Against Gay Christians and their religious ideology

Christian doctrine is that judging means deciding what punishment a person should get for sinning when that is not your place.  It is distinguished from telling somebody that they are on the wrong path.  Only God can judge how culpable a person is but it is argued that any person can work that out but only up to a point.  So only God can do it based on all the data.  The Bible and Christian tradition say the sinner must be spoken to about the wrong things they are doing.  This is seen as an act of love not hate. The Catholic Church refers to it as a Spiritual Work of Mercy. All LGBT in the Church cannot combat this except with lies saying that any attempt to get the person to rethink is hate and judgment.  And if the Bible condemns or - which is a different matter - just not encourage LGBT sex the gay Christians are deluded and no real friends of LGBT rights.  If the accusation of hate is hateful, then these people are only encouraging attacks against LGBT.

Christianity says that the whole Bible is the word of God despite God having commanded that homosexuals and adulterers be stoned to death. The Christians absurdly claim the right to revere and adore an evil book as God's word. They exclude any Christian who comes up with a better list of books that she or she thinks is the word of God. When they do that, they have no business complaining if some people interpret the Bible as a justification for doing harm.
Pro-gay interpretations of the Bible are forced and fanciful. The fact that gay and lesbian Christians advocate such a book as the word of God certainly proves that they cannot complain if somebody comes up with an anti-gay interpretation. Interpretation is a free world.
The Bible never actually states that falling in love is to be recommended ever. The love it advocates between wife and husband is love that is freely given. It is self-sacrifice. Falling in love is having an addiction for another person. In so far as it is addictive, it is harmful. The LGBT community cannot say that the Bible honours their love.
The doctrine of Jesus Christ that we must love God with all our hearts and love our neighbour as ourselves is harmful. It is silly to imagine that if a doctrine is harmful it should be changed or abandoned and to claim to be a follower of Jesus.
The idea that we must love God alone or first of all is arbitrary. It is discriminatory. Thus the most important teaching of the Bible advocates discrimination. Gay and lesbian Christians should embrace and bless the persecution they get for being gay or lesbian when they implicitly endorse obnoxious Christian doctrine. If they don't want the discrimination, then it is time to slam the Church exit door behind them forever.
Gay and lesbian Christians claim that God made them gay or lesbian so it is not a sin for them to have sex with the same sex. But how a Christian can say this is bizarre considering that according to most Christians God set up the laws that babies would be born in original sin and with defects that need to be fixed by turning to Jesus Christ in baptism. The Church says that some people feel only love for somebody else's wife or husband and such desires must not be willingly nourished or tolerated. The Church says that this is a form of heterosexual orientation that is sinful. It will not listen if those people say, "I was born this way with the need for that person. I know I can only love once in my life." The Church will say it condemns such orientations just as it condemns the gay orientation.
Gay Christians who believe in original sin are only setting up their support for LGBT rights for a fall. And those who pretend to understand Church teaching better than the Church does are doing the same thing. For Catholicism, it is vital that the Church avoids the suspicion of being influenced by fashion and of being a man-made religion that can reinvent itself.
Gay Christians betray gay rights. By claiming they follow Christ, they are saying Christ was an authority that knew what he was talking about even if we on earth don't. God can allow and forbid things for a mysterious purpose. He sees the complete picture so we see only a part of it. So they are saying that if they are wrong to think God condoned gay sex and he did forbid it then we should obey him and forbid it too. By supporting Christianity, they are opposing gay rights though they pretend they are not.
Gay and lesbian Christians are supporting a harmful faith. If they don't want to be harmed or harassed for being gay or lesbian, then they should jettison that faith. There are plenty of other faiths that are more suited.
Nobody doubts that most religion gets its followers not through reason or discussion but by conditioning. People are often lazy in relation to thinking. We get the habit of assuming what the people around us assume in childhood and it stays with us. There are so many religions and most of them are absurd beyond belief - they are stranger than fiction. Their followers do not listen to reason and don't want to. Only one religion can be right meaning the odds of being right are very very slim. Christians despite all this have the bigotry and effrontery to support a faith that teaches that if your loved one commits suicide they could have gone to Hell to suffer forever for it. Vicious religion like that shows how powerful conditioning is and how religion warps people. To support religion is to support the worst form of conditioning. And it is the most obvious form of conditioning. Gay Christians by condoning Christian conditioning and intimidation of people have no right to complain about Christians who are conditioned to oppose homosexuality and who condition others to oppose it too.
Gay and lesbian Christians will need to say that sex without love is an abuse. In that way they are homophobic towards gays and lesbians who wish to have sex casually and who don't like being involved in relationships.
Could they believe that sex without love isn't always intended to be the using of another person and letting them use you? No. They say there is no excuse for a rich employer who pays an employee slave wages. They say that even if he says he does it to toughen the employee up, it is still abuse.

