Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?

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Fanaticism is putting beliefs and social systems before people. If religion were good it would not be fanatical. Religious fanaticism is when a religion fails to live and believe in such a way that no harm is done if the religion turns out to be untrue. Even going to Church or saying the rosary is fanaticism for you could be helping some needy person instead or doing an exercise to boost your sense of self-worth. The law protects the reputation of the slandered so religion should change because anybody who does something that does no harm should not be attacked by religion either for themselves or their actions. It is not too serious a matter if a person believes in God or not as long as the person does not follow rules just because God allegedly made them and as long as the person is determined to live as if there were no God and does not like God.

Religion is fanatical for it distorts evidence and reason to get people to believe in it and the only proof, miracles, does not work. In fact, there is no evidence at all for any religion and this is why those who frown on religious evangelism as bigoted and intolerant are perfectly correct. Religion will be right in some things but that does not count as evidence for it. Humanism is not a religion but will agree with those insights because they simply happen to be right.
What we need is a group that we feel part of that we meet every so often that makes us feel good about ourselves and about living in this world. We do not need religion and when religion thrives it is because of the social element when it is not fear. Religion is evil for people fight and kill over it. It is wrong to promote anything unnecessary that kills even if it condemns killing. It gives evil people an excuse for doing evil so to promote religion is to promote harm. It is better for the Roman Catholic Church for example to disband than for it to cause one death for nothing is more important than human life.
We must be tolerant and not be disrespectful about religion to its adherent’s faces. It is because we hate the beliefs that we have to be as nice and kindly as possible to those who follow religion. There is no other way we can get them to abandon them. It is important to be frank but not too offensive. Anyone that cares about the truth will not be offended too easily.
To say God exists is to say that unbelievers are offending against the greatest being, the being who should come first because he is so good he is deserving of all devotion, and committing the greatest possible evil and therefore that they have less rights than believers. It says they should be prevented from promoting their views. We have a right to be offended by religious devotion. Religious groups that teach that God gave only one true faith should claim that they have the right to discriminate against one another if they are consistent.
If you belong to or claim to belong to a religion that should believe evil things, then even if it doesn't, you are being evil and supporting evil. A religion that doesn't understand or admit or see how evil it is meant to be is a religion that is being praised for going against itself. It is no compliment to praise it for you are praising ignorance and disobedience. Separate from it. An example is Christianity which says its Bible is authored by God despite saying he permitted parents to have their wayward drunken and lazy sons put to death by stoning and encouraged Abraham to slaughter Isaac his son just because he asked him to!

Prayer is wrong because it implies there is a force that can stop suffering but which is right to let it happen which is a direct assault on human dignity. It implies that if we invent a pill that makes everybody free from sickness and ageing and death and from evil intentions that we shouldn’t avail of it which clarifies that prayer and spirituality put doctrine and allegedly supernatural forces before us. Some object that if life were perfect it would be boring. But that is because nature reduces the pleasure we take in something if we have too much of it. But what if our human nature could be altered to maintain the pleasure? Life would then be anything but boring.
Prayer contradicts the fact that faith should never come before people - ever.
Belief in magic spells or prayers that are intended to get answers from Heaven is foolishness because all you need to do to be happy is do what this book tells you. Magic seeks after things like sex and money and does not work when it cannot give its practitioners what is better, the philosophy in this book. It does not give them an unusual rationality. Occultists say magic has to be in accord with your deepest desires and therefore the most important ones to work, for desire is an ingredient. The fact that knowledge not magic is needed shows that magic cannot work if this rule is true. There is no wisdom in wasting magical power for it would be handy in an absolute emergency so this abuse would be black magic. Magic and prayer would be pacts with the Devil if there were one for the true evil being is the one who schemes to destroy wisdom.
Spells and prayers are evil for what you get is the product of a domino effect. I mean you would not have won that car last night had not the woman next door survived her suicide attempt for every event changes everything else. They are fanaticism for they try to get you some benefit at the expense of other people which is terrible for you need absolute proof that a good power is answering your prayers and you cannot have this proof. Appearances deceive which is where the benefits come from. The are not benefits then are gained at a terrible price: the approval of fanaticism.

If God is good he is best for you so he will reveal his existence. He will guide you. So the God dogma implies that God reveals himself and his works and principles to us. God is a being that must be obeyed. You have to submit yourself to him and put your own needs and wants aside.

Men and women would not dare to ask you to worship and serve them so they have to invent a revelation from God to dupe you into doing what they want. They explain the nasty and illogical side of the revelation as a mystery or a paradox and with that they could command anything in the name of their God. Following God is following the man who invented the rules and not God at all because some people are totally convinced that Muhammad was the revealer of God and others that it was Jesus and others that it was Joseph Smith.
The truth is that since I only love me it follows that I should determine what is right and wrong without reference to the wishes of a deity and anybody who says otherwise is insincere for we all know that all love is self-love and that when I help others even at a great loss to myself it still remains true that this goodness is just an expansion of self-love, of my love for me. To excuse them by blaming thoughtlessness does not work for they should know better.

