Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?




"Extraordinary claims need equally extraordinary evidence" - problems?

"For honest good people to lie, that takes religion"

"God created humanism" does not know what Christianity is

"I have a right to my opinion end of discussion"

"If you've no natural explanation for the miracle then leave it alone!

"Just because my motive is mine does not mean its always about me" Evaluation

"Nobody hurts me unless I let them" and egoism

"Pacifist" Jesus riots in the Temple and hits people

"Religion is good" - a pathetically stupid statement

“You are Peter” – Matthew 16 Examined

Essay - to believe in God requires you believe he judges

Mark 16

20 arguments for God refuted

21 Toxic beliefs in religion

3 Popes at once

A book on the Bahai faith

A booklet arguing against Jesus living before he was born

A case for saying Christianity is rational

A Catholic attempt to show Jesus started papacy fails!

A Catholic critique of Christian Science Religion

A Catholic expert refutes Medjugorje fairy-tales

A Christian critique of Situation Ethics

A Christian refutes Utilitarianism

A criticism of the three persons in one God theology

A defence of abortion by Judith Jarvis Thomson

A good Catholic refutation of Christian Science cures

A good overview of Bible history in the book St Saul

A good refutation of Catholicism's development of doctrine theory

A mental health authority says faith is good for mental problems!

A miracle is anti-science and unscientific if it violates nature or looks as if it does

A Mormon apologist argues that Book of Mormon has textual evidence that it is ancient

A philosopher shows that God is just a guess

A placebo always involves a lie and is bad for that reason

A quote on the theology of evil

A religion corrupting the good person is enough to ban it

A religion is a social construct so leave it if you choose


A study in the healing miracles of Matthew's gospel

A Testimony about Fatima Miracle of the Sun

A theologian answers those who say religion causes violence

A tiny bit of free will is not free will at all

A truce is often painted as forgiveness

Abortion arguments from the baby having a soul

Abortion Questions

About Humanism

Accounts of Translation of Book of Mormon

Affirmations as ways of being your self-made ruler of universe

Affirming atheism in a positive way the gospel of atheism

Against Catholic Holy Communion - its a magical superstition

Against Gay Christiman Movement and its lies

Against the Mass

Against the religious school ethos - conversion by osmosis

All information about Jesus comes from his propagandists


Altruism and your health

Altruism is not an option for it is too dark and deadly

Am I good because I say so or because some standard says it?

An act is never both altruistic and non-altruistic

An Atheist's Values - can we know what is good in itself?

An example of Christians in good standing defending genocide

An example of schools being asked not to allow anti-abortion propaganda

An expert looks at the sky miracles of Medjugorje

An expert refutes Jesus as being God

An expert speaks on the Bible faith and psychology

An objection to Hawking and his devotion to m-theory

An open letter to Bible preachers to be

Ancient Coins on the Turin Shroud are imagined

And God Created Humanism by Theo Hobson

Andrew Sims - Is Faith Delusion?

Another Joseph Smith complete with "ancient" plates

Another look at Christian apologetics for the problem of evil

Anselm's Ontological Argument for God


Anthony de Mello- and atheism awareness

Anthony Kenny philosopher rebuts atheism or thinks he does!

Anti-religion stance of the law of attraction

Antisemitism is woven into the Christian fabric

Apocrypha - should any of it be in the Bible?

Apollonius of Tyana the other Jesus

Apostle Paul was a liar

Apostle Peter was a liar

Apostles Testimony to Christ is no good

Apostles were credulous

Apostles would not have thought of transubstantiation

Apparition at Knock - case for it being dull and unimpressive

Apparitions of Mary at Garabandal - why doubt them?

Archaeology and Science Against Book of Mormon

Archbishop Pio Bello Ricardo approves visions of Betania

Are the saints other mediators with God?

Are there persons who are pure evil?

Argument that evil refutes God is not necessarily anti-God

Arguments against Pio using carbolic acid to make the magic wounds

Atheism is atheisms - atheism is essentially a lack of belief

Atheism is the default position

Atheism is the Null or the Default by process of elimination

Atheist Overreach a review of Christian Smith's book

Atheists here are the rules if you want them!

Atheists sense mystery too

Attaching to God is bad - don't love God ultimately above all

Attempts to fuse morality and God give only an amoral god

Attempts to work out what Josephus may have penned about Jesus

Attrition a form of Catholic "repentance"

Bad arguments for bread and wine changing at Mass

Bad evidence for Jesus tale

Bahai faith is false

Ban exorcism - make it illegal

Ban the clergy and pastors from counselling

Baptising babies is pompous

Baptism - a promise to brainwash your baby

Baptism doesn't save

Baptism is a big deal

Baptism is a useless spiritual vaccine

Baptism is conscription

Baptism is not welcoming a baby

Baptism is trying to force God to act on the baby

Baptism is useless spiritually

Baptism killed babies

Be easy to please and life will be better

Be undogmatic with atheism for your child

Be your own person

Begone Satan! An account of a Catholic demon possession

Being an atheist or humanist in a religious world

Being complicit in religious evil and deception

Being in a religion and opposing or ignoring its required doctrine is wrong

Being prayed for makes no difference

Belgian Miracle

Belief in exorcism is irrational

Belief in fate is not really that bad

Belief in God thrives on attacking your self-regard

Belief in Hell does harm actually and potentially

Belief in miracles - opens door to being conned

Believe what you want - absurd advice!

Bernadette of Lourdes, Therese Taylor

Bertrand Russell as critic of religion

Bertrand Russell shows we should not take Jesus seriously

Best evidences the Church can give for faith - refuted

Bible against LGBT+

Bible did not predict that God would become man

Bible doctrine that you don't make you good, God does!

Bible God blesses anti-gay hate

Bible God commands murder of the innocent

Bible is anti-evolution

Bible is opposed to the truths of science

Bible Never Says Jesus Was God

Bible requires death penalty for gays

Bible salvation is by faith alone

Bible teaches that God does more than just let evil happen

Bible teaches that sincerity isn't enough

Bible verses that command hate - specifically religious hate

Bible's God of Hate

Biology and randomness

Bishop Huonder used violent texts to condemn gay lovemaking

Bishop Zanic knew Medjugorje claims are inauthentic

Blame and responsibility

Blanschard on veiled revelation

Blocks to the total love of God

Book of Mormon infallibly translated by God???

Book of Mormon lacks credibility

Book Review: The Reason for God

Book Review: Wilcox Truth about Shroud of Turin

Book: The Problem of Right Conduct

Booklet makes mistake of saying historicity of Book of Mormon has support

Books on the Book of Mormon witnesses

Bread cannot be the body of Christ

Breaking faith exposes "saints" by John Cornwell

Brief Gospel According to Atheism

By faith alone book shows how Protestantism is right that faith alone saves

Can an egoist be a martyr for others?

Can psychology say we have free will for we feel free?

Can science say miracles might happen?

Can science test evil if it is a real power?

