Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?

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Today’s thoughts determine tomorrow’s emotions. Change the way you think and you will be happier. Try to feel that the best will always happen for at least if the worst happens there will have been less pain.
All evil actions are caused by bad logic and bad logic attracts disordered feelings which cause more bad logic and therefore more disorders. Therefore you cannot know any person until you hear from them what they believe and why they believe it. That is the only way you will know if they are really good or can be. Society forces people to live in a fairly considerate way but are their motives good? If society were devoted to good logic and the perception that atheism is love, that would enable you to answer this in the affirmative with more certainty for these have healing powers. That is why the world has to move towards one Humanist style belief system united as one family. We know we have a right to be surrounded by sincere and genuine people and that
is the only way towards implementing that fundamental right.

When you are shy remember that the other person is more often than not just as scared as you. They may hide it under a façade of self-confidence but they are still nervous.

When you are unhappy face up to what the real problem is. If it is not found then no solution will work. For example, undergoing plastic surgery to look more beautiful will not help the person who hates being ugly if the problem is that the person thinks he or she is unlovable the way he or she was. He or she has to see that the sense of being unlovable is only a maladjustment and the real problem.

Many so-called ugly people have gorgeous partners. They are beautiful to the partners. Accept your looks whatever they are. Looks really are not everything. A beautiful person who is evil is still unattractive.

I am most sure of my own existence. I am not so sure that other people exist. I am even less sure that when they do bad they meant to do it. What is most convincing comes first so I must put their being persons deserving of respect before punishing them for doing wrong. That is to say, I must hate nobody. Hatred is unnatural and a perversion. I have to feel something for them so let it be love and compassion rather than anger. These considerations will promote peace and reconciliation and make anger melt away for I know there is no point in being angry when something is just the way things are. To be angry with what you cannot change is abnormal. Some say hate that is turned into determination to upset your enemies by becoming one of life’s winners is good but it is not for it is being a slave to what others, in this case: enemies, think.

See all you are told and learn from other people as information that you can learn from and that way you will be able to show an interest in what other people say and they will love you for that and that will help you love yourself.

When criticised see your fault as something the other person wants you to change for your own good for you simply cannot change unless you see the good in it. Remember that the other person has faults too but in different ways and also that he or she knows it. We may behave in different ways but inside our hearts we are all exactly the same and there is no difference. When anyone criticises you too harshly and even if it turns out they are right remember that they are criticising you as they see you not as you are. It is the image they have created of you that they condemn and in condemning you they condemn themselves for they created the image. It was only luck that made them spot on about you so do not worry and let nothing hammer your self-confidence. The perception that they criticise themselves and hurt themselves with a mental picture will build a gentler world.

When you are ill see it as an opportunity to learn to be patient with others and by learning to help yourself you can help them. Sickness gives others a chance to show the goodness in human nature. Sometimes you can be better off being physically sick for you can be uplifted by this kindness than being mentally sick with cynicism.

There are no cowards. The coward is brave enough to suffer for doing the wrong thing. The coward must recognise her or his strength and use this gift to do the right thing.

Generosity is bad news! Generosity implies that you do not deserve what the generous person gave you. There is no such thing as generosity for since we have no free will we deserve all the good things we get. But we can be glad that somebody went out of their way to be good to us for they didn’t have to. The idea of a generous God who gives us grace, grace is love and is a free gift from God that we do not deserve, has to go!

Do not fear having unpleasant feelings for that gives you many of them. See these feelings as an invitation to a challenge. The challenge is to learn from them and overcome them and that will make their power over you much weaker.
It is recommended to keep a journal for your feelings in which you record what you have found when you examine your psyche and what you have learned about interacting with others and how you have succeeded. Do this in a positive way that is geared towards change for the better. When the feelings are seen less as a threat that will mean less bad feelings for you will not be as afraid of them and they will get tired of trying to capture your attention. You cannot control everything in your life but you can control how you respond to life. That is why nothing can really hurt you and you are perfectly safe.
Do not complain when a bill comes in the letterbox. The bill is a compliment to you and tells you that you are trusted to pay. It offers you the opportunity to get more good things in your life because when you pay it you can go back to the company for more.

