Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?



A selection of quotations from MUSLIM: What You Need to Know About the World’s Fastest Growing Religion Kindle Edition (Hanegraaff, Hank).

QUOTE: Sahih Muslim, a pregnant woman from Ghamid was brought to Muhammad. After she had confessed adultery, she begged the prophet for purification. Instead, after she had given birth to her child, he had her stoned. “She was put in a ditch up to her chest and he [Muhammad] commanded people and they stoned her.” This passage from Sahih Muslim is completely consistent with the central message of Muhammad. Speaking from the plain of Arafa during his final pilgrimage to Mecca, he said to devotees: “The adulterer must be stoned.”

COMMENT: No mention of how the Bible is to blame for this stoning of adulteresses to death!  Jesus went as far as to declare such rules from God.

QUOTE ON WIFEBEATING: he asks her to come to bed and she refuses),” the first recourse is to warn the wife. “The warning could be to tell her, ‘Fear Allah concerning the rights you owe to me,’ or it could be to explain that rebelliousness nullifies his obligation to support her and give her a turn amongst other wives, or it could be to inform her, ‘Your obeying me is religiously obligatory.’If all such measures fail to bring the rebellious woman back to bed, sharia, in concert with the practice of Muhammad and the will of Allah, prescribes a beating—but only within limits. The husband “may not bruise her, break bones, wound her, or cause blood to flow.”In all, sharia mandates three basic steps—and if all else fails, a fourth: (1) Admonition, (2) Not sleeping in bed with her, and (3) If keeping from her is ineffectual, it is permissible for him to hit her. And if this fails to root out the rebellion, the fourth and final step may involve divorce.  It should be emphasized that in order to appease Western sensibilities some English versions of the Qur’an gratuitously insert the adverb lightly to modify the verb beat. In point of fact, the adverb lightly simply does not appear in the original Arabic text.


QUOTE:  In 2004, a fourteen-year-old would-be Palestinian suicide bomber told the Israeli troops who disarmed him: “Blowing myself up is the only chance I’ve got to have sex with seventy-two virgins in the Garden of Eden.” Another fourteen-year-old explained how a jihadist recruiter enticed him to join the jihad in Iraq: “He told me about paradise, about virgins, about Islam.”

COMMENT: Scary.  The religion seems to teach arbitrary judgement with regard to sin.  Allah can forgive randomly.  Terrorists may reason that if they can kill the victims the victims are not innocents for Allah has probably not forgiven them but holds their sin against them.  Fate is an important idea in Islam.  Predestination implies that if you can easily blow yourself up to kill many then it is Allah's will.  The opportunity proves it.

QUOTE: Christian apologist Abdu Murray (a former Muslim) adds that emerging evidence shows “the Qur’an we have today does not match the earliest copies we have, including the manuscripts uncovered at the mosque in Sana, Yemen. Those manuscripts are among the earliest we have and contain variants from today’s Qur’an in terms of vowelization and diacritical marks. Also, the manuscripts contain palimpsests showing that an original writing was washed off and corrected. Additionally, the manuscripts Muslims have traditionally relied on to say that the Qur’an is perfectly preserved reveal exactly the opposite.

COMMENT: Good!  A religion that has palpably manmade scriptures that command violence cannot be called a religion of peace.

QUOTE: The Islamic belief in God is considered to be unitariannd Islam is counted among the world’s monotheistic religions along with Judaism and Christianity. Yet, according to the Islamic concept (and Islam is counted among the world’s monotheistic religions along with Judaism and Christianity. Yet, according to the Islamic concept (Tawḥī), Christianity is classified as polytheism and Judaism is considered a subtle form of idolatry” (Abu), Christianity is classified as polytheism and Judaism is considered a subtle form of idolatry” (Abu), Christianity is classified as polytheism and Judaism is considered a subtle form of idolatry” (Abu Ameenahilal Philips, The Fundamentals of Bilal Philips, The Fundamentals of Tawḥeed Islamic Monotheism) (Riyadh: International Islamic Publishing House, 2005), 11,(Islamic Monotheism) (Riyadh: International Islamic Publishing House, 2005), 11,

COMMENT: One cannot expect or ask non-Christians or ex-Christians to accept Christians as monotheists.  It is only faith that says that Christians really do adore one God but those who do not share that faith cannot be expected to agree.  To say otherwise is to be an unprofessional sociologist or historian or philosopher and allow Christian doctrine to creep in.  It is up to Christians to make Christian assumptions and nobody else.  Islam should not stand for being lumped together with Christians as monotheists.

QUOTE: Craig goes on to show that, “according to the Qur’an, God’s love is reserved for the God-fearing and the good-doers [see Q 19:96; see also 2:277, 281]; but he has no love for sinners and unbelievers [see Q 2:98, 276; 3:32, 57; 4:36; 5:87; 6:141; 8:58]. Thus, in the Islamic conception of God, God is not all-loving. His love is partial and has to be earned.

COMMENT: That can motivate some suicide bombers.  If love the sinner and hate the sin is indeed passive aggressive nonsense as many realise then any attempt to love sinners is doomed to failure and sinners will suffer.