Can the magic lantern explain the Knock apparition?

Can we learn anything from miracles?

Can you build a moral theory on altruism?

Can you really reconstruct the New Testament from the fathers?


Carbon dating refutes the authenticity of the Turin Shroud

Case for a clear vision at Knock in 1879

Catholic Church endorsed persecution

Catholic Church has double-standard when assessing miracles

Catholic Church has power to restore evil Jewish laws

Catholic doctrine makes sex outside of marriage to be sacrilege

Catholic doctrine on loving only God ultimately

Catholic lying - mental reservation

Catholic saints are new pagan gods

Catholic Tradition ADDS to the Bible

Catholic tradition gloats over damned in Hell

Catholicism empowers men to procreate through rape

Catholicism manipulates its members

Catholicism practices idolatry

Catholicism remains a threat to religious freedom

Catholicism's fake unity

Catholics base their faith not on the Bible miracles but the unbiblical ones

Catholics do not recognise register office weddings

Catholics One True Church delusion

Census, LGBT and Religion

Challenge wrong belief

Challenges to falsification theory? Are they valid?

Chaplains from the Church should be in hospitals?

Charles Anthon and Book of Mormon

Charles Anthon letters showing the Book of Mormon was a fraud

Charlie Hebdo prayer criticised

Chastisement from God

Children don't need indoctrination from religion

Christian book on theology degrades atheists and their views

Christian doctrine of redemption is a bare-faced lie

Christian hyper-defender McDowell debunks shroud of Turin

Christian intellectual gymnastics are used against critics

Christian List of Bible Books is Wrong

Christian Science is a cult

Christian sin of sexual pleasure

Christian teaching on Hell is in the Bible

Christian teaching on sin is vicious

Christianity and Animal Sacrifice

Christianity and evolution

Christianity does not truly believe in giving all love to God

Christianity has left the faith

Christianity pretends to believe we need even very damaging free will

Christianity says your baptism anniversary is the birthday that counts

Christians are trying to keep you out of Hell?

Christians claim the Biblical right to ignore the Saturday Sabbath

Christians treat evil as an intelligent higher power, a slaveowner

Christians who won't bake pro-gay marriage cakes

Christians worship Jesus like a false god

Church and intolerance for heresy

Church Blessings and Christian Hypocrisy

Church of Scientology

Circumcision as an act of worship

Circumcision commanded by Bible God

Clifford and James and Pascal on Faith

Coincidences and Turin Shroud

Compatibilism - fails to defend free will as true

Competing claims ruin the credibility of Jesus' claims

Concerns about religious fanaticism

Confession of sins is an evil practice

Conscience - the voice of right and wrong

Conspiracies and the Cross

Conspiracies and the Cross, the book examines the New Testament

Contradictions in the book of Genesis

Control Beliefs

Control beliefs in the light of morality

Core religious outlook about love makes religion feeling not faith

Corrupting effect of relationships with God

Could demons have been empowering Jesus in his miracles?

Creation and the problem of good

Creation context needs to be affirmed to allow you to recognise a miracle

Creation is only real miracle - no miracle can be shown to be creation

Criticism and being constructive and open with assessing

Criticism of Kant's ethics

Criticism of prayer

Criticism of Religion

Critics of the New Atheism are unfair and uninformed

Cumulative Argument for Miracles

Dangers in using religion or faith as a crutch

Dangers of the hiding God doctrine

De Mello on selfishness in his book Awareness

Deceptions around the visions of Guadalupe

Declaring the right to leave the Catholic Church

Decrees against Medjugorje visions

Defection from Roman Catholicism is a Human Right!

Defending a Protestant against a Catholic priest critic

Deliverance ministry - another Christian form of abuse

Demonic possession

Demonic possession in the Catholic Religion

Development of doctrine in Catholicism

Did Daniel predict year Jesus would be crucified?

Did God hide from Satan and thereby cause him to go wrong?

Did Jesus die and rise or an impersonator?

Did Jesus get out of the tomb for he was buried alive?

Did Jesus have a twin who could impersonate him?

Did paranormal events happen at Garabandal?

Did Paul say we no longer know Jesus the man?

Did the miracle of the sun really happen?

Did women steal Jesus body?

Differences in how atheists and religionists look at problem of evil

Different religions on John 3

Difficulties exist with secularism but it is the best policy

Distracted selfishness is your salvation

Divide Church and State from each other

Divine command doctrine summary

Divinity of Christ in the Handbook- was Jesus sane?

Do gospels really aim to complement each other?

Do shroud believers think it was intended to be a negative???

Do we have to work on our characters forever? Eternal imperfection?

Do we need the sacrament of confession?

Do you need to believe in God to believe in reason?

Doctrine of creation is magic, its super-occult!

Doctrines About God make no sense

Does accepting nothing 100% justify religious allegiance? No!

Does Bible teach once saved always saved?

Does determinism destroy guilt and punishment?

Does embarassing material in gospels prove reliability?

Does evidence for miracles override improbability?

Does it matter if evil is just an absence or a real power?

Does Jerusalem prophecy help us with dating Mark?

Does love your neighbour as yourself define altruism?

Does prayer and magic work in contraries?

Does risk refute egoism? Does it show we are not always about self-interest?

Does self-interest fail to be inspiring to society?

Does teaching that the Devil possesses lead to victim-blaming?

Does the Bible lead to the pope being seen as antichrist?

Does the Josephus Testament belong anywhere in his book?

Does this book show us that non-material souls exist?

Dogmatic upbringing versus non-dogmatic

Donal Anthony Foley - Understanding Medjugorje

Don't be a pseudo sceptic

Don't mock the afflicted

Don't stay in a religion with evil doctrine

Dr Festa gives grounds for suspecting Padre Pio of deception

Dr M Scott Peck on religion in his book People of the Lie

Dubious Apparition of Knock

Early Church had no pope

Ecumenism is a charade

Ecumenism is Just Hypocrisy

Egoism and the present and the future

Egoism is the way to go!

Eight witnesses to the Book of Mormon

End hereditary religion - let people make their own choices

English hierarchy downgrades the Bible

Equal rights and how silly prejudice is

Erotica is harmless and to be enjoyed - gospel of atheism

Essay on Science and Christianity

Essay on science and miracles

Eternal punishment is just a cover for justifying hate

Ethics for the humanist

Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano - the rotting remains of Jesus?

EUTHANASIA - right or wrong or sometimes neither?

Euthanasia and the afterlife

Everybody has a morality - even if its just "all is permitted"

Evidence for miracles has no hope of being conclusive

Evidence that Jesus could have fueled his reputation with trickery

Evidence that Jesus never died on the cross

Evidence that the New Testament was hidden

Evil allows for God rather than indicates God?

Evil as evidence against God - but is there good without God?

Evil be thou God's good

Evil doctrine of everlasting punishment in Hell

Evil is a side effect? What if it is? What does it mean for God?

