too much force and cannot be classed as marriage at all.

The law of Levirate Marriage forced a man and woman into bed – to rape one another. If a man married and died leaving his wife childless his brother was to be compelled by the threat of everlasting contempt and disgrace for himself and his line to marry her for the sake of his brother so as to raise up a first-born son in his brother’s name (Deuteronomy 25). A lot of the time, the man would be fathering a lot of girls before the son would come.

The Law did not have to permit these things because of human stubbornness. Laws are supposed to fight disobedience not pander to it and reward it. The nation would not hate God just because a few men could not get forcibly marrying a woman from another nation. The brother could have given his first-born son his brother’s name without fathering that son by his brother’s wife. Nobody knew how men caused babies anyway. There is no excuse for the Bible allowing rape. God tells us to do what is right and ignore what people say so he should and would do the same himself. You can’t change principles because people dislike them for you will find yourself changing everything.
The Bible says that we all have a duty to read it on pain of sin. In other words, women are forced to read filth in the Song of Solomon and the Book of Ezekiel. This is divinised sexual harassment.
The Law and the Catholic Church force a woman to take her husband’s semen inside her in marriage. Many women find this distasteful particularly if they know their husbands have committed adultery. This is rape because some only discover this on their wedding night and can say nothing and the Church forbids condoms and wives refusing their husbands for too long on pain of eternal damnation. This is rape for it is a worse violation than forced penetration for obvious reasons. The man is violating the woman with his own seed. There is no doubt that Christian society has raised up men as potential rapists and this is very worrying. The apostle wrote that a woman will be saved in child-bearing. This commands what will amount to rape in many cases.
A girl getting pregnant by her casual or steady boyfriend is certainly the same as rape even if the sex was consensual for she never meant to get pregnant and he has violated her by not being careful. He took advantage of someone that has infinitely more to lose than him.
Rape victims should remain anonymous so that they can feel free to come forward and report the crime. The law of Jesus and Moses and the apostles that more than one witness is needed in addition to the woman is a license for men to rape women legally – what you can’t go to court for is hardly illegal in any real sense. It is also a directive that takes away anonymity from the woman. The view that men are sexual predators is correct for the woman has the most to lose by having sex and there is no doubt that the woman is being used. The woman accusing a man of rape should be listened to more readily than the man. Some women make false allegations because they have no fear of the consequences. But it is only right that this necessary evil be tolerated. The victims being free to come forward comes first. A false accusation against a man is nothing compared to the violation of a woman’s body. Rape can kill by suicide or by passing on HIV and can result in a baby. A man need not die because of a false accusation. Men do not need the same support when they are accused as a woman does when she says she was raped even if she was lying. A woman has the right during sex to report a man for rape just because she changed her mind during intercourse if he did not stop or took too long to stop.
The suggestion that women who accuse falsely should themselves be penalised by the law is a cruel and sexist one. The Law of Moses says that if you try to frame somebody or engineer a miscarriage of justice the penalty you tried to bring on that person should be brought on you and indeed has to be. The man might be exonerated but who knows if he is really innocent? It is better for men accused of rape in the wrong to go to jail than for women who really were raped to go to jail just because the man they accused was thought to be not guilty.


The Lord God goes off his path to make loveless and abusive marriage acceptable in Deuteronomy 22.

He decreed that that if a man took a wife and consumed the marriage and claimed that she was not a virgin when he had these relations with her and accuses her of having sinned with another man he must prove it by letting the judges and her relations know that the wedding bed was not stained with her virginal blood. If no evidence of virginity is found the girl was to be brought to the door of her father’s house and stoned to death. But the hymen could have been broken accidentally. This is quite common. When God made this law he did not want a girl who lost it when she was kicked or something to be spared for you only make laws that can be put into action. The man would not be accusing her without destroying the evidence of virginity first so when God says that a man can be found out if he is defaming his wife it is no consolation. If freshly broken skin was found on the woman’s body it would be surmised that she tore at the remains for her long-lost hymen to fool the judges.

If the husband was found to be a liar which was nearly impossible in practice for he would not be able to name the person who he is saying stole her virginity he had to be fined and punished. He was not allowed to divorce her as long as he lived. Women were not allowed to divorce so while many marriages ended in legal divorce she was stuck with him. She was being punished because her husband defamed her and tried to have her killed. That marriage would be a nightmare and would be devoid of love.

Some imagine that this law does not condemn her for having sex outside of marriage but for deceiving everybody. But if all she did was deceive then why would she be stoned for the Law does not allow stoning for lying except when you lie to get somebody executed? The sex was God’s chief concern for God hates anybody lying about being a virgin as if having sex is a terrible thing. In Exodus, we read that God decreed that singles who had sex should be forced to marry if the girl’s father agrees so why the harsher penalty here? The Exodus situation deals with people who must have come close to the death penalty but the Deuteronomy situation brings the woman to the point of the death penalty for her crime is worse.

A married woman who was raped in the city was to be stoned to death for not screaming unlike one who was raped in a lonely place.


The virgin who is not engaged and raped is made to marry her attacker as in that society she was considered worthless to men. He was not allowed to ever divorce her. Her age is not mentioned. The way is opened for a very young female child to be forced into a marriage to be raped over and over again.

The law exists showing that it was to be practiced. Any woman could have said that she was too scared to scream so this proves that anybody who did say that was not listened to.

God says the man who rapes the married woman in the city is to be stoned to death like her for he violated the wife of another man. This is important. God says that death is the fitting punishment for this and not because it was what people wanted it to be. Christians cannot blame the stubbornness of the Hebrews for that.


JP Holding says that the word for taking hold of the woman was taphas which also refers to playing a musical instrument (Genesis 4:21). Thus he argues that the Bible is not forcing a woman to marry her rapist. The man was not a rapist but a seducer.  Surely a man forcing an instrument to do what he wants makes the point?  It is rape.  Why would she have to scream if he were merely seducing her?


Please consider the dreadfulness of a scripture and God that makes such rules while permitting polygamy.  The Christian claim that the Bible advocates only monogamous marriage is a lie.  It could call a man's second wife his concubine but it does not.  It calls her his wife.  There can be no excuse for tolerating polygamy.
No woman that wants to be called a woman should support or promote the Bible. 


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