No matter how bad things get the firm atheist has hope. He feels it will end some time. He will have seen how evil can give way to good. Even impending death gives the atheist hope for it does not mean that everybody else will die with him and death means nothing can hurt him any more.

It is not true that atheists think evil will have the last word if there is no God to bring good out of it. Atheists do not claim to believe or know that evil will have the last word. They know that there is some good in our existing and also some good in our not existing. For example, it was good to not exist before we appeared in the womb for at least until then it was impossible for us to suffer. The atheist and the believer both think that good will always be there and is strongest. Both see by experience that things do turn around.


Religion likes to say that evil is really just good that is in the wrong place and time. So evil is just misplaced good. Both atheists and believers tend to see most problems as having a good side. If evil is just misplaced good then you don't need faith in God to have hope. Both atheists and believers see good as a default. Good is just there and evil is an attempt to warp it. But while good can exist without evil evil cannot exist without good.


The atheist who sees evil as a distortion of good does not need to believe in God. It is evil to create a need for God where none exists. The believer then aligns with evil more than the atheist would when it comes to this principle.


By default, the bad results will be mixed with good results too. The good results could still trump. In a sense they do for evil is the wrong good.
If there is no power making sure good wins, that does not mean good will not end up the strongest.


And the notion that God is needed contradicts the fact that even if there is no God, evil could still be good in the wrong time and place meaning good is the default and the strongest. God insults this fact. The argument is against faith in God and pro-faith in good.


A believer can press the nuclear button too just like an atheist can. The believer may do it more easily because he thinks God will turn it into a blessing. In principle, it is better to be an atheist. God is thought to be the divine principle if it is bad to believe in God then faith in God is nonsense.

The believer is able to make evil a lesser problem than it would be by trusting that God is working for the best despite how it may look at times. But does anybody have the right to risk failing to see evil in all its filth? No for that is using the suffering of others as a means to an end. You use it so that you can have faith.

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