Evil is not an act but a sum of acts

Evil of Pick and Mix Religion

Evil to just assume somebody should suffer if there is a God

Excuses for errors in the infallible Bible

Excuses for violent scriptures answered


Exorcising Medjugorje

Exorcism - a sign from God?

Exorcism - when the illness is better than the cure

Exorcism is unsupervised by the state!

Expert opinion - is it sick to be religious?

Extraordinary claims need exceptional support

Failed solutions to Bible contradictions by the famous Haley

Faith as a cover for condoning divine evil

Faith in God condones his evil and his letting evil happen

Faith is not feeling and should be more mature than that!

False prophecies of the miraculous medal visions

Fast inner transformation for the atheist

Father Gino Burresi - another Padre Pio - but got caught!

Fatima Solar Miracle fails tests for genuine goodness and holiness

Fear is the father of evil

Feeling free is not an argument for free will if God exists

Feeling that life is meaningful

Flavius Josephus - his any of his Jesus material genuine?

Flew - Falsification Principle

Flying Virgin Mary and her flying house of Loreto

Forgiveness - God theory's Achille's Heel?

Forgiveness and gratitude are co-dependent

Forgiveness in the popular sense is a snare!

Formal Defection from Religion and the Law

Fr. Hauke responds to criticism from Medjugorje supporters

Frank Turek thinks atheists steal from God's science to debunk God!

Fraud Alert: Catholic doctrine is that the Bible has no errors

Free Will - a Harmful Doctrine

Free will and altruism and egoism

Free will and altruism are a dangerous marriage

Free will and Christian belief

Free will and the denial that evil is a real thing or choice

Free Will Defence is a Flop

Free Will Disproved

Free will is an untrue doctrine and lacks support

Free will is not freedom from control if there is a God so its useless

Free will is not supported by consciousness

From a Pilgrimage to LaSalette

From Skeptical Inquirer - can superstition ever help?

Fruits argument and life-changing grace from God

Gabriel Amorth "exorcises" Rosa

Galatians 3:27-28 does not really teach equality

GDPR and leaving Catholic Church

Genesis and homosexuality

Give gays & str8s equality

Givenomoney2catholicchurch posts on religion on facebook

Glucklich's Dying for Heaven - religious pleasure feeds faith terrorism

Gnostics Evidence against Jesus

God - why believers inherently exploit human vulnerability

God and capital punishment

God and retribution

God as a form of avoidance behaviour

God as moral bully and his friends as collaborators

God based forgiveness is too cheap to be forgiveness

God belief failed to halt IRA terrorism - it helped it

God can have no plan for making things to hurt you

God can't abolish his hateful laws

God commands stoning of innocent people to death

God hates people who are not fit for Heaven

God idea advocates asceticism

God implies Lying always wrong!

God in the light of the view that morality is just wellbeing

God is a control belief - its about biased thinking not God

God is a nonsense word

God is an excuse for hypocrisy?

God is happy when you are in Hell?

God is the ingredient that makes a religion dangerous

God is your myth and it is you who justify the evil he allows not him

God the God of executioners

God wants babies and men abused by religious circumcision

God wants us to use our free will to suffer with others in compassion

God's Bible and his stoning laws still do harm today

Golden plates of Book of Mormon - did they exist?

Good quotes from An Atheist's Values on thinking

Gospel Evidence for Jesus is Worthless

Gospel of Atheism - Salvation by atheism

Gospel of Atheism - What is self-esteem?

Gospel of Atheism - Why is self-esteem important?

Gospel of atheism how to love yourself

Gospel of atheism to love yourself means loving yourself alone ultimately

Gospel of atheism you can be happy

Gospel of atheism you want to be happy

Gospel of Philip calls Jesus a myth

Gospels slander Jews as Christ killers

GRACE – A Dehumanising Idea

Guadalupe the Marian apparition hoax

Guards bribed to lie at Jesus' tomb?

Guidelines for secularism

Handbook of Apologetics tries to explain away human suffering

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - Hell's endless punishment

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - Was Jesus God?

Handbook of Christian Apologetics: God as good & letting evil happen

Handbooks chart on the resurrection of Jesus is deliberately oversimplified

Happiness as side-effect of doing good

Harmful beliefs

Harmfulness of belief in God

Harry Cox gives light on the Ripper murders

Hate sin love sinner proves evil refutes God

Hate Sin means Hate Sinner - its personal

Hateful God of the Book of Exodus

Hating big sins

Hating relatively harmless sins is deranged

Hatred in disguise the gospel of atheism overcomes it

Hawking said the law of gravity made the universe

Hawking was falsely accused of punching philosophically above his weight

Heather Woods Stigmata

Hebrews letter refutes the sacrifice of the mass as a sin

Hell and the doctrine that God comes first

Hell is a doctrine that enforces hate

Hell says the damned identify as their sin

Heresy is parasitic on the religion's truth claim

History of Bible literalism

Hitchens Blair - Is religion a force for good?

Hitler - How Jesus and Christianity made him executioner

Hitler and his liberal Christianity liquidated the Jews in WW2

Holy Inquisition

Homophobia of being anti-same sex marriage

Honouring bad scriptures is using words as violence

Hope belongs to atheism - how to be atheistic and hopeful

Hope Endures exposes Mother Teresa

Hostile Request to be released from RC Church

How are beliefs respected?

How Christianity is supposed to judge

How do you judge a good or bad or neutral motive?

How faith kills LGBT people in todays world

How our perception shows that we hate the damned person

How reliable was Archdeacon Cavanagh during the Knock shrine origin?

How sincere is respect for the beliefs of others?

How to have a happy love life - the gospel of atheism

How useful are slippery slope arguments?

How we must spread the good news of atheistic humanism

Human nature would easily condone a God who hurts others

Humanism is not a religion or a faith position

Humanist meditation - transforming your inner self

I always do something self-interested under the circumstances

I am the image of God means I have dignity or does it?

I value myself indirectly when I value anything

Ideal utilitarianism - maximising the greatest virtue of greatest number

Idolatry of Praying to Jesus

If free will is a gift from God its no longer his concern how I use it

If God exists he will not hide himself

If there could be a God, what issues are there around necessary evils?

If there is no eternal hell is there no free will?

If virtue is in the mind then is free will a myth?

If we all came from Adam and Eve would we be the same ethnicity?

If we are forced to have an objective morality we should not be

If we had all the answers, would there be faith?

Implicit atheism may be the strongest atheism!


In Defence of Reason

In defence of situation ethics

In depth examination of how plagues refute the love of God

In favour of the 7 deadly sins

In religion, you take man's word for it not God's

In theology, God is judgement - not just a judge

Indulgue yourself with self-esteem treats!

Infant baptism has consequences so it should be abolished

Insisting on believing what you want about yourself

Instrumental egoism - the notion that self-interest pays even if amoral or non-moral

Intention is desire and desire involves self-interest always

Intrinsic good and intrinsic evil often welded together

Is a miracle a violation of nature?

