Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?


MAGIC CANNOT WORK - go and waste your time on something else!
Magic or the occult is the use of non-physical or supernatural or spiritual power to affect the physical. The occult means the hidden. It is about using hidden forces and beings to get what you want be it an event or a revelation. Magic is causing things to happen by non-physical means and by using the alleged hidden abilities of the human mind.

Magic is claiming for yourself and using the supernatural powers religion attributes to God and Gods and Goddesses and spirits. If there are such beings then you can override them if strong enough. Magic is using secret forces above the powers of nature to command things to happen.

Witches and magic workers say that magic is powerful but does not make anybody all powerful.  They say spells have unexpected results that are probably impossible to control.  This is supposed to show that they do not think of themselves as Gods.  But even Gods work within a frame.  God cannot make a non-existent apple.  What we really have is almighty power being claimed in some areas.  Witches who cast spells so that they can accept and live through whatever life throws at them have virtual omnipotence.

Can magic turn a prince into a frog? Believers say in theory yes.

Here is more of what they teach. We do magic for some good end. Even what is called evil magic is done for a good end - it is just misguided. You do a spell to kill Aunt Jane so you can have her money.  Magic is neither good or bad. It is just magic. But it can be used for good and or not so good results. We need order. We use magic to impose order so turning anybody into a frog is very unlikely and the universe would be chaotic if we were turning people into animals. We can do it but it won't happen for we deep down don't want to be able to alter nature to that extent! To do a spell you don't really want to do is to turn the spell against itself. Thoughts are magnets and beliefs are thoughts. The more you believe you could turn a person into a frog in principle the stronger in general your magic will be.

In other words, they come up with an excuse for why we cannot order a loaf to turn into gold. They tell us we can but we don't really want to! It would follow then that if you cast a spell for doctors to find a cure for your cancer using gene therapy that you don't really want them to for deep down and even if you do not realise it you are afraid of what their success with genes could lead to. You will fear it gives them a bigger chance of playing God.

Notice how their argument says we don't want to be able to alter nature to the extent that we can turn a prince into a frog? But surely we would want to be able to do it to some extent? For example, maybe in Africa we could turn sand into antibiotics for the dying who cannot avail of medical help?  Or perhaps sand could stay sand and be given inexplicable antibiotic capacities? Also, maybe we could give them poison to drink after using magic to prevent it from harming them but making it harm the illness?

We are told that we want magic to work with nature not against it. We may even be told that we are gods in the flesh and long ago we set up the universe. They say we used magic to set up natural law for order is so important. We need that security. If we need it to the degree that we can do nothing magically to save a dying person in Africa then clearly we no longer can use our magic powers at all. Practitioners say that we must not do magic for a money win and then sit watching television doing nothing to help it to happen. Sitting about supposedly implies that you are so doubtful that you will get the money that you are not going to get up and look for it. Get out and buy tickets. The lesson is that magic works best if you show confidence in it and in yourself by working to make the spell come true by natural as well as supernatural means. But that does not deal with the fact that if magic works it should work whether or not you smooth the way. The supernatural supposedly assists the natural and the natural assists the supernatural. But is that true? No - its just a way of blaming you for wanting too much when your spells fail. You didn't use the magic sensibly to get a good result. No wonder magic believers have you doing spells for small things that are going to happen anyway!

Magic believers say, "Whoever commands magic to bring her or him a fabulous mansion to live in and doesnít receive it, will receive either something as good in its place or the mansion is waiting for her or him in a future life. Everybody does magic whether they know it or not. You may have to wait a long time before your magic brings you what you desire. Never rush it. The energy may expend itself on trying to bring the goal forward and run out of steam. Achieving the goal is more important than how long it takes you to reach it." Again this is a cruel trick for hiding the fact that magic does not work. It keeps people waiting for a success that will never come. It has them thinking, "Okay I didn't get the lotto win, but I am healthy while my sister is dying of cancer." It is twisted.

Christendom rightly states that magic is claiming to have invisible and or supernatural powers to cause effects without reference to God. Magic denies that God is ultimately in control. Magic and strong self-esteem go together. You must have the confidence if you are going to command things to happen according to your will. Magic and the God of Islam, Jesus Christ and Moses are incompatible.

However, though magic is more agreeable with self-esteem than religion is, why not drop the magic and keep the self-esteem?

