Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?



In the Old Testament, Babylon gets savage condemnation from God.  Babylon was not all bad. Cyrus was a good man. So how do we explain it being made a byword for demonic evil?  The answer is that evil is crafty and hides its true self. 

The Bible warns about a religion based Empire called Babylon. The whore of Babylon features in the last book of the Bible, Revelation.

The Book of Revelation speaks of the Great Whore, a religion of outward appearances that carries a chalice and wears the Catholic colours of red and purple who sits on the seven hills of Rome and fools the world. She boasts she is not a widow meaning she claims to be the bride of Christ.

Some Christians believe that Roman Catholicism is Satan's prize counterfeit. They think it is a trick to make people think they are made holy by God when in fact they are not so that they will be eternally damned if they die without leaving the Church.  The Bible speaks of Roman Catholicism as the whore and virtually calls it antichrist.

The Catholics prefer to hold that it is Jerusalem that is the whore. The whore is all over the earth meaning that if the Catholics are right, all Jews are part of the whore. But the Jews were no better or worse than any other race. Today most Catholics fail the standards of their own religion. Back then most Jews would have tried to be faithful to their religion. Either way, you cannot cite the seeming decency of most Jews or most Catholics as evidence that they are not part of the whore.
Judaism does not claim that sin deserves everlasting torment and that religious crimes are the worst sins. Catholicism does. Thus if you believe in it you make yourself a huge sinner when you transgress. It would be easy to be part of the whore.
The objection that the Roman Church is a Christian Church or at least is Christian enough not to be the whore fails because the Church has no evidence from scripture that scripture is to be interpreted in the light of Roman Catholic tradition so the Church puts herself above the divine authority of the scriptures meaning it is not Christian for to be Christian you have to accept the divine authority properly. A wife who thinks she is being a wife when she cheats on her husband with her lover is not being a wife at all for she has broken the authority her husband received over her on her wedding day. In the same way Roman Catholicism is not a Christian communion.
The Samaritans were a schismatic branch of Judaism and were very similar in doctrine and practice to their mother faith Judaism. Jesus Christ told a Samaritan woman that the Samaritans worship what they do not know while the Jews do know so that the Samaritans were not real worshippers of God despite all the praying and rites they did (John 4:22,23). Jesus was doctrinally rigid.
There is nothing in the prophecies in Revelation that conflicts with the nature and deeds of the Roman Church so it has to be her that is meant. A rational God would not give a prediction that confuses (1 Corinthians 14:33). Let those Christian books that say that the Church of Rome is the number one suspect stop saying it for it is the only suspect. Catholicism must be the harlot when God wants us to think that she is.
Some object that the whore rules over the kings of the earth and there are no kings now. But kings just stand for rulers or presidents. In many parts of the world there were tribal chiefs and not kings so the term king described them too for they were kings in a way.
Catholicism, the Bible tells us, is the harlot and the mother of all harlots Ė fellowships that prefer her to God. So she has other harlots who are her daughters but she is the worst. She was the first harlot so she is an old Church not a new one. That is why those who hope Revelation predicts the coming of a false Church that is not here yet are wrong. We must remember that Revelation calls the whore a harlot. That word would be a more accurate translation than whore. Harlot means religious prostitute or a temple prostitute. The whore is undoubtedly a religion. Harlot would be a suitable symbol for a Christian Church that apostatised or abandoned the faith than for the paganism of Rome which was not marked by any unusual sexual profligacy.
Revelation speaks of one whore not many for the whore is distinguished from her harlot daughters (17:5). The harlots are not the prostitutes we see on the street. Since the whore is an organisation it follows that her daughters are organisations too. Many of the Protestant Churches are getting closer to Catholic theology and becoming her daughters. This is why the Ecumenical Movement is seen to be a major means of the whore fooling the world.
Paul taught that our sins were transferred to Christ's account enabling us to be made as if we never sinned before God and each other. One reason for this was to deliver people from the burden of keeping the Law to get right with God and saved and from the tendency to self-righteousness this burden caused. This idea seeks to avoid the hypocrisy of love the sinner and hate the sin. Catholicism says that no transfer takes place but orders us to love the sinner but to detest and hate the sin. This is really hating the sinner. The sin is not an entity, the person is the entity. Roman Catholicism is based on a hypocritical lie and on the pretence that hating the sinful character of a person is not hating the person. It is pretending that your personal feelings about being sin or hurt by a person are not for the person. This lie is so basic and important that it proves that all Rome's virtues are fake and its God is a liar.
The whore uses beautiful things and she looks beautiful and has the best purple and scarlet clothing. A whore charms people to seduce them and make them think it is good to be with her. It is foolish then for Christians to argue that Catholicism is not the whore for it seems so nice and Christian for the Bible plainly indicates that looking nice and caring can be a deception for Satan and his ministers make sure they look kindly and attract people with Satan preferring to appear not as a demon but as an angel of God. The whore has to fool the world so she has to turn a sweet face to the world but behind everybodyís back when she is sure she has covered her tracks she shows her true colours. The evil of the pope and the bishops who have covered up years of child sex abuse carried out by priests, nuns and monks in a scheme to discourage the victims from speaking out so that the abuse could continue and it would be too long to try and get compensation out of the Church is just something like the evil system pictured as the whore in Revelation would do. Pagan Rome was hated and did anything but charm the world with its pastime of crucifixion and suppression so the whore is some organisation based in Rome that came after pagan Rome.
The Catholic Church has archives full of tales about how demons have sex with Catholics and try to seduce priests and nuns and monks. And there are thousands of Catholics who are touched by demons and often possessed according to Catholic experts. The Bible says that if you are really born of God and a child of God you cannot get into the habit of sin and the evil one does not touch you - 1 John 5:18. Hapto is the word translated touch. Hapto means to grab or grasp as in being kidnapped. It is believed however that the many demonised people who Jesus helped would have included spiritual people who were connected to God and were real disciples. An example could be Luke 13:10-16. But nothing in the Bible indicates that a child of God can be possessed. Demonisation is being bothered by demons but is not possession. A child of God in the Bible is a person who is saved by God and that good works and sacraments cannot save anyone. So a person being possessed no matter how holy they seemed to be is proof that they are not really children of God. Catholicism's doctrine that being baptised makes you a child of God is anti-scriptural and dangerous. It gives false security to the Catholic and opens the way for demons to come in.
