The book, The Bible Code, by Michael Drosnin is both fascinating and frightening. I was horrified to hear that the Bible, in its Hebrew original, contained a code that could only be cracked by computer which could predict future events. The fact that the existence of the code was confirmed by a number of famous mathematicians was disturbing and an Atheist cannot fail to be shaken by it. But the fact is that because vowels are not considered and the spelling of the alleged message need not be exactly right what is found is there by chance (What the Heck is a Jesus Code? search for it on the www.)

It is comforting that Drosnin does not believe that God put the code in the Bible and that there may be another explanation. It is good that he realises unlike the priests of Rome that miracles do not prove God or anything about a religion being true.

It is a problem that the messages often have to be read diagonally, backwards and from left to right and right to left at the same time. It looks very suspicious. Hebrew words are so short due to having no vowels that the letters can spell a combination of letters that could be any word and could be interpreted more than one way at that.

Imagine a sheet of the Hebrew Bible text. Suppose a supposedly coded word that spells out a personal name is going to cross it diagonally. Well, if the word assassinate runs across that word it will be concluded that the named person will be assassinated. But then there are other words and phrases crossing the coded word. In spite of this, that was how Drosnin worked out that Rabin would be assassinated.

If the code exists then the Bible is not the word of God. The Bible says that God wrote it and that God cannot err and knows exactly what will happen in the future because he can see it like we can see the present. God said that even if a prophet is right all the item except once that one error proves he was a fraud and not from God (Deuteronomy 18).

Drosnin and his code-breakers admit that the code often predicts events that never happen.

The current Prime Minster of Israel, is Benjamin Netanyahu. The code claims that for some time now he was to be dead because of an atomic holocaust.

According to pages 116,7, Tokyo would be evacuated because of the Aum Shinrikyo cult in 1996 – this never took place.

The code is supposed to have given the day and even the hour of the Oklahoma bombing of April 19th, 1995, at 9am. There is something amiss or dodgy when it is so accurate with some things and makes blunders with others. The fact that determinism is true infers that if a supernatural being were responsible for making the code it would be able to be always right. The being’s errors must be lies. It follows that the Devil alone must have written the Bible. Jesus was of the Devil for saying the Old Testament was holy, infallible and from God. If the Devil has deceived millions with a holy book how can we be confident in any “holy” miracle?

The code predicts that the Third World War is imminent. Happily, it forecasted that in the Hebrew year 5756 that is in 1996 which did not happen. The code asks if we will change this. It is strange that it claims to know what will happen but not if we will prevent the fulfilment.

Drosnin does not mind, he says, if the code’s predictions are off the mark and admits that sometimes they are. So, use is it then?

If it exists the code would be evidence against God’s existence and proves that the Bible is a heap of spiritual bunkum.

Grant R. Jeffrey says in his book The Signature of God that one will go wrong if one tries to use the code to predict the future. You will only know that an event was predicted when it has already happened and then you can use a computer to find out what the code spells out.

On page 212 of The Signature of God, we read that if you count from Genesis 35:5 backwards and take down every 1445th letter you will get the word Oklahoma. If you count backwards from Genesis 44:4 and write down every 377th letter you get Timothy. And you get his surname, McVeigh, if you count every 389th letter beginning from Genesis 34:21. So McVeigh being the bomber is predicted. How ludicrous this is, is plain when you can’t find any reason why these three words should be on about the same thing. It is like randomly picking three pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and saying they can all slot together. The code is there but there is nothing miraculous about it for it is just pure chance.

How could you possibly be sure that Hebrew letters mean McVeigh? That is an English surname. You could find codes in any book when you are going to look for patterns that do not adhere to one language but to many. For example, if you picked out the consonants in a book, MRC, they could be mercy in English or merci in French.

On 5th June 1997, the Jerusalem Post, reported that Professor Rips and Dornon Witztum stated that the Bible Code despite having used their research was lies. They said that suing Drosnin was a possibility. Rips insisted that the codes could not be used to make predictions though Drosnin claimed that he warned Yitzhak Rabin by letter that he would be assassinated which happened a year later. Rips and Witzum felt that they proved that the Bible Code predicts the assassination of Winston Churchill. But this never happened. However, they do believe that there are strange patterns in the Hebrew texts that could speak of events that have happened. They might say that no human being could have created the Torah but we can safely say it was not God.
The Bible Code is nonsense and in its own way irreligious nonsense at that!
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