Asking why there is something rather than nothing presumes “nothing” is the natural state of things out of which “something” needs an explanation. The explanation that it is God ultimately means that something non-material that has no parts commanded all things to exist and they did. But natural state is the wrong expression totally. We are really talking about default not natural. It is not natural that one and one are two. It is a default and it looks natural for nature follows the rule. It is really following a default.

We need a better question. We need a new question. Why is there physical rather than immaterial (spiritual is another word for immaterial or what has no material components)? That is way clearer and more accurate. That question presumes non-material is the default state of things out of which physical needs an explanation.

Non-material cannot be the default for we have no way of testing if there is such a thing. If we think thoughts are like spirits or non-material things that does not prove that something non-material started off the universe or that people without components can exist. We don’t really know why thoughts seem to have no components but we have no evidence that they do not.

The answer to the questions is that there was always something in some form and that something is now the universe.

People want creation out of nothing – ex nihilo. If that is when they want then then why not auto-creation out of nothing? Why that as opposed to agent-creation out of nothing where the agent causes the universe to exist? Neither one is understandable and it has to be admitted that both make no sense. But you still have to choose one or the other.

What is a God then if God does not make right and wrong out of nothing? Religion says he does not make right and wrong for he is simply right by nature and wrong is what does not agree with him. Being divine then is just about absolute independence and needing nothing. It is self-reliance or self-sufficiency. If you worship God for that then you need to rethink a lot. To worship God for his love is to worship that aspect but it is not worshipping what makes him God! It is idolatry and about what you want from him not him.

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