When you treat yourself, remember to see the treat as telling yourself that you love yourself. Look in the mirror and try to feel this love for yourself. Hold this love in your heart and when somebody tries to upset you, you will not be upset because you love yourself and don’t want to hurt yourself by letting yourself feel bad. Doing this is better for your enemy too because that means you are less likely to get your own back. See what I mean about all love being really a form of self-love?   

Do not be passive when someone maltreats you. There is no need for aggression. Be assertive. Assertiveness will not get you what you want all the time but it will mean that you can say you tried and you will know you have really tried because assertiveness is the only way for one who really tries. You will survive disappointments with your pride intact.

When you fall into money, remember that you do not have anything to feel guilty about so rejoice. Without money you cannot help others. Money cannot buy happiness but you can use it to make you feel good about yourself.

Doing wrong is bad enough without believing in a God who is offended by what you do in addition to the people you hurt. That results in you meaning to do worse when you do wrong than you would if you thought there was no God.
God is a ruse. The purpose of the ruse is to make you think that the idea gives happiness and meaning and morality to your life but what it does is pervert you and hamper your progress. It is allowing others to dictate to you what you should get the sense of meaning and purpose in life from for God is invented by others and then you invent this God with them for yourself because they do it too. Only your own mind and logic can tell you how to get meaning and deliver what they promise because it is childish and undignified and risky to let others think for you. You have to think and feel for yourself and make your own decisions to grow in self-love. You have to make your own mistakes. Self-love comes with the feeling of responsibility. I am not contradicting the doctrine that there is no responsibility for I am talking about the feeling and recognition that programs you to behave as if you really and freely are to blame for what you do which is what responsibility as we call it really amounts to.
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Do not expect other people to treat you well and you will not be disappointed or as hurt if they treat you badly. This is more than just good advice: it makes sense not to expect people to respect you when there are forces outside of each and every one of us that determine what way we are going to behave. Expecting good behaviour from them is not going to make them deliver what you expect but it empowers them to hurt you terribly and when deprived of that power they will be less likely to harm you and you will be spared much pain if they do.

Where does trust come into all this? When you trust another you trust your own judgment of her or him and not her or him personally so you cannot trust another person. You trust your perception but you do not let yourself be shocked if your perception is proved wrong for it is just your perception. So you end up with all the advantages of you trusting them. It is easier to feel safer with others if you are a good person yourself who is happy to help others. A bad person cannot feel safe in the world because the person he or she knows best that is himself or herself is bad and that summons up the fear: “What if the people I deal with are as bad as me inside?”
When you cannot trust yourself to do right you cannot really trust other people even if you act as if you do so doing right is necessary for a good healthy self-image. You need to be happy with other people so you have to stop fearing them. Fear and mistrust are much the same thing so when you mistrust people or life it is because you have no faith in yourself. For example, if you say, “I will never work in an office again to go through all that bullying again,” what you are really saying is that you cannot trust yourself to find a nicer job in an office and succeed in being friends with your co-workers. This is another proof that loving and trusting yourself most of all is the solution to all problems and is best for other people too not loving your neighbour as yourself. Trying to love and trust your neighbour as yourself will result in two things, failure and fear.
Look on the good side of everything and everyone. The badness in a person is only a small part of them. The badness is really just warped goodness. To help a bad person change is an exciting challenge. There is nothing to fear- all sorrow ends sometime. Every evil can be turned into an advantage.
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The purpose of meditation is to gain inner peace. Many are into prayer for the same reason but that is an abuse of prayer which is supposed to be for opening yourself up to God so that you submit to his will for you be it bad or good. Prayer cannot be for inner peace when it demands that you consent to whatever torments God thinks you need. It is the meditation aspect of prayer that helps people not prayer itself.

