Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?



Spontaneous Remission. An Annotated Bibliography
, C. Hirshberg, B. O'Reagan, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, CA, 1993

Table of Contents
Introduction: Pages 1-52
Chapter 1: Pages 53-58 - Remission of Neoplasms of Lip, Oral Cavity, and Pharynx
Chapter 2: Pages 59-92 - Remission of Neoplasms of Digestive Organs and Peritoneum
Chapter 3: Pages 93-111 - Remission of Neoplasms of Respiratory and Intrathoracic Organs
Chapter 4: Pages 112-142 - Remission of Neoplasms of Bone, Connective Tissue, and Soft Tissue
Chapter 5: Pages 143-166 - Remission of Neoplasms of the Female Breast
Chapter 6: Pages 167-197 - Remission of Neoplasms of the Skin
Chapter 7: Pages 198-219 - Remission of Neuroblastoma
Chapter 8: Pages 220-288 - Remission of Neoplasms of Genitourinary Organs
Chapter 9: Pages 289-309 - Remission of Neoplasms of the Eye, Brain, Nervous System, and Endocrine Glands
Chapter 10: Pages 310-348 - Remission of Neoplasms of Lymphatic and Hematopoietic Tissue
Chapter 11: Pages 349-379 - Remission of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
Chapter 12: Pages 380-408 - Remission of Endocrine, Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases, and Immunity Disorders
Chapter 13: Pages 409-440 - Remission of Diseases of the Circulatory System, Blood, and Blood Forming Organs
Chapter 14: Pages 441-454 - Remission of Nervous System, Sense Organs, and Mental Disorders
Chapter 15: Pages 455-460 - Remission of Respiratory System Diseases
Chapter 16: Pages 461-475 - Remission of Digestive System Diseases
Chapter 17: Pages 476-487 - Remission of Genitourinary System, and Pregnancy and Childbirth Related Disorders
Chapter 18: Pages 488-495 - Remission of Diseases of the Skin, Subcutaneous Tissue, Musculoskeletal System, and Connective Tissue
Chapter 19: Pages 496-502 - Remission of Injury Related Disorders
Appendix One: Pages 503-530 - Review Articles
Appendix Two: Pages 531-558 - Behavioral Aspects of Remission
Appendix Three: Pages 559-576 - Clinical and Experimental Studies
Appendix Four: Pages 577-646 - Infection Related Remission
Addendum: Pages 647-674
Index: Pages 675-694
Author Index: Pages 695-703
Journal Index: Pages 704-713