Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?

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You have to think and see the truth for yourself.

Avoid a long and difficult examination of which competing religious and spiritual claims are right and depend on this book as your reason understands it. Take for example, the controversy between Mormons and Christians. Each side has an answer for the other so it is hard work to sort out who is twisting logic and taking forbidden shortcuts in it. If you base your world-view on people's testimony you will never be satisfied and fully sane because disagreement and confusion abound. You need to be healthily sceptical.

So how are we to know which of the many philosophies or religions of the world is right? By the unique simplicity and commonsense of the teaching and it must be something that is easily proven to be true for we cannot refute every error people make and so we focus on the basics. Only Humanism is able to live up to this standard.

All our simplicity protects people from being misled and manipulated for it leaves little room for error and saves them from the clutches of those who twist the truth to give them convincing evidences for this and for that that are full of flaws and clever deceptions. The Humanist just needs to remember and understand the basics of the book and that is all. Atheism is the truth.

Even if there were no proof in our favour it would be clear that it is safest to follow our philosophy and so we should. If God is good he will understand and reward our sincere efforts. Fire can burn you even if you sincerely believe it will not. This does not prove that God will condemn you for meaning well for he is not letting you be burned for meaning well but because he will not change reality all the time to suit your beliefs for that would be chaotic.
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If religion is the free service of superior supernatural beings or a God then Humanism is not a religion for it is a sensibly selfish and Atheistic system of philosophy and denies free will. Humanism is practical atheism, it means living as if there is no God and seeing that nobody has the right to give you orders in the name of religion, in order to put oneself and others first.
If religion is trying to live in harmony with the powers that you believe is in control be it God or just chance then Humanism is not a religion for we don’t really care why we exist or how but just worry about how we are going to live. We do not live in harmony with our worldview but each person lives in harmony with her or his own psyche and any harmony with the world is just a side-effect. Some sects believe that God is so good that he doesn’t care what we do and will still let us into Heaven and they are undoubtedly religious though this definition would say they are not.

If religion is devotion to a moral ideal then Humanism is not a religion for there is no free will so there is no morality. Our living caring lives is no more religious than a clock ticking. We know that what is harmless is not immoral but most religion bitterly opposes many harmless things. Any religion that does that has no right to be called a religion. It is a cult. A cult is a religious system that abuses its members.

If a moral ideal is what religion is then every kind of group must be a religion even a maths class!

If religion is that which tells you what to believe and do then Humanism is not a religion for it does neither. We just present the truth and say what reason says. Advise others what to do when they want to hear it but remember they are meant to ponder on it and reject it if they so wish so avoid commanding and patronising. We all do wrong so we cannot demand that others do what we think they should do for that is egotistic hypocrisy. Demanding in the name of God makes no difference because that means you are trying to impose your perception of God and his ways on them - one of hundreds of reasons why there is no value in believing in God. If you have to give advice though you don't keep it then get it across without making it seem that you consider yourself perfect and in a position to be condescending.

If religion is faith then Humanism is not a religion for it gives knowledge.

If religion is just your deepest concern then Humanism is not a religion because the concerns we have are not ours but the product of blind natural forces.

We are concerned only with unspiritual things. Spiritual means following the principles of and giving allegiance to higher beings like gods and spirits while all we Humanists care about is feeling good which is totally materialistic and earthy for it is material forces and energy that give us feelings and happiness. Spirituality is not religion though you can't have a religion without spirituality. Religion seeks help from outward occult forces while we do not so we are not religious.

If religion gives your life a meaning then Humanism is not a religion for there is no need for religion to feel your life has value and Humanism asserts that firmly.