Humanists will teach meditation and may charge for it when they are satisfactorily trained.

To have success the following guidelines must be adhered to. Meditation must help lift any sense of guilt for guilt is the opposite of inner tranquillity. To do that the free will hypothesis has to be demolished. The practitioner of meditation has to meditate on thoughts that help dispel the illusion that we have free will. Relaxing music will be playing slowly in the background and the practitioner will be in a position that prevents falling asleep. The lotus position is a time-honoured one. The obliteration of the free will millstone is the first step and it is indispensable and success will be decimated if the meditation does not start with it.

The next sessions must cover each of the Twelve Principles of Self-love or perhaps the Thirteenth Theorems in order. Each session could concentrate on one principle so that it will sink in best. Once the practitioner has grasped the principle and thought about how it applies to him or her the meditation session can begin. He or she picks out a line or phrase that encapsulates the principle and reminds him or her of it and uses that as a mantra while relaxing music or sounds are being played. Some people may prefer to have no music but to have some kind of visual stimulus. As long as the end of relaxation, joined by inner peace and a mind freed from clutter, is achieved it does not matter how it is done. The practitioner must not try to have no thoughts at all but to just observe what thoughts come into the head passively which produces a sensation of invulnerability and tranquillity. The lessons must also try to extract belief in God to free its victims from it for God has to decrease so that psychological balance may increase.

The objective is that the practitioner will learn from the lessons and be able to integrate meditation into her or his daily life and carry the peace in her or his heart all day every day afterwards. It is something that has to be maintained all the time to have far-reaching value and to combat stress. It is always the way people are made to feel good that attracts converts not the message. It is when they are made happy that the teaching starts to be significantly absorbed. That is why giving people a sense of well-being through the teaching is the only way to spread humanism.

A counselling service must be set up that helps people derive the best out of Humanism. Access to counsellors must be easy.
Try and use the same technique for getting into a meditative state all the time for then when you mind is used to it you will get into a peaceful dreamy state of mind far more easily and quickly.
Meditation is an activity that can give you everything that religion promises to meditate and abandon religion. Meditating daily for ten minutes in the morning and in the evening does wonders.
Use Zen Buddhist koans to raise your mind to a higher level of consciousness that makes you feel like you have reached Heaven and have nothing to fear ever again. The well-known koan, Hear the sound of one hand clapping” is a good one to use. What you are trying to do is not reconcile the contradiction but get the mind to slip into a state of awareness and incredible ecstasy in which you feel everything is perfect and this life-changing feeling of bliss makes you feel you tasted eternity. You will feel that even when you are dead that the moment still exists for you so it gets rid of the fear of death. It is only decent that we should get meaning from experiences in this life rather than hoping for some Heaven that we might never get. If the experience is not real that does not matter as long as it makes us happier. It gives us hope no matter how bad things get that ecstasy is possible. As long as we get the feeling that life is worth it even for that few moments of bliss we will be okay. Zen techniques are meant to help you without God. Your subconscious prefers you to find meaning in this world for it is not as sure it will survive death as that it will live as long as the body does so the Zen methods are a necessity for living a life untainted by vice and evil.
Meditate by relaxing and simply being aware of your breath slowly entering you and leaving you. Imagine that you are inhaling energy that causes you to feel like smiling. Let it fill your body. Do this exercise and enjoy it. Get into the habit that when something stressful happens that you won’t let it get to you for it will end for you have your meditation and relaxation to look forward to.
Do not try to stop all thoughts by meditating. You can’t do that. All you can do is make the thoughts pass through your mind slowly and you observe them passively but do not cause them or let them arrest your attention.
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Affirmations are assertions designed to reform your thinking and your feelings by re-programming your mind to be more positive, confident and accepting of the faults you have and those of others simply by frequent repetition. If you tell yourself something often enough you will believe it and make it come true. They can fulfil the need that often draws people to superstitious practices like prayer and spell casting. Again you must deny free will which says you are not all programmable so that you can believe you can program yourself and control your psychological future.
Before you fall asleep your mind is passive and relaxed and more open to being programmed by you. So before you fall asleep you can use affirmations like, “My happiness is in my hands alone and I will be happy.” God has no relevance to you when you can improve yourself by conditioning your mind. Avoid that encumbrance.
Some examples of beneficial affirmations follow. You could put them inside books and cases that you use frequently so that when you see them you can reinforce the programming by reading them and also trying to work up the feeling that they are working.