Is a miracle an uncaused event?

Is a sense of gratitude behind God belief?

Is altruism consequentialist?

Is altruism hateful and against egoists?

Is any faith true? Keller's book, The Reason for God

Is atheism a world view?

Is biological sex what determines your gender?

Is Christianity smarter than New Age teaching?

Is egoism arbitrary? Why should I put myself ahead of the other person?

Is egoism true? Is it all about me deep down no matter what I do?

Is evil just a good that falls short or is that trivialising it?

Is formal defection only about marriage law?

Is free will a joy or a necessary evil?

Is God a scientific hypothesis?

Is good more valuable if you battle yourself to do it?

Is Hell unlocked meaning the damned won't leave?

Is it easy to believe in Hell?

Is it feeling or intuition or both that tell us if we have free will?

Is it possible that Smith did not translate the Book of Mormon right?

Is it problem of God rather than problem of good?

Is it true that there are no accidents?

Is Jesus God the Judge or Not?

Is leaving the Church polarising?

Is logical ability proof that we have free will?

Is love the reason the three persons make up one God?

Is loving sinner hating sin just describing forgiveness of sinners?

Is Morality a Person: God?

Is prayer asking for a secret miracle?

Is prayer really charming?

Is religion a mental condition if not disorder?

Is religion a mental illness?

Is religion an excuse for violence?

Is Religion Irrational? by Keith Ward

Is renouncing pleasure for asceticism churlish towards God?

Is retribution a form of revenge or does it have vengeful leanings?

Is sacrifice real? Do we really do it?

Is Science and Health inspired scripture? Christian Science

Is secularism at war with religion?

Is self-esteem selfish?

Is the calling up of Jesus a cover for Necromancy?

Is the fear of death a hint that there is a Hell?

Is the last supper story history?

Is the Law of Moses abrogated in the apostles' times?

Is the little horn of the Bible the Papal Antichrist?

Is there dignity in being made for God and by God?

Is there no such thing as innocent suffering?

Is thinking about moral probabilities the same as relativism?

Is your spiritual DNA Catholic if you are baptised?

ISRAEL SCHWARTZ - Ripper witness?

It is nasty to say evil is merely good of the wrong kind

It is not true the Law of God in the Bible, Torah, no longer applies

It should be original neutrality not original sin

Its a change without an effect - bread and wine turning into Jesus!

Its about me, two forms of psychological egoism

It's Fraud for Religion to use miracles as signs and evidence for God

Its not true that the Knock vision was seen in daylight

Its unethical to preach Heaven as a gift from God

Jack the Ripper - there is a suspect who rises above all others

Jesus - creation of a fake role model

Jesus - did not rise as man but as ghost?

Jesus - there was no tomb

Jesus and the misunderstanding that he called for self-love

Jesus as a drag queen!

Jesus at the Council of Trent approves of capital punishment murder

Jesus calls Herod a fox - makes a racist slur

Jesus Christ was a False Prophet

Jesus Christ was not God

Jesus Christ was not Sinless!

Jesus' contemporary historian as good as denies his existence

Jesus' deluded ideas about gratitude to God

Jesus denied he was good

Jesus did not start the Eucharist, its a Church invention

Jesus didnt command holy communion

Jesus' Empty tomb was NO Miracle!

Jesus hates sin as does his Bible

Jesus' Imagined Miracles

Jesus in the Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties

Jesus is a weapon not a role model

Jesus is affirmed as supporter of the evil Moses Law

Jesus is not in the Koran

Jesus is the only way to God doctrine

Jesus lied that his coming was predicted

Jesus lied that the psalms predicted him

Jesus lived in ancient times

Jesus made lower than the angels? Was he God?

Jesus makes out most people will be damned in Hell forever

Jesus predicted apostasy in Christianity

Jesus resurrection is unpersuasive

Jesus rising in the light of the body not being an individual thing

Jesus said divorce is adultery and meant it

Jesus says that few will be saved and go to eternal bliss

Jesus sowed the seeds of the Inquisition

Jesus stole the Golden Rule

Jesus story was unknown in earliest Church

Jesus tempts to sin

Jesus the Black Magician

Jesus the conjurer!

Jesus the zealot!

Jesus twisted love and that is what he advocated!

Jesus was a fake exorcist

Jesus was an apparition not a man

Jesus was desensitised to religious barbarism and murder

Jesus was in league with evil spirits - the true Prince of Evil

Jesus was not almighty or God

Jesus when he used "I am" did he mean I am God?

Jesus's dungeon of horrors in Hell!

Jews were falsely accused of nailing Jesus to the cross

Joe Nickell on Padre Pio's seeming tricks

John 3 speaks of water and wind not water baptism

John Gospel denies bread & wine turn into Jesus

John Gospel does not literally make Jesus out to be God

John Paul II proves that love sinner hate sin is just words

John the Baptist - the Real Messiah

John the Baptist fits the Messiah prophecies better than Jesus

Joseph Smith was not getting messages from God

Josephus never testified to Jesus

Josephus recorded apparitions in implicit denial of the Jesus ones

Judge sin not sinner hypocrisy

Judging a person who commits suicide

Judith Jarvis Thomson - In Defence of Abortion

Jungian thought shows how God is an idol

Justify secularism

Kant's ethics - his famous moral philosophy

Koran does not really have the Christian Jesus but Issa

KYRIOS - does this early title for Jesus call him God?

Labels as a distraction from the person's humanity

Lee Strobel undermines other disciplines for the sake of theology

Lee Strobel's lies in The Case for Christ

Let happiness come just pave the way and trust yourself

Liar, Lunatic or Lord of all?

Liberation and guilt the gospel of atheism

Lies about the complimentary nature of science and religion

Lies of the Roman Catholic Church

Liking a person is self-interest

Limbo as a Catholic doctrine

List of Christian Hypocrisies

Logical positivism undermines religious faith

Lord's cup versus the demon's cup in the early Church

Lourdes fails tests for really being the work of God

Love and happiness for the humanist

Love has a bad side- its overhyped

Love neighbour as thyself - self-love forbidden

Love the sinner and hate sins is against scholarship

Love thy Neighbour as thyself - smokescreen

Loving God alone is evil

Lucia of Fatima was a liar

Lucia's memoirs show her lies

M Scott Peck - People of the Lie reviewed

Magic and the domino effect - magic is nonsense

Mahabharata - a critique by an expert

Making friends for humanist atheism

Making sense of God by Keller, is God needed to be good?

Making the Turin Shroud

Marco the painter painted the fake miracle picture of Guadalupe

Mark gospel endings are fake

Marriage Annulment and the Bible

Martindale's data on Fatima refutes the authenticity of the visions

Marxism - another persecuting religion

Mary at Medjugorje by Hector Avalos

Mary Baker Eddy refuted by a Catholic Scholar - Christian Science

Mary is not appearing at Medjugorje

Mary's Fraudulent Appearance at La Salette

Mass is against Christianity

Mass is not the Sacrifice of Calvary

Massless - how nature shows "spirit" is physical

Matthew Gospel Commands Keeping the Jewish Law

McGrath - Mere Theology

Medjugorje opposes the rights of Church leaders

Membership in the Church by baptism is canonically invalid

Memes for slider advocating atheism

Messiah means zealot - Jesus was a terrorist

Middlesex Street and the Ripper?

