Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?

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Naturalism is the denial that there is such a thing as magic or gods or God or the supernatural. Atheism is disbelief or unbelief in God or gods. It implies a rejection of magic as well because a living man with magical powers would be a god in a sense. Who said you had to be dead or in Heaven to be a god?
Naturalism, when correctly understood, has the ability to change and heal the world. It is the only way forward. Naturalism that concurs with all the rules of commonsense carries the key to the only real solution for all life's problems, healing of the ego. It works because it is simply love. Love means wanting to be happy and finding your happiness in others and improving their lives. It does not mean sacrifice like too many people think. You cannot respect others really and fully and rationally without pure Atheism Ė even one wilful evil in you defiles all the good you do for it means you only do good because you want to and not because it really is good so it is beneath your own dignity. Fake good is hypocrisy and self-deceit and is very harmful and is a magnet for evil.

If the mind is happy and healthy the body has the best chance of being happy and healthy too. Unpleasant feelings are bad for you and happiness makes you work harder to be healthy and produces health-promoting chemicals in your body. Always look for the good in every situation and person and event and find hope and reassurance in it.

The Gospel According to Atheism teaches secular humanism. Secular humanism is not a system of dogma or a cult or a religion. It is a form of therapy Ė you are not asked to believe but to try it out and test what it says. Atheism can be warm, exciting and liberating. The cold and academic image it has is an inaccurate one. When you have real wisdom in your head it does wonders for your self-esteem. It will rocket! You canít have self-esteem without thinking positive.

Nobody tells you what to think or do Ė that would be against the fundamental fact that you must love and worship yourself and never put anybody else over yourself. You think about what the system says for yourself and decide if it is right because if you donít think for yourself you donít have confidence in yourself and that is wrong. Our negative thinking and our personal or emotional defects all arise from a lack of commonsense. Humanism is the answer for it is just pure commonsense.
Even simply reading this book can give you a sense of well-being and arouses healing and happy energy in your body. The book gives comfort when read frequently.

We will never be perfect but we can improve and we must be happy with ourselves and allow ourselves a healthy amount of imperfection. We should change the way our evil side manifests so that even it can benefit us. If you have a bad temper you can give the evil a new direction so that you do something bad that does you and others more good. Channel your evil into something that is a better kind of evil. For example, it is better to get yourself to relish ignoring a bad person than to let yourself lose your cool.

We need Humanism to make us less sick.


Self-esteem is looking at yourself as a person and liking what you see.
Self-esteem is also loving yourself the proper way which demands that you shed yourself of any altruistic delusions Ė altruism is the attempt to put other people first. To have self-esteem you need to see yourself as just as good as anybody else. You have to like your faults and not take yourself too seriously and you have to keep trying to improve yourself. To do this you must believe that you should love yourself.

Self-esteem is the supreme need in you. It is the ruling one. It is the basic one and any other feeling or need you have is just a manifestation of it. The view that we need shelter, warmth and food more is totally wrong because you can turn your back on these things as some do if you hate yourself so you have to love yourself to treat yourself to them.

You can love yourself even when you do not like yourself and you must learn to like yourself for loving yourself so that the more you love yourself the more you will like about yourself. You love yourself when you get yourself started on the road to liking yourself better. That is loving yourself because you feel you want to help yourself love yourself more. All self-help starts with this unconditional love. When this love is developed enough it will prevent guilt or at least a lot of guilt simply because it makes you work and do good to yourself and others to shut your conscience up. You can feel guilty about feeling guilty so donít let yourself do that to yourself.

Seeing yourself as better than other people is not self-esteem for if you genuinely esteemed yourself that much you would behave in a haughty way towards others and your esteem would do you little good and would prove that you are a failure which will hasten its dying breath. Being stuck-up is not even necessary which is a sufficient reason for condemning it. It leads to disappointment. If you truly believe that you are really better than other people you think you should do nothing for them. It is a dangerous belief. Everybody has faults and things they excel at but nobody is better than anybody else as a person.

Self-esteem is being happy with how happy you are and simply letting new happiness come to you. It is because you see yourself as good that you do good. You do not do good to feel good or to earn your own approval of yourself or that of other people but to remind yourself that you are good. That is how good works are necessary for self-esteem. To help others for the sake of making yourself feel good any other way is pathological for it enslaves you. You donít need to do that. Good works done to prove you are good or to earn a good self-image are unnecessary and therefore dangerous. What you have to do is to do good works to get rid of your false image, your bad perception, of yourself. Never do good to be happy but because you feel happy Ė even if it is just a bit - because if you do good to be happy you will make yourself unhappy if you fail to do good. There is always some happiness in you so use that.