The Book of Revelation sees the whore as an occult power that uses witchcraft to fool the nations Ė so she evidently seems nicer than she really is. In 18:23 it reads ďby your magic spells and poisonous charm all nations were led astrayĒ. This tells us the reason the whore can be behind everything evil, it has magical powers with which to delude the world. Some believe the Church is behind everything evil in the sense that it works with the Devil and increases his power and influence in the world. This is true too of the whore as described in Revelation but it also has occult power. The whore would naturally do all it could to deceive people all over the world so that they think they are in touch with God while it is the Devil who they are really in touch with. The whore would have to be the largest religion in the world to do this. The evil it does lives on after it is done and infects other religions and pollutes the rulers of the world forever which is how it has so much power to do evil. This indicates then that the whore has been the whore for a long time. It would need to have been in order to defile the world meaning nearly everybody has tasted and been polluted by its power. Jesus said we must expect him back at any moment therefore he is telling us that Catholicism is the whore and has been for a long long time.
Read the verse again. It says the whore is charming. So is the Roman Church and the pope certainly fools people with his smiles and his lies and gets respect despite the fact that the evidence that he is really the infallible head of the Church is so bad and at best ambiguous that he must have deliberately stolen his office. The charm that beguiles the world indicates that the Church pretends to be nice but does lots of evil behind the scenes and gets away with it. The excessive cruelty in Church institutions and priests raping children would be the tip of the iceberg if that is true.
Only the Catholic Church could be the whore. Its doctrines alone would be enough to prove it. Itís paganism and lies and magic tricks with miracles and priests make it the modern day manifestation of ancient Babylon with its paganism and corruption.
Babylon has to give us a god who is not the true God. Catholicism does that with the communion bread believed to be Jesus Christ. Babylon has to give us many gods. Catholicism does that for the saints are more powerful than God. God is their subject because they influence God which means they are stronger. Nothing can influence an all-wise and all-powerful perfect being unless it is wiser and more powerful than it. The Church says it believes in salvation by the blood of Jesus. But its Jesus has little value compared with the saints so his blood cannot save. Babylon has to prevent the word of God speaking for itself. Roman Catholicism does that with its doctrine that the pope and the Church and tradition are the interpretators of scripture. It is an interpretation that is believed in not the scriptures for interpretations are like clouds in front of the moon.
The Catholic Church seeks guidance from angels and saints in prayer. It also agrees with people meeting up with saints in visions. There is no biblical warrant for accepting messages from the dead. It is spiritualism. The Roman Church is an occult sect.  It will say that the beings are holy and love God and are sent from God but spiritualists say the same about the beings they encounter. The God of Rome is worse than the Devil because he causes sin for he prevented Mary from ever sinning and will not grant the rest of us the same favour. Nearly every Roman Catholic doctrine implies that God is Satan and worse for Satan tempts but God goes a step further! Revelation ends with a warning that nobody has the right to change a single word in it because it contains warnings for tough times in the future when the Church has to deal with the coming of the whore and all that. It curses anybody that tries to tamper. Pope Sixtus V produced a messy Bible and ordered the whole Church to accept it on pain of excommunication. Can a Protestant see this as coincidence?
We know that the saints Catholicism prays to are really pagan gods and they deny that God is really supreme or really God.
The Virgin Mary is the goddess in Catholicism that corresponds to the goddess Semiramus in Babylon. Her Jesus is the Nimrod of Babylon for he is an idol for the Church worships a wafer as Jesus and cannot honour God because it cannot cleanse from sin.
We know that Jesus Christ was not God so the Jesus the Church adores as God the Son is a mocking idol of Jesus. The Church then offers one of the other Jesuses the apostle Paul warned us about that couldnít save.
We know that the Church says it can make babies children of God and wash their souls of sin by baptism which contradicts the Bible. The result is that the Church consists of fake children of God and is a fake Christian Church.
The Catholic Church teaches lots of untrue doctrines. It has Catholics taking fake forgiveness of sins from priests who cannot forgive sins. The book, By Faith Alone, RC Sproul, (Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1995) proves that Protestantism is true Christianity because it teaches that salvation is by faith alone without sacraments which contradicts the Catholic view that you need sacraments. The Church of Rome objects that this means that you are your own Church. This is hypocrisy for they know that the Bible advises a Christian to join a Church but doesnít however state that it is necessary for salvation or a sin not to bother.  The Christian is put into a family when he converts and is expected to join a Church that teaches the Bible for fellowship and the Christian if he loves God will not be his own Church but will obey the voice of God in the Bible. Even the Church of Rome teaches that the sacraments are no good unless you open your heart up to God for salvation so if this is not being your own Church they should not be saying Protestants are guilty of that for there is no difference.
The Catholic Church keeps people away from God just as much as God says idolatry does.
The Church corrupts people by making them depend on sacraments that do not work to make them better people. . A faith that fails to do more good than bad with its powers is to blame for anything evil that its people do. But there is nothing a good Catholic does that cannot be explained by just the goodness in human nature. The Church commands people to go to Mass and to pay money to the priests when it should be commanding people as strongly to help the poor. It has put these rules into its well-known commandments of the Church. It condemns somebody who prefers to help the poor on a Sunday than go to Mass as a grave sinner.
We know that the communion bread and wine that Rome worships is not Jesus Christ. So Roman Catholicism commits the greatest sin of all according to the Bible, idolatry. Rome says that it worships Jesus in the Eucharist but that is not the point. If the Eucharist is not Jesus then it is bread and wine that are adored. Rome lies knowing fine well that the Law of Moses forbade the worship of images of God such as the golden calf. Nobody adores a statue just because it is a statue but because it is thought to be a link to the God but Rome goes further by claiming that the wafer is Jesus.
We know that the Roman Church opposes the gospel of salvation by faith alone which is the Bible gospel. The Bible says that you are saved by faith and that is not of yourself and isnít your work so that you cannot boast and you are chosen to do good works (Ephesians 2:8,10). Catholics claim that faith is not infused by God like this and isnít enough to mark you out as saved Ė you need to make your own input so you can boast.
The Church arbitrarily distinguishes between sin that does not deserve an eternity in Hell and sin that does which contradicts reason and the Bible which say all does and means people are dying in sin they think will not take them to Hell which actually does. Thus the Church prepares people for death who are not prepared to meet God at all though they think they are.