The only thing I fear is how I will feel about bad happenings and bad people. Nobody and nothing can unnerve me unless I let them so there is nothing to fear. I am perfectly safe.

What I believe about myself is what counts and I do not fear what others say for I am a good person and perfect in my own way.

I cannot fail to do good. Even when it goes wrong I still meant to get it right and so I love myself for I am the most important and wonderful person in my life.

Everything that happens to me is helpful to me. I can make advantages out of anything and I feel safe.

I deserve nothing but blessings and I will take all the blessings that come and because I love myself they will come and keep coming and this love makes others cherish me and shower blessings on me for because I love myself I value everyone I meet.

I am loved and I am cherished by all for even human evil is just unbalanced love and a mistake of the essence of misperception so everybody loves me and I love everybody and wish them every success.

I have no faults and I am perfect even if others cannot see it for any faults are the way I am made and are not my faults and nobody else’s are theirs’ so there is nothing to forgive or be angry about.

I am my God and there is no other and I make my own Heaven by feeding on love for this God I see in the mirror every morning.
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The belief that God has a mysterious purpose for evil in this world implies that God could command or inflict what we see as evil for he sees the full picture which is that it will have justifiable results under his patronage – no wonder religion tends to make inhuman rules. This automatically leads to fear for the truth is that I care only for one person and that is myself and I do not want to be a sacrificial lamb that a God has chosen for the benefit of others. Fear is destruction and this fear will give birth to the other monster called guilt. I can give meaning to my life without God by loving myself and seeing how valuable I am and therefore I should.

Since the one thing I am most sure of is that I exist and I am less sure that others exist for they might be dreams it follows that reason decrees that the only thing that should give me meaning in my life is loving myself. Or loving myself should give me meaning for I can only love myself in the strict sense of the word. If I truly and correctly love myself I will not need a God to make me happy. A God can only make me happy because of myself therefore I should be able to take the short-cut to happiness without believing in one. If I can’t then I am ill and I am being cruel to myself. To say that I love others is to say that I am good for others and they for me. It is really just loving myself. The only person I can love is myself. My life is the most important thing I have got and I am sure that self-love is the way to put that life first therefore to seek meaning in God is abnormal for it is trying to put something first that cannot come first for I am not sure enough about it.

If we give ourselves everything we want we will grow tired of it so it is important to deny ourselves in order to reach some kind of happiness and not having all gives us the pleasure of appreciation for what we do have and of being generous if we have the right outlook and accept that life is not perfect. It helps to prevent boredom and it is not sacrifice for it is done to increase future pleasures. The paradox is that in not letting the ego have all it wants we give the ego what it really wants which is why the denial can by no means be considered to be altruism or a sacrifice. The search then for a perfect bliss in Heaven or Nirvana is unnatural and abnormal and unrealistic.

Religion and belief in God thrive on the fear of death among other things. Many want to believe that death is not the end and that they can be saved from it and live forever. To be happy to die because you think God will save you and has a reason to take your life is abnormal and evil. The reason is that since you are more sure you will live on if your body does than that a God will save you, nobody and not even you has any business condoning a God taking your life. It is as easy for people to condone what God does to other people as it is vile. Death is inevitable and we have to accept that and stop fearing it and live the present moment for everything it is worth.

