The seeming design of the cosmos and the seeming miracles we see could point to aliens having made us. And to the assumption that if they went to all that trouble they would not let death terminate our existence.

Maybe they think we live long enough and as long as there will always be people they don’t care.

The question is where the aliens came from.

Life was created by chance and it developed because the conditions were ripe for making it evolve not by chance but by what was already there. Living beings had the power to evolve and master science and developed an incredible technology. They made us and evolved us. Just like we have the defect of making mistakes they have the defect of not doing much for us.

Some might add, “They like making life but not caring for it so they will have ensured that we will not go out of existence at death”. When they let us die at all we see that this overrides the possibility that they want us to live forever. Look how much suffering they do not prevent. They would have given us the excessive capacity we have for pain. Toothache is hell on earth and what use does it being that bad serve? None!

We reject God because of the problem of evil. With aliens who give us the possibility of perfect happiness there is the same problem except that God would have more power than them and less of an excuse for neglecting us. We cannot believe in aliens just because they are not God. We have to be impartial.

If aliens did not design the whole universe then it is silly to require them as explanations for the human body and other seemingly designed things. If the universe had no designer then we could have formed without one as well.

And the problem of evil forbids us to believe that aliens designed everything. The first living alien would have been created by chance out of and in chaos so it would be as good as God for it must have taken supreme power to itself – it must have done so when it was able to make order out of chaos – and immortality on itself.

Miracles are taken as evidence of aliens who perform them with their super-science. But then would aliens do them when religion uses them to fool the world? Of course not!

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