We need to avoid the love that is based on too much attachment to another person or to a thing such as a job. You end up treating the person who you are too attached to as a possession and will resort to violence if you think somebody is taking her or him away from you. You will end up hating them when one day they will criticise you or let you down. Attachment makes demands on yourself too that can harm you. It can be very hurtful to be attached to the wrong thing.
St Augustine says love as in attachment is only okay if the object of your love is God and only God. The reason is that God never lets you down and is worth getting attached to and he cannot die. You do not love God in order to get things from him or to feel good about yourself. That is just another way of being attached to things. But notice how Augustine makes it about you! If God is perfect good and creates us and even if his being all-powerful does not mean he will necessarily save us from all evil for he only does what he can under the circumstances surely it is still right to be attached to him for he is so good even if his good cannot benefit us. Religion assumes God will overcome all evil but that is not necessarily true if God and evil are compatible. It is really that assumption they are about not God. Indeed if evil will never be overcome that in fact gives you the best reason for battling it for you don't want it to get stronger when it will always be here. Better to fight evil that will always be there if the overall picture is that it will be 98% not 99%. Why? For it takes more courage to battle evil for a small benefit than to battle it when you think the benefit will be huge.
It is an end in itself to give God love and joy. It is about him not you. Nobody cares that the love and joy you give God are not really given to him for he already has them. It is not a very heartening enterprise. Christians in fact are lying. They are masking attachment to things as attachment to God.
Christians say if you are not letting yourself be controlled by God then you are letting yourself be controlled by something else. But is it really true that say for example your love for your job controls you? Reality will always force itself on you. You cannot get away from it. The same thing will happen in force if you think or believe you are controlled by God or ruled by him and if you are wrong.
Attachment to God only benefits (let us assume it does!) if it really is about faith. But that will lead to an attachment to faith. Thus it ends up not mattering if God will let you down or not for faith can and often will let you down.
The attachment to God is recommended by Christians for bad reasons and harmful reasons. They prove that they are not interested in being attached to God for his own sake even if evil is something that will be as powerful forever. It is about them more than they want you to think.

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