Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?



People who affirm transpeople may still argue that there is no such such thing as a trans child!

There is no middle ground.  If they are wrong they are abusing children and contributing to the suicides of some of them. To tell a child they are born trans and not born in the wrong body ignores how the child will hate body parts and hate their body in parts.  The hate is real and many who do not hate their secondary sex characteristics can start doing so any time.  We have to remember that dysphoria may express that the body parts should not be there and must be modified at any cost.  Or the dysphoria may respond to society's oppressive ideas about gender in a way that implants the body hate.  For example, a transman with a vagina is not treated the same as a man for not producing sperm.  A transwoman with a penis is regarded as in some sense not a woman for she cannot produce eggs.  These things will have an impact on the person especially if the person has psychological conditions such as bipolar disorder or depression.  The risk of this happening is very serious.  It matters a lot even if it is not happening in an individual's life for the point it that it can and might.

Society triggers dysphoria and it may be ingrained - indirect.  Dysphoria may not be down to that implanted in the womb - direct.  Either way DNA has something to do with it.  It is not dramatic to blame society for making the lives of trans people worse.

Transkids are an important topic for it is about children's lives, real lives.  Imposing a cis gender identity or role or a trans one on a young child is abusive for it is not your business even if you are the parent.  And especially if you are the parent!  Only time tells what the child is.  It is conversion therapy of the worst kind.  The parenting version of conversion therapy is worse than going to a "clinic" that does it for it is easy to see the clinic version as abuse.  The parenting one can do as lasting damage as a clinic one

Gender is the sex you are in your head. It is your gender identity. Biological sex is distinguished from this.

Transkids are a growing reality in our world of today.

Children mean what they say.  A child claiming to be born a boy despite seeming to be a girl by the body that he has, knows he is really a boy literally.  He is a natural born boy and nature has violated him by making the female body an accident. Same obviously with a child who sees nature has accidently given her the body of a boy.

Trans is just a descriptor, just like tall, short, white, black, long haired, short haired, blonde, brunette. The important thing is what the descriptor relates to.  In that sense there are no transgirls only girls.  In that sense there are no transboys only boys.

If there is a disconnect between gender and biological sex if you are a child you will be discovering yourself as transgender. Cisgender is when gender and sex line up.

Gender dysphoria torments the person until they transition. Social transition is living as the gender you truly are in our mind and medical transition is treatments so that you become physically like the sex you feel you are.

Despite the gender and biological sex narrative, we must start to realise that biological sex is like gender a social construct.  Transgender people may say they have a biological sex yes but their gender is in their heads and its not in line with that sex.  Trans children however tend to reject such distinctions.  The child born "female" keeps it simple - "she" is a boy.  The child born "male" keeps it simple - "he" is a girl.  Children who know they are a boy today and a girl tomorrow and a boy the day after and so on need to be affirmed too.

The debate rages today about who to approach matters when children report being born in the wrong body. 

Some children do not use the born in the wrong body narrative. They will simply settle for saying a male body does not make you a boy and a female body does not make you a girl. These will believe they are assigned the wrong gender or biological sex at birth.

One model is to help the child discern her or his own path which means being prepared to affirm the transgender identity.  Another is to help the child stay in their birth sex or birth gender and give every available treatment for dysphoria.  This approach is considered abusive for dysphoria can be worsened or exacerbated by failing to affirm the child in her or his own true gender.  It is akin to conversion therapy.  Many Christians have subjected transgender children to it.

The transgender children debate is important for in all cases, the child is being oppressed by parents and doctors who assign the wrong gender at birth.  Society and religion pile on that abuse as do friends.

The child is being denied the choice to change the body. There are gender expectations as well.

Bodily autonomy is a fundamental human right.  Not giving a child the right to line up the body through medicine and surgery to the true gender can cause grave distress for each person knows this is a right even if they cannot articulate it.   That distress may be a part of the dysphoria or a different issue.  Or both.

 It is possible to suffer from being in the wrong gender and not know it so children need to be asked if they are happy.  If they are not then ask them if gender is in any way the problem?  Many are forced to live in the wrong sex and gender simply because people will not ask.

People with belief in biological sex send a message to the child which can exacerbate dysphoria to a dangerous level to the child whose life experience tells them what biological sex they really are.

Biological sex is really more about what you are in your head than anything else. DNA is behind that.  That is why chromosomes do not prove that a man is a man or a woman is a woman.  In most cases, it is clear what your biological sex is.  In other cases, the DNA puts female mind wiring in a male body or male mind wiring in a female body.  Both ways of being a biological male or female are equally valid.  It is not about normal or abnormal.  If you want to use the language of normal, difference is normal.  Be careful with normal for normal implies nature is intelligent or has been set up by an intelligence that uses a standard and if you don't match you are a freak.  The word is abusing and ignorant.

Another important issue is that biological sex is worked out a certain way but the lived experience of many trans is that their biological sex is not what their bodies or scientific testing claim they are.  Science needs to rethink this matter.

Transgenderism has been discovered even in toddlers. Born in the wrong body is claiming you are in the wrong body since your life began in the womb.

Dysphoria can drive the person to suicide unless their true biological sex or gender is affirmed.  If you raise a cis male or cis female in the wrong sex they will suffer as well.  To treat dysphoria you must accept the person as they gender or sex or both they say they are and have no doubts or reservations.  This is part of community care for the persons. 

The trans person may suffer from failures to affirm themselves.  They suffer from others not affirming them.  Their legal gender can be changed but that brings some problems.  It comes across as forcing people to treat them as their legal gender.  It can be damaging and unsatisfying.  They may feel that God is important and God does not affirm them.  It is difficult for a secularist or liberal to understand the deep impact that can have.

