The Christians say you have to love the sinner and hate the sin. The Bible is very clear that we must hate sin. God in the Bible he wrote, spoke of homosexuality as being detestable or an abomination (Leviticus 20:13). Leviticus 20:25 has God saying that you shall not make yourself detestable by committing the sin of eating forbidden food. Leviticus 26:30 has God telling the people he will loathe them if they sin so the doctrine of loving sinners and hating sin is a heresy.
Jesus was outraged at Peter’s tiny sin of suggesting that Jesus must not die horribly on the cross and called him Satan - Matthew 16.
The death penalty was prescribed by God for many sins which shows that they are to be hated so much that the doer has to be killed to stop them.
If you do not feel abhorrence for sin you are disobedient to God and not conforming to his nature for he asks us to be very like him.
Unconditional love is said by Christians to mean loving the person but not the sin they commit. They say God commands this love both towards himself and towards others. God however takes a different view in the Bible in which he says that sinners are an abomination in his sight. Read Deuteronomy 25:16. Don’t believe the lie that God meant their sins were an abomination and just said it was sinners for speed. Is God a bad teacher? There are plenty of examples where he condemned sins as abominations (eg. Leviticus 18:26) and so the sinners must be abominations as well.
Jesus Christ exhibited a loud and vehement and brain bursting hatred of sin. He rioted in the Temple because of the buyers and sellers trading there making his Father's house a supermarket. He said that it is better to lose a body part than to sin with it and be condemned to Hell where you pay for your sin for all eternity. He ranted at the respected Jewish priests and the Scribes and the Pharisees openly calling them bastards and hypocrites to their faces (Matthew 23).
The Old and New Testaments have many statements from God declaring that sin is an abomination - homosexuality is an abomination according to God though even if it is a sin it is not the worst. The vast majority of us have enemies who hate us but who do not fulminate against us and attack us with the vehemence displayed by Jesus towards his enemies in the gospels and that of the God of the Old Testament against the enemies of Israel. If they love us, we would hate to think what they would be like if they hated us!
It is clear from the Bible then that you can hate people as much as you like and treat them as if you hate them and still claim that you love the sinner and hate the sin. You act like you hate the sinner and you can pretend that it is the sin you hate. The love the sinner and hate the sin command doesn't help at all. It is just words. Jesus proved his own hypocrisy if he taught us to love sinners and hate sins. He and Christianity pretend that they want to help. By advocating intolerance for sin, Jesus was advocating a hatred that surpasses that of the local vandals may have for society. He tried to give you a way to hate people more than you should or want to and still claim to be righteous.
Jesus said in Matthew 5 right at the heart of the Sermon on the Mount that if your eye makes you lust for a woman and lust is a sin that you must hate the sin of lust so much that you would gouge the eye out. Some take him literally but all agree that whatever he meant he was commanding an intense hatred for sin. We know that when we hate sin we cannot leave the person out for sins don't happen on their own. They are what people do and they reflect and reveal the kind of persons they are, whether they are bad or good people. To advocate hatred of sin is to advocate hatred of the sinner. The person is the sin in a real sense. The more people want you to hate sin the more they put you at risk of hating the sinner even if the sinner can sometimes be loved and his sin hated. To advocate extreme abhorrence for sin as Jesus did is advocating hatred of the sinner and leading to it.  He said this to indicate the abhorrence that he considers to be due to even a harmless sin of lust.
One thing is for sure, when sin is hated that severely it is the sinner that is the real target of the hate...
The duty of the Christian to hate sin proves what a hypocrite he or she is. Few do this - very few. Maybe that is because few try to love God more and more - they fail to love him with all their being though Jesus commanded that they must and that its the greatest commandment.


Absolute hate of sin indeed any hate of it, implies that if some magic could turn it into a person you must still hate it.  The view that hating sin is an indirect way to hate the person is correct.

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