The Church says that you never know 100% that you are saved from Hell. Even if you are on your deathbed and know 100% that there is a Heaven you cannot be as sure that you will get in one day. The Church says that in Hell you cannot help yourself. If you go to Purgatory you cannot help yourself either. You just have to suffer there until you are considered pure enough for Heaven. And the Church is clear that the pains of purgatory and the sense that you are not with God all match the torments and loneliness of Hell. And you could be in purgatory a long time. What if purgatory is a scam for getting you into Hell and keeping you there? What if it is Hell you end up in and you think you are in purgatory?
The Catholic Church held more Jubilee years when it was having money difficulties to attract more tourists to Rome to get and indulgence, a remission of the punishment for sin, itís a gospel that can be used commercially (page 38, By Faith Alone).
The ideal in Catholicism is to obey the pope without question as the Vicar of Christ. We canít see if Jesus gets any benefit from this so this is no different at all from the pope actually claiming to be God or Jesus. Practically, where it counts there is no difference.
There are countless other reasons why the Catholic Church is not the Church of Christ but a counterfeit.
If Catholicism is not the whore then the Book of Revelation is not divinely inspired for it is full of useless predictions about a universal whore Church that nobody can make sense of. But the book says it can be understood for how could we be blessed in learning what it says (Revelation 1:3) when we cannot understand it to learn?
The whore will fool the world so she must make herself appear loving and caring above all other organisations so her charity work and spirituality will seem to be outstanding but are really part of her kiss of death. The prophecy is no good if it will be fulfilled privately or in a way that nobody can see easily. Therefore only those who are not superficial and who take Godís word for it will see the whore for what she is and only because of what God says for there are many whores. Revelation identifies the whore and says she is a whore no matter how beautiful and attractive she makes herself.

If the Roman Church is not the whore, it does not mean it's priesthood and hierarchy could be what is meant by the whore.
If Catholicism in general is not a cult, the priesthood certainly is. When men believe the same things and seem brainwashed and extreme they are cult victims and perpetrators of cultism.
Any religion acting the same as the priesthood is presumed to be a cult so it is only fair to see the priesthood as a cult.
You may think that the evidence on this page fits the priesthood better than the general Church.
The priesthood is considered by many to be the Church. It could be the full manifestation of the whore. It could be her in her true form.
Catholicism teaches that not all Catholics are connected the same to the Church. It depends on your level of faith and obedience. So the Catholic Church could be the whore without an individual Catholic being any meaningful part of the whore. 

It does not matter how Christian a religion seems to be if it is not Christian in substance. Catholicism is not real Christianity.