Religion says God is intelligent. But if we need intelligence to explain the universe and how it is that does not mean we need God. We can just settle for intelligence and leave it at that. And why not artificial intelligence? That seems absurd for it implies you need some being to make the intelligence. But a few forces coming together by pure chance and without any agency can in theory form an artificial intelligence - perhaps one that self evolves.  If as religion says God is so uncomplicated that he does not need assembling we definitely have a being that is nothing like a person or even a ghost person.  Artificial intelligence is the best way to describe it.  Religion says calling God personal and relational is a metaphor but there are more accurate metaphors.

What if you say intelligence is a very complicated thing so God cannot be uncomplicated?  Religion will answer it is not for intelligence is just intelligence and it is linked to how God sees all things.  This is not true. Intelligence is not a thing but a summary word.  Maths might ultimately be 1=1 but it is more than that and its complexity ends up being infinite.  Maths too is a summary word for many different forms of maths and schemes and constructs.

Some would say that God is act - it is a Catholic doctrine. But then it just acts blindly and does not know what it is doing. One might as well believe in Atheism for all things would have been put into order by mere chance. If God is act then he is also potential act. There are many things he has not made yet. He cannot be actual act and potential act at the one time.

If something with uncomplicated intelligence is able to have things the way they are then that is all you need so just say that instead of confusing us with God talk.

Anyway let us talk.
If God exists he is infinite for he is the reason he exists.  All power is his. 

Many say that as he is the reason he is real and it takes infinite power to cause something to exist for the distance between nothing and something is infinite his power is without end in its potential. 

Suppose it is true that the simplest and the most probable explanation for the universe is that a spirit, a partless entity created or made it.  This being needs nothing to design it or put it together.
Whatever attribute the spirit has it has it infinitely. It is infinite power because it takes infinite power to exist. Infinite power is required to hold something in existence because the distance between something and nothing is infinite. Any spirit, God or not, has no parts so it is wholly anything it does (page 53, God and the Human Condition, Part 1).

Despite being spirit and uncomplicated religion says it has attributes. Examples are its creativity, its love, its justice, its mercy, its observing all things and so on.

We know that such a maker would have to have one attribute especially when it is infinite. If it were justice and were love it would be two attributes because they are not the same. To assert that it is infinite love and infinite justice would be contradictory.

Religion says love without justice is impossible for if there is no fairness then it does not matter how you treat somebody.  That is true but it does not mean that love and justice are the same thing.  They are in a symbiotic relationship.

So if divine spirit made or created the universe it must have one power. It must be that power, that energy. God is the power to create. It is foolish to say that it is love or any other abstract thing for that is absurd.
Another problem is its infinity. Infinity means it is everything that is, for there is no power but its power. The notion of a God who is his power and whose power is infinite contradicts the notion that God can order a universe to appear out of literally nothing (the universe was supposedly created not out of anything) that depends on him that is not him.
So if you believe in an infinite God you must identify him with what he makes.

So God would be both stupid and intelligent for the creation is stupid and intelligent. That makes no sense.
Pretend that God is not all things. If he has one attribute then he is an it. What is the attribute?

It is not intelligence for stupidity exists.

It is not love for non-love exists.

It is not justice for injustice exists.

It is not design for some designs are impressive and others are disastrous. To say that we don't need to say that all things are designed correctly gives rise to this thought.  And it is this.  Some things looking designed now only look designed for what if the bad design will take over and erase all of that forever?  The good design is not really good for it cannot withstand that.

So God is given loads of qualities but he can only have one for he can only be one and he is not really a he or a God.

No matter what quality we can name it is the same. Moreover, each quality consists of different qualities, which we see as different aspects of it. For example, love consists of prudence and humility which are separate attributes. Intelligence consists of the attribute of being aware that 2+2=4 and that 3+3=6. Again, these are two separate attributes. There is no single attribute, no attribute composed of one attribute only, so the single force theory is valueless.

If it created then it is the power to create and nothing else. And it is the power to create itself only and it cannot create anything else. It cannot have any other attribute. But it needs more than one attribute to do that. Its power causes the calculator to work so it must be intelligent.

If it did not create but merely transformed itself then we meet the contradiction of a partless being with no intelligence becoming human intelligence.

If the spirit had the power to love or whatever it would have the power to order things in accordance with its attribute as well. Things like love and justice are a form of order. It cannot exist for it has these two powers and we know they go together.  It has to have the power to love and the power to create love or something to be loved. This is refuted by how it would need to be just as well!

All laws if you want to call them that come from 1 = 1 or a = a.  That implicitly means that 1 is not 2 and a is not b.

A spirit force that is just 1 = 1 or a = a would not need to be an intelligence or anything.  It just needs to be that rule.

We conclude that even if there is a creator spirit it needs only be that.  Going for God says more about the person than the truth and more about what they want to think than honesty.  Never go further than you need to.

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