Is religion saying we are all sinners:

#Intended to encourage us to sin by discouraging us from trying to be better

#Is God really an excuse for having something to sin against when you don’t have the guts to sin against a fellow human being?

#Evidence-based? Religion says it does not judge but saying that all people sin is a judgement in itself and opens the door to potential further judgement. The fact remains that if you and your friends seem to think you have free will or free will that pertains to morality that does not give you the right to say others have free will or free will of the same kind. Free will even if you have it is not very useful in matters like that.

Religion in saying we are all sinners makes you feel that your little sins make you as bad as the psychopath down the street. It is only big evils we should care about so the “We are all sinners” line has nothing to do with it.

Ought implies can. The doctrine that all of us right now need forgiveness for something is saying we cannot avoid being sinners and the only difference between you and me is the kind of sins we commit. This idea has caused untold destruction. Morality is not very useful if we cannot avoid sinning. What is the point of battling to avoid sin a when you will commit sin b? Your battle is just hypocrisy.

The forgiveness you get from your God and your Jesus and your Church are just passive aggressive nonsense. If you cannot help having to commit a sin then God is evil and judgemental for even suggesting forgiveness.

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