What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are when we command our wishes and thoughts to become real. Ask for ALL. Ask to be God! This is the supreme confidence! You have to believe you can always succeed and you have to feel it too! Affirmations are statements that you make. Affirmations have power whether you realise your thoughts become real or not. Affirmations can be statements you make silently in your head or statements you actually voice. They can even be images you see in the eye of your mind.

Affirmations, good or not so good, always work!

Affirmations can be positive. These draw blessings into your life. Affirmations can be negative. These draw undesirable things into your life. Affirmations can be both in which case they do work but don't look as if they do for the negative is counterbalanced by the positive or vice versa. Great is the power we have.

Affirmations always work!

Positive affirmations never make you feel worse or make you worse off.

Can even the most optimistic of affirmations make us feel worse? Some people say they do. But that's only some.

Affirmations only seem to have this affect because you are unable to believe what is affirmed. So it is the unbelief that upsets you not the affirmation. Some people who have bad self-esteem use affirmations and it reminds them of their dislike for themselves so they suffer. Thus their self-esteem can get worse. Praying in order to feel that God is pleased with you will be even more destructive. It is bad enough to remind yourself that you do not like yourself but worse to remind yourself of this and that you feel that God doesn't think much of you either! It is bizarre how some people - many don't - claim that calling on God makes them feel better. They are clearly using God as a painkiller. God's view of you cannot substitute for your own view of you. You need to feel good about yourself and that is that. Feeling that somebody else feels good about you is only a distraction - you are looking away from the fact that the pain and the dislike you have for yourself are still there.

Affirmations may take time to have a positive effect. If I affirm that I am beautiful and sexy, I may feel the opposite as I say this. It is this feeling that does the damage not the affirmation. Maybe we need to feel that to get it out of our system. Affirming that I am ugly and unattractive can't make me feel better can it? The affirmation will remove the negative feeling in time. We must trust in our powers. We must see the negative feeling as just a case of where illness helps us. Sometimes being sick can be a sign that one is getting better. So this way we turn the negative feeling into a positive affirmation.

The Most Effective Affirmation is Positive Action

Affirmations can be expressed in action. For example, if you give money to the poor you are making an affirmation that money will be given to you and that you are sure enough of this to give. Your action is an affirmation that says you are a giving person and a wonderful person who will be blessed. You are making the other person invoke an affirmation on you - a blessing. The meaning of the affirmation is what matters more than the words used or the way the affirmation is done.

Good works are the best kind of affirmations. When you do them, you are proving you are wonderful and happy and healthy and confirming the verbal affirmations you make to yourself. You are putting the affirmations into practice. You are showing the confidence to give. You will feel that as you give so you shall receive.

Put something in the charity box every day. Even if it is small, it shows you reached out to others and cared. When you give a thought to others, you command and compel the universe to ensure that you get a thought in return - though not necessarily from those you have helped.

To keep saying to yourself, "I am a wonderful, happy, healthy person," will help. But to say it by doing good to others is even better. It will make it more effective. You are confirming the affirmation and reinforcing it with positive energy. You are proving the affirmation true!

You must see your goal as possible. The more possible the goal is, the less the obstacles you will have to encounter in achieving it.

Affirmations affirm that you alone are your God

Affirmations are about how you decide to see the world and to see yourself. And also about how you decide to feel about the world and yourself. This seeing and feeling is an individual task. It's nobody else's business. Not God's. Nobody's. It is demeaning to think otherwise.

There is no God or being who is going to fix errors in your affirmations. You have to use the right methods to get the right results. If you make mistakes, you can amend them by using further affirmations.

The use of affirmations pre-supposes that there is no God but yourself. To believe in God will skew the results and harm will result if not to you then to others. Your affirmations are omnipotent. Why is it then that somebody can affirm that they will win a mansion tomorrow and it doesn't happen? The reason is that other people are other yous. You can't override them. The mansion will come when the time is right. You asked for what is best for you and others are you too. You are not losing out!

If there is a God then he has made us as gods and goddesses and gave us the power to create and we have made many mistakes and sent evil into the world. He did not make the world directly. He gave us the power to create the world we wanted and it is us that have made the world the way it is.

Wanting to go to Heaven is a negative affirmation!

We must learn to value life as it is. Do we really want to go to some Heaven where we will be in bliss for all eternity? What makes us feel the bliss? Being with God? No. We never have full control over our feelings. God must plant the bliss in us. So it is nonsense to think that God is the reason we are happy. What makes us happy is what he puts in us - the sensation of bliss. What we want is to feel good and strong no matter what life throws at us. What does this tell us? Instead of looking for bliss in the future, let it happen now! Discard beliefs in Heaven and in salvation. They are negative affirmations. They downgrade the marvel and the wonder of now. Confess that now is perfect as it is, even if you don't feel it. Confessing is the start of the journey towards feeling it.

Is our highest calling to do good and avoid evil? Often the good we do turns out not-so-good! So it follows that it is the trying that counts. People who say that our goodness has no everlasting value if we go out of existence forever at death are really saying, "Goodness is worthless unless it is everlasting or rewarded in eternity". But goodness that lasts a moment or forever is still good and so worthwhile. Their belief is a dangerous attractant to the powers of darkness. We need power to do good. Seeking power is the most important thing in life. We must seek and improve on our magical powers. Then we can use them for good.

COMMENT: If you are trying to use affirming statements to tell you what is not true yet you will know you are lying to yourself.  That in fact is affirming that you are not positive and not confident in yourself. So you are wasting time and making yourself worse.  You are also blaming people for their own depression for not using magic to cure it.  You are saying people attract their own bad luck.  Prayer is affirmation in this sense, "God will help.  If tests shows it is no more effective than reiki I know they are wrong.  I know that even if things get worse they would be worse than that without prayer.  Prayer is always powerful."  What right have you to be so sure of something so serious?  If you really believe it then you will tell people who you pray for in the cancer ward that God has helped them and you know it.  Pretending you know what you do not know and causing what you do not cause is what affirming is all about.

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