Is enjoying yourself or caring for your health a necessary evil?

If you should be about other people not yourself as altruists say then looking after yourself so that you can help others is a necessary evil. You have to care for yourself but not because you want to but because you have to so that you can continue to be altruistic towards others. And when there isn’t time to help yourself you should help others even to the degree that it will cause your own destruction. Clearly then evil in altruism is not suffering but refusing to be selfless. It is not about happiness but the kind of person you are. A philosophy that sees you as great if you refuse to enjoy your last moments on earth and serve others instead though it makes you very unhappy is clearly putting law before you. And by implication law is put before everybody else too for you are as much of a person as anybody else. A philosophy like that cannot see suffering as a real concern.

You are not supposed to enjoy necessary evil for it is still evil and repulsive so you are to regret and hate looking after your health. Altruism is about laws and not about doing the best for people but what is best for love so if you get sick and die over altruism and become incapable of helping others that is morally good according to it. Altruism is concerned with sacrifice and not with anybody’s real good. Altruism would deny that it advocates suffering for the sake of suffering but it advocates suffering for the sake of selflessness. But if selflessness is so great then it must be because suffering is good!

Many altruists believe that it wrong to judge others and yet here there is a lot of harsh judgement against yourself. Those who judge themselves soon start judging everybody else.

The altruist inevitably will judge those who are perceived as non-altruistic. It may not even be judging anything in particular but it will be overall judging the person. You can be cynical and still refuse to judge others in individual things. For example, an apparently malicious act might have been a mistake or weakness but that does not mean that the person is thought to be good for you are just saying you know he is bad to the core but you don’t know which or how many of his acts are bad. You are saying you cannot prove his act was intentionally bad.

Not judging, at all or too little or too mildly, is a dangerous thing to do. It abdicates moral responsibility and causes others to do what they wish without fear. Criminals fear more about what their community will think of them than about what punishment they will get.

Trying to not judge when you know you should or when it is so natural to judge is bad for your health as well.

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