As Christianity teaches the love of sinners and the hatred of sin it is a religion based on lies. Gay people should not trust such a faith. A faith that is capable of hate and covering up that hate would be happy to turn on the most harassed members of society.
For gay people to expect Christianity to change its teaching that homosexuality is wrong is for them to say that the religion is man-made and can be changed. It can hardly be from God if it needs correction. And they are repudiating the New Testament teaching that the final revelation came through Jesus Christ and he completed the truth. He said he came not to do away with God's law in the Bible but to perfect it. So when the gays indicate by their approach that Christianity is human not divine and has revelations that are simply wrong they say a lot about themselves when they campaign for change. They want to fit in with a man-made faith. They want to declare that man has the right to write books and give revelations and claim without proof that they are the musings of God. That is actually disgusting. They should abandon Christianity or start their own version and write a new Bible. If they want equality, then acting as if the dogma makers of Christianity have the right to invent religion and they don't is hardly a good way to go about it! They deny the equality they seek.
Even if a gay and lesbian person could support the Church by using its sacraments and attending worship, they certainly cannot justify giving the Church money. The money is being used to promote a message, a message that includes the belief that homosexuality is a sin. The money will not be used to promote any gay interests - rather it will be used to scare young people into thinking that if they have gay relationships they can go to Hell forever or will go if they do not repent. The Church thinks that they should go to Hell forever. It will hypocritically answer, "We don't want anybody to go to Hell." But what good is that? The point is that they say a person under certain circumstances should be sent to Hell and belongs there. To say such a thing is an act of hate. Hate is not necessarily a feeling that you want somebody to suffer. It is the will to see somebody suffer. Suppose a person feels great hatred for you but does not act on it and can't help it. Then suppose that person does good for you then that person loves you in spite of feeling the hate. The person who hurts you is hating you in the real sense: hate is trying to bring pain on another. Real hate is not a feeling. It is not hate to feel a great dislike or a vindictive dislike. It is hate to foment it or to do nothing good to weaken it. It is hate to neglect to try to get rid of it.
Gays and lesbians would agree that it is wrong to support a charity that engages in even in a small level of racist activity. And then they go and support the Church with money! That is worse for the Church is not a true charity. It cares more about holy buildings and giving material comforts to men in funny collars than hospitals etc. The Church says its job is not to build hospitals but to preach a message. Its job is not to help people but to help people believe what it believes. The gay and lesbian activist who pays money for the upkeep of the Christian religion is a hypocrite.
Christians who believe in evolution often argue that God through evolution has put a built in revulsion for same sex love and love-making into us. They say that this is natures away of deterring us from unnatural sex and puts a limit on what should be acceptable sexually. They will say that homophobia, distaste for the homosexual because of his or her sexual practices, is natural. They will say that gay people are opposed to the right of heterosexual people to be repelled. They will say that being repelled is a part of normal sexuality and accuse gay people of being opposed to heterosexual rights. They may say that evolution pushes us towards reproduction and so gay sex is unnatural and it is unnatural for a straight person to feel no revulsion. The revulsion is natures away of protecting us from becoming gay.
Gays and lesbians should accept exclusion from the Church. They must not complain about this for it is as much a compliment to be expelled from the Church as it is the BNP. Every organisation and business has to do some excluding. You cannot complain if you are part of a Gay Liberation Movement and you start saying all gays and lesbians should be celibate for it's a sin to express their sexuality and if you are expelled. Gays and lesbians should welcome exclusion from the narrow and bigoted Church instead of paying it the compliment of valuing it so much that such exclusion distresses them.
Gay and lesbians who support Christianity need to open their eyes. They need to reject that faith instead of having a far-fetched "interpretation" of the numerous Bible texts that condemn gay sex. Their case is thin. Don't claim affiliation with Christianity when you tailor its doctrines to suit you! You are not Christian then! You are a religion of your own!

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