You seem to only want to believe in the revelations of God or gods for comfort and as a justification for morality which is seen in terms of doing what they command. It is solely to justify morality for you do not need them for comfort. You do not need them to make you feel safe in this world for even if they exist there is no guarantee that they will shield you through the perils of life even if they want to. And you can comfort yourself with an afterlife to look forward to without believing in Gods. So you really want belief in gods just so that the gods can tell you what to do and how to live. If you need them for that then it follows that you hold that we cannot work out morality adequately for ourselves and need instructional orders from Heaven. That kind of thinking is full of hazards and will make people less likely to agree on right and wrong which rouses discord and bewilderment. It is implied by belief in deity so belief in deity is an enemy to a true perception of right and wrong. This reasoning shows how criminal prayer and casting spells are.

Belief in divinity requires you to oppose Atheism or even weak faith in God or gods as antagonistic or dangerous to morality. We cannot be expected to take this innuendo lying down.

If you believe that God exists that is the most sacred truth for he is all good and must come before everything else for nothing else is as good. So that truth comes first when God comes first. When a truth comes before human welfare all truth must be the same for a truth no matter how important is just a truth. Therefore to cause any misperception of the truth is wrong. If we promote truth all the time the world will soon be flooded with blood. Any harm done is on our heads just because we further belief in God.


Miracles are events, supposedly involving no trickery, like the Virgin Mary healing the sick instantly and magically at Lourdes and Jesus rising from the dead which, we are told, only God or a god can do for they temporarily change the laws of nature. Those who see miracles as pointing to a deity who has the power and desire to make life perfect are accusing miracles of being attempts to mislead us and to enslave us to evil because that is what miracles would be doing for this is a God who cannot exist and belief in him is a crime against humanity therefore they are crimes too! Accordingly, they are not evidence for any religion and if they say they are they are lying. If they happen at all they are evidence for a malevolent force and they should not be sought. They would be a scheme to deform self-esteem and advance evil if not directly then in some indirect and subtle way that we will never notice.

Miracles decrease our trust in the regularity of nature because they diminish our confidence that the person attacked with a knife in the heart will die for a miracle could save her and so they undermine the principle that human life is of absolute importance so they cannot be true to themselves and call us to a better way of living. The decline may be very slight but life is so important that nothing can be allowed to do that.

You have miracles allegedly verifying the truth of Christianity. But this cult says that doubting the faith is a sin that calls God a liar. Doubt can indeed do damage – like when you doubt that you should take your medicine though you have no or little reason to and that leads you to be careless with it and getting sick though you should know better - but it is never wilfully harmful because it is sincerely wondering if the contents of the faith are right or not so it cannot be categorised as sinful. It is not a feeling – it is what you think and insincere doubt is not doubt at all. So the miracles are standing up for this most malicious slander. If we do not doubt then we cannot learn. Religion assaults and strangulates the reason and this is an attack on the whole person and it has kept a vortex of evil uncontrollably spinning up and around the globe for too long. A system of belief that proscribes doubt does not believe a word of what it preaches. It is scared we will find out that it is wrong.

Some say that since God alone can tell the future that prophecy alone is the miracle that verifies that God has spoken. But they say the Devil has miracle powers and he likes to appear as an angel of light so maybe he could predict the future and rig it to happen like he predicts. If magicians can do such great tricks he can do better so whether he has miracle powers or not the results will be spectacular. If miracles are unreliable as this logic states then prophecy is no good either.

Miracles are not done by God to fix mistakes for he cannot make any. He supposedly does them to show where his true doctrine or true religion is. A miracle is so strange that it is wise to believe in the religious implications of one you see yourself or one seen by people you know very well and find very reliable in preference to even those of thousands seen by others. Anybody with a bit of money can get academics and others to bear witness to some event being a true miracle – a common enough thing these days - so to trust in signs with all the fraud that goes on is really to trust people and not God and to allow them to tell you what to believe instead of him telling you. To treat God like that is blasphemous. We mean well when we oppose God so he would understand. He would be happy to get such fair treatment from us if he is good so he will favour us more than the believers.
If miracles are to be signs they need to be very rare. Scholars reason that if somebody reports a miracle it is more likely some mistake or trick has taken place than that a real miracle has taken place. So very strong evidence is required. Even if you prove blood is coming from a statue, you still can't prove its supernatural. Aliens could be doing it through super-scientific tricks. Plus many miracle cures end up explained in time as science progresses. There can never be enough evidence that a miracle happened. This is not saying that miracles never happen but only saying the evidence is always insufficient.
Belief in miracles has more bad consequences than good. It leads to people believing in the resurrection of Jesus to give one of millions of examples on poor evidence. This demeans them for they deserve proper evidence and they deserve help to become more rational. It demeans those who they influence. It demeans the children they pass the faith on to. Miracle believers only accept as true the miracles that suit what they want to believe. For example, if the miracle of food being multiplied happened at Mecca the Catholic Church would not believe it no matter how good the evidence was. It's a bigoted double-standard. It shows that faith in miracles only pays lip-service to evidence and makes itself look scientific or rational. Islam threatens unbelievers with eternal damnation which makes the Catholic Church look totally monstrous and callous. It is because of people's faith in miracles that so many fake prophets and gods and seers are able to mislead them and use them for their own glorification and fame and perhaps make money and get fast sex. It has led to some groups becoming suicide cults. Those who question Christian miracles have to endure anger, hatred and venom from believers especially on the internet. It is better for everybody to stop believing in miracles than for one person to be harmed as a result of belief.