Atheism is not a position but a collection of positions.

Atheism may say that a lack of belief in God counts as atheism for lacking belief in such a big claim is a denial in a sense.  Lacking faith in medicine is not the same as lacking faith about the amount of ice cream in the fridge.  The significance says something.

Atheists may stress that there is no need for a God to make the universe.

Atheists may stress that God cannot be love for there is too much suffering.

Atheists may say it is not our place to say anybody’s suffering might be a sign that God may be with them for we are not the one who knows what their suffering is like. We cannot comment on suffering that is not ours for it is not our story or experience.

Atheists may say that God is morally irrelevant with morality being understood as that which is the best at showing love and fairness. Mill said that if morality is not real it does not matter for pleasure and pain force us to behave in a moral style way. He reminded us that it does not matter what you think of morality for pleasure and pain force themselves on people as their masters and that imposes some order on how we behave.

Atheists may hate faith in God which is not the same as hating God.  If God is false then believers are kidding themselves that what nature does is God getting involved.  It is terrible not to see if ruthless nature is hurting your baby.  You need to see it instead of saying God knows what he is doing.

Atheists may hate God in the sense that if he hypothetically did exist they would defy him.  Religion may tell you you don’t hate God but what you think God is.  That is so patronising.  It is not that simple and religion does not have all the answers.  It is basically accusing atheists of being too judgemental and bigoted.

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