In Man into Woman Lile Elbe page 231 wrote, "There was the town in Southern France on the Loire, where Andreas and Grete had spent many joyous summer months. And not only Andreas ! No, I, Lili, had also lived down there, like a prisoner escaped from the captivity of Andreas’ body."

Here are quotes showing that the idea of God abusing you and putting you in the wrong body is part of the experience of many transgender people.  It is an issue that affects many transgender people when they are children.  

 "God put me in the wrong body".  Lt. Shacher of the IDF at the age of 5.

Brody Runge, "I was just confused as to why God put me in the wrong body."

"I think God put me in the wrong body. I feel like a boy...When God made me, he messed up, I should have had a penis."  Transgender son of Nicole Pecoraro.

Warner Schaettgen, “Mommy, God made a mistake, I'm really a little girl".

Susie Green of Mermaids regarding her daughter Jackie who was born in the wrong body. “She was very direct at four and she told me: ‘God’s made a mistake, I should have been a girl.’ I denied it and said ‘No, you are a boy. You like girl things. You don’t have to be a girl to like girls’ toys.’ She replied: ‘I am not a boy, I am a girl.’" This shows that religious teachings about males being males and females being females are a threat to trans children. Jesus said that God made them male and female and the divine plan is for one man and one woman in marriage for life. Such teachings are evil and microaggressions and bigotry. As part of affirmation, we need to be prepared for trans children thinking God has evilly put them in the wrong body. God has mutilated them through nature and that mutilation needs fixing through social and medical transition. A trans child does not know at 3 or whatever what their true gender is. They always knew for they got the wrong body in the womb. The age when they realise does not mean they didn’t always know.

The Bible has God saying that he made the first people as man and woman. It appears at the start of Genesis highlighting the importance of this concept. God then after the fall gives Adam and Eve different roles. So here we have a declaration that men are biologically men and women are biologically women. Also they have different roles and expectations tied to their biological sex. Jesus when asked if there were any right circumstances for divorce said God made man and woman at the beginning and the man cleaves to his wife and they become one flesh that that creates a lifelong bond in marriage that cannot be broken. So divorcing a spouse is causing adultery he says. It is a sin. It is childish to think he meant a man just loves his wife and bonds with her. He is taking about how body fits body and that is union. This reinforces the ideas of biological sex mattering. The body of the person you are having sex with matters so sex should only be between a biological man and biological woman in marriage. If told about intersex Jesus would say that it is an aberration and does not affect his argument. He would say that you can’t overthrow marriage as he explained it because of some rare cases.

The Church teaches that when a new life starts in the womb it is a gift from God.  The Bible calls your body a gift.  It also teaches that you don't own yourself for God owns you as he made you of his infinite generosity.  The inner experience of a trans person or any person is often, "I alone own me."  The teachings of a penis being a gift torments transwomen for they may hate their penis.  The teachings of breasts being gifts torments transmen.

These teachings tell the trans person that their biological sex is or true gender is invalid and a lie and a delusion.  They are accused of malice against their own bodies.  It is not even a potential God's business and their inner experience tells them that.  Such ideas suggest, "It is lucky in a way they attack themselves and their own bodies and nobody else's.  But it is still vile for hurting yourself is in no way better or worse than hurting another."

A child should not be enrolled or baptised into a religion that doubts or forbids or even damns transgender rights.  Another issue is the wrong name and wrong gender or sex will be put on the baptismal certificate.  A trans child will be forced to go to Church ceremonies such as confirmation or first communion in the wrong sex and this can leave its mark.  A transman will be discriminated against for the priesthood in the Catholic Church.  His marriage to his bride will not be facilitated or recognised.

Gender dysphoria can cause a child or anyone to need a complete transformation. Some do not need medical intervention but to be accepted as their true gender. Some need body parts fixed. Some transmen are content with a beard and mastectomy. Some need cross sex hormones.

Dysphoria can return. This is caused by a number of things.

Transphobia can trigger it.

It can just happen.

Dysphoria can come back in a different form. For example, an impulse to have further treatment perhaps full gender affirmation surgery may start.

A successful transition is one where the dysphoria is kept at bay or at a manageable level. The risk of mental illness and suicide are high if a person’s dysphoria is not managed.

The community needs to accept the person for this plays a huge rule in alleviating the dysphoria. Surgery for example is a huge step but if the person is treated as being in some sense invalid the psychological benefits can be destroyed. Failing to affirm trans is abuse and hate.

If children and young people can grow out of gender dysphoria, the fact remains that they believed they were the wrong gender. This had to have caused trauma. Religion contributes to such trauma. It can result in the person thinking they still have dysphoria. Discernment is hard and that is the danger.

A child that is treated with puberty blockers and other treatments will continue on the path.  The fact remains that even if the child might have stayed in their birth sex or birth gender there is no "wrong" path.  A child who was not trans but thought they were trans having treatment and living as the gender they think they are does not matter.  The child's happiness is what matters.

No child is too young or too immature for treatment.  The right to bodily changes is a fundamental ones and nobody can speak for a child for the lived experience, the trans experience, is the child's.

Medical treatments and surgeries need to be seen as not mutilating the bodies of children but giving them the form their minds know they should have.  The other matter is that it is not about right and wrong unless the child wants it to be.  A right to transition without dysphoria must be affirmed.

Gender rights are fundamental human rights so assigning a gender or sex to a child at birth is abuse.  Affirmative care for trans only works when this right is "sanctified" and exemplified.