Whatever good religion can do, we can do better for religion thrives on egoism and egotism anyway so when we are egoists we can cope without it. Religion can only work if it recognises that the only person who can make you happy is you but if you have the knowledge of how to achieve this then what do you need religion for? Nothing is the answer and religion can only get in the way for the best way to get to the goal is to go in a straight line to it. Religion is intrinsically cruel and it is arrogant for any religion to claim to be the true religion or to follow a man who is the only way to God. When you say your religion or saviour is the only way or the right way to God you are boasting that you know it all. The person who tests all things by pure reason alone and who embraces only what is reasonable can say that she or he is right.

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These are the laws of Humanism for those who want laws. Different systems can create different rules.

It is important to encourage the development of flexible humanist societies in every area. However, it should not be necessary to be an official member of any Humanist body to be an Humanist.

For societies that want to base themselves on this book, all members must agree that this book is at least a fairly good interpretation of the truth that Atheism is love. They can hold that it has the right to be the standard work and the textbook from which all teaching is done. Whoever accepts the basics and no more will be admitted as long as they are open to let their reason see that what we teach is correct.

This book, The Gospel According to Atheism, is not to be altered or added to, except by the author. Without this book we are nothing for it is the voice of simple and undefiled wisdom and is enough to refute all religion and similar nonsense with their convincing books that are full of clever lies and half-truths and which offer evidence while ignoring the stronger evidence that says the opposite so we need to depend on for it alone with its straightforwardness can be our fortress against the cannons of the deceivers. Nobody shall add to this book or subtract anything from it for the building of Humanism needs a rock to repose upon making it impregnable.

We will throw fortnightly parties which are centred on learning from this book to spread the word and to which outsiders will be invited. Every Humanist must be there except for a good reason for we need to reflect and meet one another to build up and maintain our self-esteem through mutual support and advice. We cannot have a Society and a revolution without regular meetings. One idea is for the Humanists to choose a house to meet in and invite the Tutor of Humanism to visit the house on a Sunday every fortnight and lead a meeting and celebration then. Interested neighbours and friends should be welcomed and encouraged to come.

Nobody can be expelled - ever; except when it happens that they renounce the teaching when they disfellowship themselves. These must be won back by being listened to and by friendliness and kindness. A Tutor will be available in every area and will visit anybody who is in danger of being won back to religion. One of the conditions of membership is agreeing to avail of their assistance.

All have a vital part to play and all are equal. Leaders are necessary but they must serve and not be served or to tell anybody what to believe.
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To be a Catholic or a Muslim for example, one has to accept all the doctrines of Catholicism or Islam as being revealed by God. So you cannot be a member of a religion and an Humanist. In bigoted areas, the Humanist can fake allegiance to the Church or a religion to dodge trouble for himself or herself. The Humanist who attends Church does it only as a spectator and not as a participant is to find a way to turn as many in the congregation away from God and religions as possible. Normally it is preferable to stay away and discourage churchgoing. One good tip is to ask awkward questions that the religionists cannot answer and which will produce doubt. Believers in religion will fall away quicker when somebody who pretends to be a friend to the Church undermines its teaching but in a friendly way. Give the Church no money with which to spread its stranglehold.

The ideal thing for Humanists is to get their names off the Church membership rolls and separate completely. In some cases, the Humanist can get her name off the books and still keep up appearances. The long lists of members that religion has, have a lot to do with the undesirable power it has for it seems to wield political clout.

The children of Humanists must be raised as no religion until they are free to decide. They can only be baptised when there is a real risk of grave persecution if they are not. Advise your parents and friends as to why you can't let the children be baptised. Infant baptism or infant circumcision is just religion taking advantage of the child's vulnerability for the child would belong to another religion and follow that if he or she were initiated into it instead. The purpose of the rite is to give the clergy the right to indoctrinate the children - a right that nobody, even parents, can ever have. Let nobody steal your child's thinking.
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Everybody agrees that the important truths should be passed on to other people for people have a right to know them and we must not wait until they come to us for they need to know we are here. The law of the land is for enforcing the important truths on us. The most indispensable truth of all is how self-love can be possible and that only through standing on one's own two feet without a God or magic is it attainable. In our example and in our talking we must get that truth across gently and without seeming too zealous.