If you practice the principles of positive thinking and they are as undiluted as only our system has them then you will not fear death. This will not happen overnight. You will have the rational and therefore normal mind-set that it is good to be alive even for a while even if death is the end and that since death is at worst just like falling asleep forever you won’t be hurt and there is nothing to fear.
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What I think today will determine what I think and feel tomorrow so I can make myself happy by making my thinking more positive from now on. I must see advantages and make advantages of everything bad that happens to me and I must see that good side as the biggest and the downside as insignificant.

Positive thinking is the key to a proper perception of right and wrong behaviour and to the implementation of a code of civilized behaviour that will appeal to people and stir them to goodness. If I am happy I will not need to steal or tell unnecessary lies or to bed somebody else’s partner or to commit murder. Living a good life and being a blessing to others can be fun! It’s fun when you know how! The only rule is that the positive thinking must be firmly realistic for it will not pay to believe you will get a job that there is a thousand applicants for. That kind of positive thinking can bear bad fruit in disappointment. The kind of positive thinking you should have is that you might get the job and should get it for you are a terrific person and if you get an offer its brilliant but if you are unsuccessful then you will learn from the experience and move on and you at least tried very well and your feelings will be fine and you will be determined to get something else.

Optimism that prevents us from working to make the world a better place is a disorder because you will feel more strongly that the world can be improved if you try to help it to improve.
How can we be optimists if there is no God to shower blessings on us in the future? If we love ourselves we will find that our love draws many amazing blessings to us so that we cannot be anything but trusting that the future will be good. Our philosophy of life gives us the power to change the world. Good gives birth to more good so our legacy of love will spiral into hearts that have not been born yet and will do so as long as there are people on this planet. We forget the indirect consequences of our goodness and how powerful we are and how much we should be proud of ourselves. We see only the short-term effects. Let us focus our mind’s eye and gaze into the mists of the future. We have to be either optimists or pessimists and it is certainly better to be optimistic. It feels better.
Do not worry about bad experiences coming your way. They will give you interest in life, they will give you something to entertain yourself by talking about them and thinking about them.
Not everything you do with the best intentions that goes wrong is a mistake. Other people and chance can get in the way and spoil your good plan. People who succeed have not succeeded because they were better and smarter than you but because by chance they did the right things and learned the right things at the right time. Do not see mistakes where there are none and you will learn to be understanding. Never feel inferior. It only puts you down and makes you reluctant to succeed. That is one reason why belief in God is harmful and sows the seeds of violence because he is so great and you are meant to see yourself as a worm in comparison.
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The doctrine of life after death is the big attraction in religion for religion cannot guarantee peace in this life as God has uses for depression and sickness. It is not God that religion is after though it says it is but getting the pie in the sky off him.

Many people do not believe in a life after death or are not sure if there is one and still they are reasonably happy and nice people. They show that all of us can do without the concept and just have to learn how to. It also shows that anybody who needs the idea of life after death is a bit emotionally unstable. It does no good to fear death. You should accept death for your own sake. Fear is behind hope of the afterlife therefore the belief is bad.

We know that human life is absolutely valuable. It is more valuable if this life is thought to be the only one because if we die and live on then death isn’t so serious. If human life is absolutely valuable then anything that reduces that importance is to be forbidden. Faith in an afterlife is therefore evil and if apparitions and miracles support that faith they are evil too and their evidence stands for nothing and their influence is a grave danger that must be fought by debunkers.

The notion that everlasting happiness lies beyond the grave certainly makes that life more important than this one and makes normal people feel the pain of being stuck here on earth while Heaven has all these everlasting goodies. To say life will not be any better after death means you can stop worrying about helping others now for you have all eternity to start or they have all eternity to find a way to look after themselves which is supposed be far better according to God believers for they grow in virtue. The believers will say that every moment is important so this is not true. But if it hurts too much to help others and you are going to live forever then why bother especially when you are most sure of your own reality as a person than you are of anything outside of you? To say the afterlife is worse than this one is to put terror into peoples’ hearts so that their time here will be unpleasant.

We should see value in our lives because there is no afterlife.
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