Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?

Patrick H

Theodicy? Its a fancy word for making excuses for God's lack of compassion for suffering and evil

Reasons why God may let evil happen refuted one by one
Problem evil and suffering are inexcusable if something lets them happen. So how can we say there is a an all-good God behind it all?
A suggested answer is called a theodicy,
All the answers and why they are excuses not answers.
Two answers are basic.
One is that we have free will and God is right to give us free will and it is all our responsibility not his if we do harm and do wrong.
The other is that evil describes an abuse of good not a thing so God does not create evil as such.
The replies are that nobody thinks of free will as being complete control of your will. All science agrees that there is a framework that limits what we choose. Our choice is only a choice up to a point.
The second answer is irrelvent for if God gave us free will to choose love of our own violtion then the programming comes from him so he is abusing his own will by prompting us to sin.
The idea that Satan has godlike power and fell from God and he is to blme for evil and actually makes evil dieaes is totally plausible if there is a God but nobody wants to accuse him. No evil is weaponised as an excuse for condemning human beings!
Here are the other proposed answers.
“God cannot do endless miracles to protect us from serious harm and temptation. Life cannot function.” Is the way it is any better? No. Letting somebody burn to death in an accident is not preferable to putting a force field around that person.

“We need training and discipline and suffering is useful for that.” Those who need it most don’t get it.
“We cannot get the chance to be good and compassionate and fair unless people do wrong.” So it is good for others to go wrong so I can act good?
“Without suffering we cannot know what happiness is.” God does. Don’t aborted babies who supposedly knew no pain go to Heaven according to some to be happy forever?
“God is right to hurt us as long as he makes it up to us later.” That is how abusers think. It is very dismissive of the suffering of others and what right have you to comment on their suffering like that?
“God allows suffering for a greater material good. Plagues, for example, urge science to cure diseases. Famine leads to people taking better care in the future.” That is mercenatry. It puts you on the level of the person waiting for their parents to die so they can inherit all the money.
“Suffering and our weakness in the face of temptation are God’s way of getting back at us for sinning. They are punishment.” It is odd how God cannot tease you to sin when he can do other things for a good enough reason. It sounds like a lie. Your best hope is to make out it is a punishment. God is trying to trip us up.
“God allows evil and suffering to warn us about the horrors and ugliness of sin. They tell us what will happen if we will continue to sin and give bad example.” So we should crucify people to show that crime does not pay.
“God lets us sin and suffer to teach us the lesson that we cannot do without him and to teach us what love is. God wants us to love him alone and others just for him so that is the only lesson that suffering can be meant to teach us”. The more you sin the more you suffer for the more you have to learn. This is untrue for sinners are often better off than anybody else. Suffering would not last long if it were for making us realise things for God has the power to influence our thoughts.
“Evil does not exist – it is an illusion. When an all-powerful God of love exists evil cannot exist”. Compassion then is a greater evil than suffering for we should simply see that evil is false.
“There is no limit to the level of goodness that we can obtain. For example, if we suffer a countless million centuries to save some person from eternal torment we can suffer more and more than that and more than that and so on and on forever. We will always be imperfect for God alone is infinitely or fully perfect. God cannot stop us from sinning or suffering for it is logically impossible for him to make us literally perfect. Better some evil than no evil.”

If my dog is in the peak of his health and safe, how can I say that I am doing something better for him if I injure him in some way?

This theodicy will not be inspirational to people who wish to do good but to people who wish to do evil.

“Evil is good when God does it. When God hurts an innocent child for nothing it is good. God’s goodness is infinite so his goodness is different to what correct reason sees as goodness. Praised be the Lord!”

This is what religion has got to believe if it wants to believe in God in spite of the injustice he has thrust upon the world and lets happen. A process of elimination shows that the religionists do not really believe their own excuses for divine evil. It shows what they are really getting at whether they realise it or not. They won’t want to learn. It is contrarianism on acid.
What we think of evil says something about us. Maybe God is not the problem so much after all??