93% of National Academy of Sciences members dismissed the notion of a person-like God who you can pray to and have a relationship with. Incredibly believers make a lot out of the remaining 7% who do believe! They go on as if that is all that matters out of those brilliant scientific minds. But intelligent people do not necessarily get it all right or agree. The low percentage matches the notion that the scientists are just mistaken. And their belief is not intense so it is relatively unimportant. They are not St Teresa of Avilas. It does not mean they claim there is strong or sufficient scientific evidence for a God - even if there were a designer it would not mean it is like the Christian God or personal in any sense. And as for "prayer" it is not necessarily always seen as a way to make things happen in the sense that God will not do them if not asked. It can be more about acceptance of what comes than anything else. The 7% persuades some that we have a god shaped hole and that is what is driving this 7%! That is a bad thing if there is no evidence for God. And it may be only the 7% that significantly has that hole and a god shaped hole can be there without a God putting it there. If there is such a hole then it is an authentic need or is it down to some form of psychological damage? Whatever! The lesson is that if religionists do not like how science forces you to ignore God as a real working power then science opposes God. To ignore the God who by definition is too important to be ignored alone is enough to be categorised as scientific atheism.

Religion claims there is such a thing called scientism.  It is a fiction.  Religion assumes science fits God and that anything that indicates otherwise is not science!  So it calls that scientism - it Is made out to be an extreme devotion to science.  It is said that scientism has no consideration for things that cannot be tested such as God or love and thus is evil.  It only cares about solid facts that can be demonstrated.  But this is not true.  Scientists all know there are things that are true that cannot be tested.  That is why they do tests to see what they can test.

Think of the numbers of irreligious scientists! That should tell us that most of what is called scientism can't be and most who are accused of it are being misrepresented.

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