Militant atheism is compassion

Miracles - shot to death by the silver bullet?

Miracles advocate the superstition of the God of the Gaps

Miracles and the slippery slope

Miracles are a toxic belief

Miracles are weaponised by the Church as an excuse for division

Miracles cannot give real grounds for a real faith

Miracles versus the God who judges

Miraculous Medal - Catherine Laboure

Modern antipopes

Moral agency and the notion that evil is unreal as in a lack

Moral Neutrality - how some acNEUTRAL: Some deeds/attitudes actually as bad as they are good

Morality - ought to be fair, loving, etc

Morality is communication, "You ought not to do this" or is it?

Mormonism - a False Religion

Mormonism is occult

Moses' Law is made for all nations and peoples

Moses' law still overrides civil law

Moses, False Prophet

Most of our acts are omissions and are selfish

Motivational self-deception

Motives in the light of altruism egoism and Jesus

Muslim by Hank Hanegraaff shows Islam has social dangers

MUSLIM: What You Need to Know - Islamic theology

Mutilating the foreskin in the name of religion

My critical facebook comments on the pope

My flesh is food indeed - Jesus is not referring to the Mass

My Freethinking Letters

My posts on Building a Bridge to LGBT man Fr James Martin

My thoughts on children's nativity plays

Mystery doctrines in religion are inherently disrespectful to you

Mystery of God letting evil happen - gives insights into psychology

Naturalism and miracles and religion

Nature doing bad things shows blaming us for evil not God is nonsense

Nature is evidence and evidence is nature - miracles out!

Necessary evil is just everywhere

Negative utilitarianism - reducing suffering as much as possible

Never just assume anybody's intention, especially God's, is good

New Testament contains false prophecy

New Testament demands credulity

New Testament does not say Jewish Law abrogated

New Testament Evidence Against Miracles of Jesus

New Testament is not clear that the Holy Spirit fathered Jesus

New Testament is not Inspired

No competent psychiatrist commends religion

No compulsion in Islam verse scrutinised

No guards at Jesus' tomb so was he stolen?

No real pope was known in the church for centuries

No Unbiased Evidence for Jesus Existence

Nobody makes you unhappy but you

Nobody would want Catholicism to be true!

Not responsible for being free

Notion of food and drink becoming God is anti-biblical

Objections to the D'Arcis memorandum

Objectively evil not to baptise?

Occult doctrine that magic has to work with and within nature

Old Testament God says Moses's laws are irrevocable

On optimism - the atheist and mature optimism

On testimonies to miracles, how useful are they?

On the book, The Case Against Miracles

On this rock I will build my Church

Once a Catholic, not always a Catholic

Open Letter to Seminarians

Oppressive systems use control beliefs as weapons

Ordaining priests and bishops

Ordinary believers in Jesus were gullible

Original Sin - Anti-Social Propaganda

Original sin is dogma of the faith

Our atheist hope

Overview of the violent commands of the Jewish Law

Padre Pio - Carbolic Acid

Padre Pio - the dubious stigmata

Padre Pio - the Startling Facts

Padre Pio stole a saints writings to pass them off as his own

Padre Pio stretched all credibility

Padre Pio Under Investigation - Review

Padre Pio's tricks for luring people into thinking the stigmata was a miracle

Pagans prayed to saints too

Papal infallibility in the Catholic Church

Parents don't consent to their baby's baptism properly either!

Patrick Beirne witness to the vague image at Knock

Paul contradicted all the gospel story

Paul hints Jesus lived in ancient times

Paul is the first to decide what Jesus rising means

Paul says we no longer know Jesus as a man?

Paul talks as if he knew no Jesus or barely anything about him

Paul the apostle of credulity

Peck - Road Less Travelled

Pentecostalism in the New Testament

Pentecostals and charismatics

People only assume that an event is a miracle

People serve God-belief not God

People who were religious frauds were canonised

Perhaps we have too much free will?

Permission - what it is, does and says

Perseverance of the saints

Peter shows that in the 60s AD no gospels were coming

Peter was devoted to a vision not a man Jesus

Philippians 2 and the hymn about Jesus as Lord does not say worship him

Philosophers on egoist and altruist motivation

Philosophy of Religion for A Level

Philosophy of the argument for God from design

Philostratus writes about the other Jesus Apollonius

Pick and mix religion is dishonest

Pick and mix religionist is a religion to herself or himself

Placebo of Christian faith

Please don't follow Jesus

Poetry excuse for getting around Bible errors

Politics of the Mass - Do not attend

Pope has stolen his office as monarch of the Catholic Church

Pope Honorius - arch-heretic and proof that the pope is not infallible

Pope is a Bare-faced Liar

Popular "morality" exposed

Posts on Catholicism and why its bad

Posts on fake visions of Medjugorje

Posts on Psychology Today on religious subjects

Potential personhood of foetus arguments and abortion

Prayer and science

Prayer does not show trust in God!

Prayer is feeling good about doing nothing

Prayer is feeling good about doing nothing

Prayer is never answered

Prayer is not benevolent

Prayer of petition is pure hypocrisy

Prayer to God condones his evil

Praying for somebody is selfish

Pregnancy as condition implies a right to abortion

Priests do harm, their rank is not justifiable

Priests pretend to have inherited spiritual powers from Jesus

Private Interpretation

Probability or evidence in relation to miracles or both?

Problem of good as in problem of good logic

Problems - Knock Depositions

Problems with prayers of praise

Problems with the first commission of enquiry at Knock

Projector fits the Knock data concerning the alleged apparition

Proof that there is no free will and we don't really want it

Prophets did not predict coming of Jesus

Protestantism is in error

Psychiatry in the book People of the Lie by Peck

Psychokinesis is magic with a deceptive science flavour

Psychology Today

Punishment and free will

Pure evil - necessarily a magical divine or supernatural thing?

Purgatory doctrine is a Catholic means of trafficking with the dead

Question what you believe for it is the only way to be sure you are free

Questioning tradition that there were women at the tomb of Jesus

Questions Islam Cannot Answer

Qur'an Issa versus Jesus - they are rivals not the same person

RC Church - called whore of babylon by its Bible!

Reason can work without having free will

Reason is a tool, a method, not a belief

Reasoning for humanism

Reasons for suicide

Refuting the excuse, "He was a man of his time"

RELATIVISM - is it behind same sex marriage?

Religion - a hospital for sinners?

Religion - is it natural to be religious?