If you really esteem yourself you will present yourself to others as decent and if they do not see that it is their loss. But they always see it even if they will not admit it. If they are jealous or envious that shows they see it on some level.

Could strong self-esteem lead me to do terrible things and still feel good about myself? Doing evil is disrespecting and perverting your own powers and it is beneath your dignity as a human being so the self-esteem behind it is not true self-esteem. Anything can be counterfeited and mistaken for the real thing.

What about secret evildoing that you will certainly get away with? Is it encouraged by self-esteem? You cannot do secret evil because that is willing evil to exist and that evil could afflict you so you are willing what may harm and what certainly has harmed you, into existence. You could do good instead of it so it is always wrong. We have reason so that we might do only what is reasonable. You have no reason to do secret evil but only an excuse. Excuses are incompatible with self-love. It is taking advantage of the fact that not all evil can be exposed and that is evil.


You are more sure that you exist for you experience it directly than you are that others exist and you are more sure that others exist than you are that God exists. This tells you that you must do all that you do simply because you love yourself. You come first as far as you yourself are concerned and it cannot be any other way as what you are most sure of has to come first. This is nothing to be ashamed of because you cannot help it. It has not hindered the philanthropists and saviours of the world. Why should you want to be ashamed for proper self-esteem makes you of more benefit to other people and yourself not less? Would you not rather be a person who lives a life of amazing kindness towards others but who does it for self-indulgence than one who tries to get nothing out of it and does very little?
Realising that you are your own God is the first step to inner transformation and so is realising that when done properly it will bring absolutely no harm to anybody else. Your realisation will revolutionize your feelings and cure many of your mental sicknesses and weaknesses if it is allowed to. Know thyself!

To put Godís will before people you see and touch is to degrade yourself. You need to live among these people so they come before God and to consign them to a place of humiliation is to do the same to yourself. So you come first and others second and you must love yourself in being good to them and leave God off the equation for there is no need for him in the equation anywhere. What putting yourself first and others second simply means is that you help them to make yourself happy Ė you are after happiness so you are putting yourself first no matter how much good you do for them. Thatís all. Itís nothing sinister.
To do good to others even partly because God commands it is to do wrong for you could do it wholly for the sake of indulging yourself by seeing them happy which is the only right reason. To put those you see and touch before a being whose goodness you are less sure of than theirs is unreasonable and unjust. It is calling on them to look upon you as unimportant as you consider them to be. It just happens that Godís will might have some benefits so to say that Godís will is what is important is to say that if it did a lot of harm you would still put it first perhaps using the excuse that there is a mysterious plan involved.

To value means to consider important.

You cannot value others if you do not value yourself.  It has to start with you.  Unless you see yourself as important though different from others and see that difference as making you important, you cannot trust others.  You will fear they will not value you at all or that they should not.  You cannot offer yourself to them.  If you offer them anything it is not you.  To see yourself as dirt and to offer yourself to them is to offer them dirt not  you.  So if you do that you do not value them.  It then is because you value you that you honour yourself by valuing them.  Valuing others is, in plain and direct language, valuing yourself and nothing else.  Others are valued as extension of you and are made about you.  What I value is myself and my happiness and I value others in the sense that I want them to be okay so that I can reach my happiness through being friends with them and helping them. I may love myself alone but that does not mean I am an island. I am a social creature and need to in communion with others. So strictly speaking I really only value myself and get pleasure out of them and it is the pleasure that makes them important to me not them. If I value my jade ornament because it is old and not because I think it is pretty then strictly speaking I donít value it but my esteem for its age.
When you do good for others without self-esteem or valuing yourself you are in effect offering them what you think is tainted goods. That is very far from valuing them. If you help others without wanting them to help you if they could, you do not want them to do good and so you do not really love them for doing good is good for them. Valuing others is a selfish thing but it is good selfishness and not unbalanced or bad selfishness for we are trying to value others and going as near as we can to do it and that is why it is praiseworthy. Unbalanced selfishness destroys the health of its victim in many insidious and clever ways.
Everybody has self-esteem. People who claim not to have it do have it but it is just channelled the wrong way. Their depressions and fears all stem from self-love for if they did not love themselves they would not feel sorry for themselves and would not be afraid to be hurt. When they realise this, self-transformation can be achieved quicker.

When you can do whatever good you do to please other people or a God and can get the same results by doing it only to please yourself then you should please only yourself. You can do good better by loving only yourself.