ISSU is a student body that is active in protecting student's rights in secondary schools in Ireland.  In 2018 it asked schools not to allow anti-abortion propaganda in the run-up to the abortion referendum.

I wrote:

While ISSU is right that schools should be ideology free it makes no sense for the school to allow religion classes. Religion is not education for how can it be education when one school says God wrote the Koran and another one says he didn't but became Jesus? Organised religion is more political than it lets on and as part of the cultural fabric it will get a direct and indirect influence on the workings of the state. How is letting the Catholic Church which claims abortion is murder and that God forbids it have a say in the school and teach in it anything like neutral? Some people will vote against human rights just because they are told God says they must. Concerned about the pro-life videos shown in school? I'd be as concerned for how Jesus and the Church (like it or not) represent the "right" to malign women who avail of abortion treatment and their doctors who end the pregnancy as murders and who pretend the child to be is a murder victim brutally slaughtered. That is religious hate speech and needs to be flushed out of the schools. Some hate speech is passive aggressive and that is usually the kind the Church engages in with its desire to believe that those who refuse to repent of abortion will be punished forever at death. A faith that tolerates protests outside abortion clinics and harasses those availing of abortion healthcare should not be allowed in any school nor should its pope be invited to this country. There is no control over what that man might say and leave thousands of women who exercised their right to abortion wounded and devastated by his "abortion is murder" slander.

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