Religion admit possibility of natural disaster refuting God

Religion and science cannot really be true friends

Religion and the "They Are Not All Bad" Excuse

Religion blames the patient when its quack cures fail

Religion does not admit how pro-persecution it is

Religion harms children and makes irresponsible parents

Religion has to make the biggest problem of evil of all

Religion hates a woman's right to choose for it hates women

Religion in Haidt's The Righteous Mind

Religion is a form of avoidance behaviour

Religion is a placebo for human evil

Religion is a treadmill so it must accept blame for failure in individual members

Religion is based on rationalising not reasoning

Religion is dangerous when it is a crutch!

Religion is fanatical superstitious and therefore harmful

Religion is ineffectual against abortion

Religion is parasitic on politics and embraces its machinations

Religion is politics and rides on the back of political corruption

Religion is victim-shaming nonsense

Religion is violent in spirit if not in action

Religion opposes freedom of thought!

Religion seen as a crutch threatens freedom of speech

Religion soothes your nasty harmful side

Religion starts wars

Religion subtly schemes to make people violent

Religion takes away your reality check and that is violence


Religionists Arbitrarily Choose the Miracles They Believe in

Religion's tacit support for IRA speaks louder than the condemnations

Religious cognitive dissonance

Religious criticism is necessary to expose insincere religious leaders

Religious doctrine undermines the not all bad excuse for bad religion

Religious education is not suited for children

Religious education should not be indoctrination

Religious Faith is Illogical

Religious faith is the enemy of tolerance

Religious faith unlike other faith demands bias

Religious groups have infighting unlike secular groups

Religious Mystery is Dangerous

Religious privilege - special treatment

Religious science? An oxymoron?

Religious structures are violent even if it does not seem so

Renounce the authority and services of your Catholic priest!

Reply to Paranormal Debunkers

Reply to The Dawkin’s Delusion

Respect & thinking carefully (reason) are two sides of one coin

Respect thy neighbour - its not love thy neighbour


Respecting beliefs

Respecting religious belief and Catholicism

Resurrection - Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Rethinking some of the errors in Why I am not a Christian


Revelation and the sacraments of the great whore

Review Fr Pat Collin's Freedom from Evil Spirits

Review of infallible by Hans Kung

Review of Randi's Prize - alleges sceptics shouldn't dismiss paranormal

Review: Earl Doherty on Jesus being a myth - Jesus Neither God or Man

Revise the Christian canon of scripture?

Rewards are not about free will directly

Rewards as a means of exploitation

Rewards punishments do not justify belief in free will

Reza Aslan wrote Zealot, Jesus was a zealot

Ripper letters

Robinson on the state and the perils of equality An Atheist's Values

Robinson's examination of good in An Atheists Values 1964

Robinson's Treatment of Christ in An Atheist's Values

Roman Catholic annulments

Roman Catholicism - the world's first officially sectarian religion

Roman Catholicism and indoctrination

Roman Catholicism is a deception

Rome added its own notions to Jesus' gospel

Ruini Commission Medjugorje

Rule that marriage must be sealed by sex makes marriage silly

Sacrament of baptism is an occult ceremony pretending to be holy

Saint worship is necromancy - occult dealing with the dead

Saints - the strange gods of the Pope

Saints are pagan gods if they can see all the secrets in the universe

Saints party in Heaven while knowing the damned languish

Same sex marriage redefines everybody's marriage and that is good

Same-sex Marriage

Sartre and existentialism

Satanism - a silly cult

Saturday is the Real Sabbath

Saying we should believe in hell for we cannot trust Jesus if we don't

Science and Religion - the Differences

Science is the anti-faith

Scribes and Pharisees as term of abuse

Secular education

Secular Humanism

Secularisation - we must all advance it

Secularism is a fundamental human right

Secularism is inherently implied criticism of religion

Sedevacantism - denying that the Catholic pope is real pope

See that you are not a sinner

Self-deception - the toxic power of lying to yourself

Self-deception is insincere - there has to be a gut instinct

Self-evident truth and reason

Self-gratitude - be grateful to yourself first and foremost

Selflessness as a principle turns choosing happiness into sin

Setting the Sermon on the Mount against Jewish law is wrong

Seven Deadly Sins

Sex outside Marriage is not a Sin

Sharing in the evil of religious faith and the harm it does

Should I get baby baptised? No!

Should LGBT+ call for religion to be tolerant of it or reject religion?

Show the oppressive God belief the door!

Shroud makes out Jesus was buried alive!

Shun confession to a priest

Silly Messages of Medjugorje

Simon Magus rivalled Jesus - and unlike him had independent testimony

Sims useless approach to religious mania

Sinners forbidden to be good!

Sirach is a false scripture

Situation ethics

Situation ethics abuses the Bible to make its case

Sixtus V, the Infallible Pope who re-wrote Bible

Skilled interpreters of the Bible know its teaching is anti-gay

Smith's discarded scripture, Book of Commandments refutes his prophethood

Smiths magic glasses were not reliable enough to translate Book of Mormon

So-called good is really just necessary evil

Sodom Gomorrah - the sin of gay sex?

Solar miracle at Fatima or solar phenomenon?

Somatoparaphrenia - its behind the notion that you are a spiritual soul

Some excellent quotes from Robinson's An Atheist's Values

Some God arguments refuted

Some lies told by the Catholic faith

Some New Testament books are forgeries

Some of Jesus Mythicist Earl Doherty's thoughts

Some religions oppose the not all bad line of thinking

Some things Christians are hypocritical about

Some thoughts from Lindsay's book, Everybody is wrong about God

Something being good is not enough for religion

Soul - a body hating and dehumanising religious fairytale

Spinoza spindoctors the command to love God

Spiritual and verbal inspiration of scriptures such as the Bible

Spontaneous Remission of serious disease

St Augustine of Hippo condoned god evil

St Bernadette of Lourdes and her visions

St Elizabeth of Hungary

St Mother Teresa - False Saint

St MotherTeresa of Calcutta defended a clerical sex abuser

St Saul - Skeleton Key to the Mystery of Jesus?

St Saul book, did Paul think he had a vision establishing the eucharist?

Start with suffering if you want to defend God

Stephen Hawking eliminates God

Stephen Hawking lays the god of the gaps habit to rest

Stigmata replicated? Dr Lechler

straightdope on Jesus and the Shroud

Strawman religion must be avoided - there is a way to test for real Christian belief

Strobel The Case for Christ Refuted

Strongest - good or evil?

Studies showing religion is a potential and actual mental problem

Suffering and the Sovereignity of God by John Piper

Suffering cannot be given a purpose by God

Suffering is random and thus comfort from God is no comfort

Suggestions on how to make the Turin Shroud image

Suicide and religion

Summary of an excellent atheist book An Atheist's Values

Systematic theology - reviewed

Systematic Theology book says you hate sinner and sin

Take responsibility for your beliefs

Tamesha Means a victim of the Catholic faith

Telling the difference between right and wrong

Test religion facebook page posts

Testimony to miracles is insufficient

Thanks to Lucia, Fatima became a legend

The abomination of desolation - Jesus or the Mass or both?

