In the big picture, is faith in God, revelation from God and prayer worth it?

Do  you think of how challenging superstition or faith protects many vulnerable people?

If people do good because they are human and not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?





Lesson of the Week


Despite the myriad and truly thought-provoking and inspirational texts that have appeared in the world, Christians choose to venerate a book full of judgemental hate as the word of God. The Bible is clear that God directly spoke and commanded that anybody who prays to a statue, has gay sex, commits adultery, curses parents and much much more must be stoned to death and adds that they are so evil that there was no choice but to eliminate them - "their blood is upon them and they have nobody but themselves to blame." Jesus knew of these teachings but simply said that they are the word of God and he reinforced them by warning they would be punished in Gehenna or Hell by God. Jesus did not soften the principle - the sinner must die. The only escape was to repent.

What revering the stoning texts says about Jesus

Jesus never apologised for the murder of gay men as endorsed by God in the Bible. Not only were they murdered under the laws of Leviticus, the laws of Moses, but they were tortured to death by stoning. Jesus even went as far as to say the Old Testament was all God's word and infallible. For him, whatever the Old Testament said, God said (see Mark 7:5-13). He claimed to love and know the God who wrote it. If he had been Moses he would have done the same thing.

If Jesus had repudiated the murderous laws the woman would not have been brought before him for stoning. Read John 8. He used the occasion to make the accusers of the woman ashamed. It was about shaming them not saving her. He let her go but it is likely she was still stoned later. He did not say anything to prevent that.

If Jesus claimed to be the Bible God then Jesus took responsibility for commanding the grim religious murders. Even if he just claimed to be God's Son or right hand man, he is saying he would have done the same as God. So he is still a villain. To worship a God who commands murder is to worship a murderer. Jesus and those who adore him and call him infallible are murderers by proxy.

The Law of Moses with its superstitions and cruelties is still in force according to the Bible. Jesus could not and did not teach that the days which we have to obey it are gone. He said the law needed to be kept better and not abolished and warned against any Jewish leader who waters down its teaching. We might suggest the law can be kept a differentway but we cannot say it'way but we cannot say it's penalties are in any way relaxed.

A vote for Jesus is a vote for hate at least of the gays who lived before and up to his time in Israel.

If we want to help gay rights the only proper way to do it is to condemn not just Christian bigotry but how it is inspired by a bigot called Jesus Christ. Condemning the bigots not the cause of the bigotry, namely Jesus and the Bible, is really a waste of time. Cancer needs to be cut at the root.

What revering the stoning texts says about Christians

Christians are not disgusted enough by the murderous laws of the Old Testament in which God commanded that gays be stoned to death to hate the Bible. New Testament teaching is that the law of Moses is perfectly right. Even if Christians think some laws need no longer be kept it does not mean they can think they were wrong!

Even if Christians don't believe in killing gays today, they only mean that the circumstances are not right for doing so. Killing gays in itself is not bad for God commanded it in the Bible. There are more commands in the Bible by God to put people to death than there are from God about loving sinners. Christians don't really believe that killing gays is wrong - they might think it is wrong now which means they think it was right to kill gays in Old Testament times.

The person of faith does not hate religious violence and religious evil enough to leave the faith. That person is delivering a grave insult to gay people by following their faith for gay people were killed by that faith's belief that it was in touch with God. To insult the gays of the past is to insult their modern brothers. Those who become teachers of the religion or clerics are the worst.

The Church has never apologised for Jesus that man of violence and never will. I would like to add that saying it is intrinsically evil to have a loving gay relationship is bad enough. But the Church makes it far worse by saying Jesus was right before he became man to command the Jews to stone gay men to death. The Church says that if the men don't repent they are bad enough to go to hell forever and they will.

Christians accepting the Jesus of the Bible and the Church that preaches the Bible as true and from God are indirectly and implicitly approving of their violent spirit and the barbaric deaths of those who faced that spirit.

If your empathy and decency are not tainted by faith, you will abandon faith in the Bible and in Jesus without hesitation. No religion with violent revelations from God should be adhered to.

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