Should you try to convert people who depend on their faith like a prop as they stumble through life? No. What you do is guide them to teach themselves. We don't make converts though we will try to spread the good news at every opportunity and make opportunities for this.  If they will listen to you they consent to any problems that will result but you must be there to help and console them. Humanism is good news and will be an excellent replacement for their crutch except this time their hopes are pinned on knowledge and not guesses and fairy-tales which is the way it should be. They know that it is better to be comforted by something that is true and not just guesses. We all have to live in the real world. No matter how silly their beliefs are they must consider them rational in some sense for no other kind of religion could make anybody happy so if they care about reason or truth then they should give us a hearing and if they see the truth they should have the honesty to separate from the religious system they claim to be a part of. Try to bring the light to people without them noticing if they are likely to be antagonistic towards the truth.

There are random forces that kill and harm. They strike when accidents happen. Given the power to redirect these forces people would make them strike people who were in error or who were considered immoral on the basis that it is better for the wisest and finest people to survive. This shows us the utmost importance of being right for being right and living in accordance with it are necessary for our human dignity to be fully respected rather than get two-faced respect. You cannot divorce concern for truth from right and wrong.

Everybody tries to reach everybody else with their opinions anyway so why can't we do it for our philosophy? As long as we do not try to reach those who will listen we are tarnishing our own self-esteem for we are not trying to protect ourselves by teaching others to be happy so that they will not harm us or despise us because of the principles we represent. It is only self-defence. When anybody thinks you are wrong they oppose your belief so it is an insult to you if they will not listen to you and hear your side.

Life is the absolute value and accordingly every moment of life is just as precious. Therefore we must battle against error for error is always a source of bother.
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Every Humanist must show everybody who will listen that Humanism is true. Some may prefer to spread the word anonymously and in secret and that is fine but everybody has to do something. Always start by getting others to see that they should listen to points of view that they do not share and that they should think.

Any religion that does not give its adherents the ability to check it out responsibly is a fraud. If it is the right religion it is acting as a fraud would act.
It is most important that people know where they can get information when they want it. Works that refute all religious errors must be available to everybody in every area or they must know where they can find such information through advertising and posters. Never forget that our job is to persuade people to think for themselves - nothing more and nothing less. The Gospel According to Atheism must be put in every pair of hands and distributed freely and be available in every public library.

Simple, short and straightforward and polite tracts which should be distributed from door to door or mailed are the secret to defeating religion. That is the preferred method of reaching people for it is less intrusive.

To devote the most time and attention to the most knowledgeable lapsed religionists and share Humanism with the clergy and any who put themselves forward for the ministry is preferable. Make sure you know what they believe or what their Church believes and concentrate on the foundational issues, their main doctrines, one of which will usually be the existence of a loving creator, only and never attack but engage in a gentle and understanding conversation and let the other person talk.

We do not want everybody to join an organisation called Humanism though we hope that it will happen for it is the ideal - everybody has to do what is right for themselves - but to change their thinking and to get people who are willing to make sure the message of Humanism will be spread.

Humanists must not be pompous or denigrate those who obey reason as they see it and who may believe in free will and a God and judgement as long as they do their best to be rational. For example, we must cooperate with people like Deists who believe in God but not in revelation. We must not antagonise but try to learn from one another. We must be realistic and remember that it will often be the case that nothing more can be done than to instil in people a sincere and open reverence for reason. Once that is instilled a lot can be done to counteract the deadly influence of unreasonableness.


On this rock, The Gospel According to Atheism, reason builds the society of its devotees and the gates of Heaven shall not prevail against it and reason shall liberate the world. The message of the rock is that Atheism in its tremendous glory that exalts humanity even above the throne of the Most High is written upon the heart of every person on earth and nothing will ever take that message away.

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