The alleged powers of the soul

The ally of the fanatic is worse or as bad

The apostle Paul didn't teach bodily resurrection of Jesus

The argument that you need a God to be grateful to

The atheist has the most mature approach to suffering

The author of John in tradition

The bare essentials of atheism

The best rules for the most happiness - rule utilitarianism

The Bible and the charisms and pentecostalism

The Bible blames God for Hell

The Bible claims to be verbally inspired by God, godbreathed

The Bible corrupts its own text and so is not God's word

The Bible God does not agree with himself - contradictions in scripture

The Bible is as Evil as Mein Kampf

The Bible was altered

The bishops who exposed the Turin Shroud as fake

The blood and gore of animal sacrifice in the Bible is still in force

The book Everybody is Wrong about God

The book of Leviticus on homosexuality

The brutal law of the Old Testament and the so-called gospel

The burial of Jesus is hearsay even if you go by the gospels

The case against Hitler being Christian

The Case for Easter, does it show us Jesus probably rose?

The Catholic Church is not Catholic

The Catholic priests ruined Ireland

The Christian doctrine of original sin is the original slur

The Christian lie that God loves the damned exposed

The Christian star attraction - Jesus is the only way to peace and God

The Church is called the flesh of Jesus not bread

The Church of Christ, Scientist

The Church on euthanasia - the hypocrisy

The claim that you have to believe in Hell if you believe in free will

The cynical act of baptising babies

The Dark Box by John Cornwell

The death of Jack the Ripper

The defending of blame - in a culture that hates being blamed

The desperation of the Churches to hide how Jesus said he was a sinner

The dishonesty of the Catholic priesthood

The disobedience of the vision of Medjugorje

The disturbing faith of the Catholics

The doctrine of the damned - it stirs religious hate

The doctrine that even God venerates the saints!

The doctrine that Jesus is the Torah, the evil Jewish law

The dying and living again Messiah could have been any number of people

The early Christian view that the general resurrection was past

The Enigma of Evil by John Weldon

The Enigma of Medjugorje 1999

The Epistles Indicate that the Gospels were NOT Published Early

The Eucharist Miracle Deception Lanciano

The Euthrypho Dilemma

The evil of marriage

The experience of evil is real even if evil is not

The fires of Hell are literal fires

The foundations for praying to Jesus in tradition are not solid

The Gerasenes Demoniac - Legion, Mark 5

The gospel of atheism - being fair

The gospel of atheism - don't expect too much

The gospel of atheism - gossip is a plague

The gospel of atheism - lying and stealing

The gospel of atheism - proper relationship of church and state

The gospel of atheism - the need for social regulation

The gospel of atheism - the value of education

The gospel of atheism - ways of being complicit in society's evil

The gospel of atheism and animal rights

The gospel of atheism on value on human life

The gospel of atheism, Only God you need is you!

The gospels were not published early or for general perusal

The hell doctrine forces people to hate

The Heresy of Infant Baptism

The Holy Mass is to blame for access to children by paedo priests

The honouring the saint is honouring God argument refuted

The idea that Catholicism grew more complex because of growing understanding

The idea that you only reject what you think the Church is

The Immaculate Conception

The importance of evidence and why probability not possibility is what counts

The Infallible Church is fallible!

The insincerity of the pope

The irritating argument that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality

The its a matter of interpretation excuse for violent scriptures

The Koran condemns homosexuality

The Koran is not inspired by any God

The Lanciano Legend - there is no history behind alleged miracle

The late date of the First Gospel, Mark

The law of Moses

The letter of Jude advocates hate

The Liar Lunatic and Lord trilemma

The lies about the 1917 visions of Mary at Fatima

The link between boredom and religious extremism

The Making of a Modern Exorcist

The Medjugorje Deception by E Michael Jones

The millennium in the Bible

The Moses story lacks credibility

The motive that led to the formation of Christianity - antisemitism!

The myth of Peter and Paul's martyrdoms

The need for litigation against the Church

The New Mormon Challenge - review

The New Mormon Challenge book challenges the Mormon "God"

The notion of damned children in Hell

The notion of one God being harsh and having a merciful rival

The Olympic Park Bomber was driven by faith

The papal schism over Urban VI proves Catholicism a false religion

The Perils of Prayer

The pollen on the Turin Shroud

The pope changes catechism to ban capital punishment

The pope is not a true friend of the family

The popes have been wilful liars??

The possibility of demons having supported Jesus' display of magical power

The pressure put on the Christian martyrs by faith

The problem of how to be grounded in nature so you can recognise a miracle

The Problem Of Right Conduct and applied ethics

The Queen said the Holy See helped bring peace to Ireland!

The question of the problem of good and problem of evil? Which one matters most?

The Qur'an denies its Messiah was crucified

The real attraction for faith in God is how its an avenue for narcissism

The real foundation of Catholicism is a fanciful interpretation of John 3:5

The Reformed Doctrine of Unconditional Election

The religious label and the trouble it brings

The resurrection of Jesus is mere speculation not a belief

The resurrection of Jesus was a ruse

The Revelations of St Elizabeth are revealing yes!

The Rich Man & Lazarus Story

The Righteous Mind by J Haidt - Review

The Ripper's manual was the Bible!

The Satanic Bible by Anton La Vey

The secret of religion is the fallacy of misreading causation

The secular state will struggle with religious conscience clauses

The sin heresy - sin is heresy in psychology

The Spiritual Barrier - the Mass has to be spiritually ineffective

The suspect in the Knock Apparition Hoax - Cavanagh

The terrible argument that natural evil is irrelevant to the God question

The tradition of praying to Jesus is an invention

The trolley problem - does it show morality is just a prejudice?

The truth about the evil Hindu God Krishna

The Truth About The Gita – by Narla, Review

The Vatican Embassies - shut them down!

The Vindictive Side of the Catholic Mass

The vision of Medjugorje cannot teach credible religion

The war between secularism and religion is mainly a cold war

The wealth of the visionaries of Medjugorje

The worship of God is really just hiding self-interest

Theism - Bad for Mental and Emotional Health

Theodicies - excuses for divine neglect examined one by one

Theologian argues for God and the soul

Theology of the Inquisition, it had to happen

Theology responds to Logical Positivism

Theorising about evil having an answer if there is a God is cruel

Theoterrorism - all religion has this trait

There are two essential theodicies - reasons why God should let evil happen

There can't be two rival gods

There is a God by Antony Flew

There is no evidence for God, God will not give us gift of evidence!

There is no God - be your own God

There is no natural evil if there is a God!

