Baha’u’llah wrote to Napoleon III in 1869 to tell him that he would lose his empire as a punishment for his war mongering and his scoffing at a call to conversion from him. He was told that wars would wreck his land “unless thou arisest to help this Cause, and followest Him Who is the Spirit of God (Jesus Christ) in this, the Straight Path” (Baha’u’llah and the New Era, page 218). In other words, Napoleon will retain his empire and create peace if he converts to Baha’u’llah who claimed to be the Spirit of God and Jesus Christ.


God cannot foresee a future that won’t exist so saying that Napoleon will keep the empire if he changes religion and repents is a warning that if the prophecy was fulfilled it was merely a good guess. A man who is too arrogant and who lusts for war is headed for destruction so supernatural power was not needed to foresee his losing the Empire.


They claim that Napoleon’s downfall was predicted by Baha’u’llah who said that if he did not change he would lose everything (Christ and Baha’u’llah, page 82). But if Napoleon had not lost his Empire but died they would be saying the prophecy predicted his loss and desolation in the spirit world.
The prophecy about Germany just made vague predictions of sorrow and war (page 219). If we didn’t know it was about Germany we could have substituted the name of nearly any country. In 1918, the prophecy was quoted to prove that Baha’u’llah was a false prophet for Germany had such tremendous success in the First World War. But disaster followed leading the Baha’i cult to assert that it was fulfilled after all. Anybody could make a prophecy and say that it will be fulfilled later when it shows no sign of being fulfilled now. The same problems are in the prophecies about Turkey. No time limit was set to the prophecy. That is a mark of fraudulence.


Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l-Baha said that America would be the country that would bless the world with peace (page 222-223). That is utter nonsense as the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the murder of innocent civilians in Angola by President Clinton and the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion and capital punishment prove. America has never offered peace but only hypocritical false peace.


In 1912, Abdu’l said that “the whole of Europe” was just read to burst into war at the slightest provocation (page 223). But that could just have been a statement based on observation rather than a supernatural prophecy.


The worst disaster in Baha’i prophecy was when Abdu’l decreed that his grandson, Shogi Effendi, who was to lead the cult after his death and to give infallible truth to it, would father a line of descendants who would rule the cult (page 239). Effendi died childless.



The Baha’i world faith claims that Baha’u’llah who founded it was a manifestation of God like Krishna and Buddha and Jesus and Moses and Mohammed. This is a disgusting claim for there is no evidence that these figures taught what he taught. Krishna would have been a polytheist if he existed and Jesus and Moses and Mohammed would have disagreed with his unknowable impersonal and only true God. They never said Baha’u’llah would come in such a way that it could be nobody else but him and Jesus never said there would be further manifestations of God in the flesh. The cult seeks to unite all religions which is why it claims to depend on the prophets of world religions but it cannot do that when it ignores history and probability. And there is no need for its further manifestations of God, the Bab and Baha’u’llah, when God could simply guide history and theology to uncover the true doctrines of the world religious leaders like Jesus and Krishna if their religions have departed from what they taught and fostered illegitimate division. Baha’ism seems to be a con based on deliberate lies for its statements are too wacky to be remotely believable. There are no miracles or convincing prophecies to verify this message so who is to stop somebody coming along and imitating the Bab and Baha’u’llah and perhaps doing a better job. The Most Holy Book which Baha’u’llah wrote anticipated a theocracy ruled by God and the sayings of the Bab, the Bayan, wanted censorship of books that disagreed with the Bab. This is a dangerous trouble-making cult. There is no need for book burning. The best thing to do is to let the books be and make the refutation freely available.  The Bab was a Muslim and he said that Jesus was inferior to Mohammed (The History and Doctrines of the Baha’i Faith, page 6) which is ridiculous when his cult says that Jesus came back from the dead albeit as a phantom. He did better than Mohammed in that. Baha’u’llah astonishingly made Adam and Noah who we know so little about and Adam (who taught nothing about God or religion as far as we know and only late fantasy says he was a teacher) to be manifestations of God (ibid 7). This is the religion that supposedly encourages an independent investigation into truth and forbids people accepting doctrines that seem unintelligent to them. It is refuted by the fact that Humanism is simpler and more reasonable.


Baha’u’llah rejected the Bab’s claim to be an appearance of God and still claimed that he was a prophet and a forerunner for himself (page 7). Abdu’l-Baha lied about Baha’u’llah saying that he was a member of the Persian royal family (page 9). There have been several schisms in the movement over the leadership. Baha’u’llah made Abdu’l-Baha his successor and head of the true religion and contrary to the will of his master he made Shoghi Effendi the successor and falsely prophesied that Shoghi would have male children to succeed him – a prophecy which proved false. This resulted in the mainstream Baha’is becoming an illegitimate religion and canonically apostate. The manifestation of God failed. This is as serious as the Catholic Church losing the papacy for the head of the movement is, according to divine revelation, infallible (page 12).

Bahai’sm is a cult because it like the evil Christian faith insists that all must be done wholly for God (page 49, The Light Shineth in Darkness). My book, Hate the Lord thy God, shows why this is evil.

The Faith claims that the status of Abdu’l Baha is a mystery as much as the mystery of the Trinity and those other religious mysteries (page 63, The Light Shineth in Darkness). Why the mystery then? This must imply that Abdu’l Baha is as much an infallible manifestation of God as the others but they do not want to say.

The Baha’i faith rejects the doctrine of St Paul that man is a fallen race that is unable to merit anything from God without Christ so they are against the notorious doctrine of original sin (page 90-91, The Light Shineth in Darkness). They say that Jesus rejected this doctrine himself in the gospels but they cannot give a plausible quote from them to support this contention. Also, the writings of Paul would have been accepted by the apostles in Jerusalem as accurate embodiments of the teaching of Christ and even if the gospels did say Jesus had a positive attitude towards man it would be overridden by the epistles for the epistles were composed first. So the Baha’is oppose the teaching of Christ the manifestation of God!


The sect states that Muhammad is a more important manifestation of God than Jesus. Yet it confesses that on his deathbed in 632 AD he failed to legally and clearly identify who was to be his successor (page 126, The Light Shineth in Darkness). Muhammad asked for pen and paper to write down – he must have learned to write by then – the information that that was required to guard them from error. Whatever existed of the Koran then gave no instructions either and some at the bedside made out that Muhammad was confused by the pain and forbade anyone to give him the pen and paper. Obviously, he and his Allah intended to appoint a successor who would protect Islam from error and give a divinely inspired supervision for the task of putting together the Koran which was supposed to be only in bits and pieces then. This failure which resulted in schism and wars and hatred and doctrinal error and did great harm to Allah’s’ work through Muhammad shows that Muhammad was not a true prophet of God at all. He was not a prophet never mind a manifestation. Divine providence could not keep him alive until he ordained the successor. The validity of Islam depends on the unprovable assumption that Muhammad was insane on his deathbed! What a terrible rock to build a religion on!

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