There is no need for sex to be limited to marriage

There is no real case for trusting the New Testament

There never was one Church

Things that are nice to believe

Thinking about homophobia

Thinking about miracles

Thomas fails to witness to Jesus being risen

Those in Heaven enjoy the suffering of those in Hell

Those who say Vatican II popes are not popes

Thoughts about Jesus' prophecy of the end of the Temple

Thoughts on abortion

Thoughts on evil being absence of good

Thoughts on existentialism

Thoughts on the ontological argument

Threats to self-esteem and its healthiness

Three persons in one God - its a contradiction

Ticking Catholic in the census

Time the healer? Is time's power overrated?

Timothy Keller, Christian warns about the dangers of identity

To be religious is to be prejudiced

To refute Ian Wilson is to refute the Shroud of Turin

Today Christian supporters of religious murder

Tolerance has a bad side

Top theologians show Christian teaching on free will is nonsense

Top thinkers and theologians on the subject of miracles

Toxic faith and religious addiction

Toxic Faith book, non-toxic faith?

Toxic faith book, overview of the toxic faith structure

Tract on Religious mystery and paradox

Transgenderism and autism

Transgenderism and narcissism

Transubstantiation is it possible even if it does not happen?

True age of the Turin Shroud

True believer syndrome

Truth about modern bibles

Trypho denies the existence of Jesus

Turek Stealing from God - a review

Turin Shroud and crown of thorns

Turin Shroud contradicts New Testament data

Turin Shroud if true means resurrection of Jesus is untrue

Turin Shroud is confirmed as fake

Turin Shroud is not a Miracle

Turin Shroud is not Jesus' winding sheet at all

Two forms of religious mystery outlined plus their perfidy

Two Lourdes Miracles

Ulterior motive for faith in God

Ultimate truth - the theorems of atheistic humanism

Unbaptised babies banned from Heaven

Unceasing punishment in Hell is in the Bible

Unceasing torment in Hell is a Cruel Lie!

Unpacking the "not all bad" statement on religion

Unpacking the things people say

Untestable beliefs lead to oppression

Use Occam's Razor against miracle claims

Use satire to change the minds of the religious

Using a religious crutch is bad

Using control beliefs to manipulate people into "control faith"

Using prayer to force God to do your will

Using reason correctly means protecting yourself correctly

Using the good fruits test of Jesus

Veneration of the saints is unbiblical

Venial sin - does it make sense?

Venial sin doctrine is hypocrisy

Verbal scriptural inspiration was part of Jesus' culture

Verbally Inspired Bible

Virtue of Scepticism

Visions on Demand Video exposes Medjugorje fraud

Walter McCrone says Turin Shroud is a painting

Was Christianity set off by death cult cranks?

Was Constance Lamerliere the La Salette Virgin?

Was Elizabeth Stride really a Ripper Victim?

Was Empty Tomb of Jesus a Legend

Was God head of state in Israel?

Was it a ghost story about Jesus that started the resurrection tale?

Was it drink that started the Knock apparition fuss?

Was Jesus' burial a hoax?

Was Jesus buried in the first place?

Was Jesus rescued from the tomb? Was he buried alive?

Was the Archdeacon behind a pious fraud at Knock?

Was the blood picture on the Turin Shroud printed on?

Was the Resurrection a Legend?

Was there a tomb for Jesus to be buried in or is that a lie?

Was there an impostor at La Salette pretending to be Mary?

Water baptism is not taught in John 3

Water is not the sole meaning of baptism in the Bible

We all have faith, so what do we need miracles for?

Were Jesus' miracles myths?

Were Peter and Paul enemies?

Western Schism shows papacy is not from God or approved by him

What about baptising children into both Protestant and Catholic Church?

What are Affirmations

What baptism of the dead says about baby baptism

What decree do we count from for the 70 weeks prediction?

What does the Bible say about the afterlife?

What does the New Testament mean by baptised?

What I Believe by Anthony Kenny

What I posted to Equality Commission against Ashers Bakery

What if an atheist sees evil as unreal or a lack?

What is altruism?

What is being pro-choice?

What is Free Will?

What is logical positivism?

What is meant by hellfire? God's love? A real fire?

What is off-putting in faith in God and its supposed healthiness

What is part of the Christian attraction?

What is sin?

What is wrong with being a member of a dodgy or erring religion?

What kind of man was the Ripper?

What the Church says about the time there were two rival popes

Whats wrong about Purgatory?

When capital punishment is euthanasia

When Christians revere the stoning texts of the Bible

When faith and religion are toxic

When it looks like baptism has an occult effect on child

When Jesus told his listeners they would see him return in glory

When religion does science itself but silences it if does not like what it says

When religious dogma is put before people

When religious faith becomes toxic

When sin or evil or immorality is seen as nearly good

When the Church turns romance into a sort of sin

When the worship of God is just selfish

When to forgive is to judge

Why assume psychological egoism is true?

Why at most it was a deceiving occult spirit that Bernadette saw at Lourdes

Why Care what Others Believe

Why choice and pride are inseparable

Why Christianity is Useless

Why did Paul not know of Jesus' basic teaching?

Why did the demons evangelise for Jesus?

Why did the gospel writers not want us to know who they were?

Why do people lie that religion is good?

Why do we have to hate the sin? Can't God just forgive to save us the trouble?

Why do we judge and condemn wrongdoing?

Why does Paul never distinguish Jesus from a myth?

Why even if saints should not be idols we will make them ones

Why free will cannot be celebrated!

Why I would not serve God

Why is hate a sin?

Why is Hell everlasting?

Why is the eternal Hell doctrine almost a staple in the religious menu?

Why it is bad to believe in revelation

Why it is inhuman to condone God's often cruel plan

Why Jesus never existed

Why Josephus did not write a testament about Jesus

Why leave the Roman Catholic Church?

Why Miracles cannot be believed even if they do happen

Why oppose ALL religion

Why Papal Infallibility is a Hoax

Why prayer offends against decency

Why religious freedom is no excuse for denying recognition to a same sex marriage

Why some try to make out Jesus' two big commands disagree

Why stay away from Mass!

Why the idea of god's grace leads to discrimination or should

Why the religious crutch is bad and risky

Why the Virgin Mary would not be a mass goer

Why theologians need to stop pontificating on medicine and law to declare Jesus dead

Why there is danger and irresponsibility in the afterlife doctrine

Why transmen/transwomen references risk abusing people

Why Turin Shroud could be a painting

Why you should ask the record of your parish to remove you?

Why you would expect determinists to be nice!

Wicca and Witchcraft

Wicca the real story about its origins

Will determinism, the denial of free will, destroy morality?

Witches - the Old Religion?

With religious belief comes responsibility

Witnesses to Book of Mormon Examined

World Upside Down - book review

Worship of God is worship of his inventors by proxy!

Would Jesus have been buried in Nazareth?

Wounds depicted on Shroud contradict the gospels

You cannot choose Catholicism for your baby at baptism

You cannot derive an ought from an is

You cannot separate sin and sinner

You don't feel your free will!

You have a will but it is not free in the religious sense

You just need to see your worth

You only assume a miracle witness is right

Zanic letter against the Medjugorje scam

Zanic Sermon against the Medjugorje visions scam