Magic is a power by which we can make nature change and which allows us to rearrange the universe according to our liking. Its about a narcissistic delusion of power. The followers of magic suffer and die like the rest of us. Their alleged powers give them no advantage. And you don't want to put the delusion down as an advantage! It feels good but it can only produce more delusion and even disappointment. Mysticism is a form of magic. This is about not so much as making money rain down from Heaven and instantly curing your illnesses but as about having a magical state of happiness and a sense of union with all creation. Mysticism is as narcissistic as magic spells and witchcraft but in a less obvious way. That makes it even more dangerous and superstitious!
Magic believers try to appeal to the New Physics. They think they see its discoveries and principles as showing that magic is real. But take the Uncertainty Principle - it says uncertainty is built into the very nature or fabric of reality. It would follow then for magic believers that if you do a spell to get a job, you are tuning into the powers of uncertainty and heaven knows what you might unleash. What kind of magic is that? Its no good!
Science searches for truth within the probability paradigm. It does not claim absolute certainty about anything. This reflects the fact that everything is changing and everything depends on other things and everything has exceptions. If science sees a miracle, it will not say its a supernatural event. It cannot. It cannot say its magic. Science has no problem with nature changing its behaviour. It just assumes that no God or supernatural force or magic is behind it. Science cannot be practical or useful unless it assumes that. A statue bleeding might be understood as not being against science. What is against science is saying its a miracle.
You are shot by an arrow. A man comes to pull it out. You will not let him unless you get all the scientific details about what happened. What angle was the arrow shot from and from exactly how far? And who did it? There is no point in asking all this and wasting time. You may end up dead.
Though witchcraft today claims to be a benign nature religion the fact is that all magic is evil magic, trying to avoid what really matters. What matters most is not spells, believing in God, a man who rises from the dead, in miracles but believing in your power to change and make yourself happy. Donít try to change the world but change yourself and nice changes will happen automatically around you. It is not what you have in life that matters or who loves you. What matters is how you feel about your life. What people need is self-esteem training not magic. Magic then arises from laziness and therefore lack of concern for self-esteem. Magic workers say that magic cannot work without self-esteem for you produce magic from your own mind and emotions and if you donít have good self-esteem you cannot really trust in the spell so it canít work. So magic contradicts itself by requiring something that it forbids!
Magic is trying to manipulate reality. Believers claim that love spells are wrong for they are too manipulative for they are trying to make another person love you. They say that instead you should do a spell to make yourself more lovable to another. But there is no difference in forcing a person to love you and in forcing them to see that you are lovable and therefore attract them. Nobody can love anybody unless they see them as attractive. If love spells are wrong, then who will want to do magic? To do a spell to make yourself more lovable to another is also manipulative for you are degrading yourself by turning yourself into somebody elseís idea of desirability. We all love people with faults. The Witch trying to use magic to catch a man who likes gossip is making him see her as a gossip or using magic to turn herself into a gossip! This is self-manipulation, self-deception. Also to magically make yourself more lovable in the eyes of the other is to manipulate him so that he will see this. For example, the spell might have the side-effect of putting his mother in an accident so that you can help her and he can see that.
The self-righteous say that spells that use force are wrong. But that can be said of any spell. For example, a healing spell will try to force a person to have a better attitude for a good attitude is one of the main helps in recovery. A person wants to change their own attitude. They donít want forces doing it for them.
All magic is harmful and the notion of white magic is nonsense and sooner or later the white magician will see that and the temptation to use malicious magic and start calling up demons will get too much. Magic should lead to black magic and Satanism. Magic workers who claim to harm none are just deceivers.
We know that some people will die in accidents. Nothing can stop that. Then why not use magic so that evil people or your enemies will be the ones struck down instead of the innocents that these things happen to? You would be shuffling the pack so that the deserving people have the accidents. It is probably because magic leads to attempted murder and evil that the Bible God says that we should not suffer a sorceress to live (Exodus 22:18). The context doesnít allow us to get liberal. God is blunt. He says the life of a sorceress should not be tolerated. He could have demanded some other treatment for them but he demanded execution indicating that this was compatible with love your neighbour as yourself for the sorceress is dangerous no matter how altruistic she seems to be or acts. God evidently believes that there is something in this magic Ė why else be so harsh against it - but we know better! The view that God opposed it for he wanted to keep his people free from pagan influence doesnít explain the harshness.
Magic workers still get cancer and have accidents and die so magic is wasting time. Magic is always evil because it implies that it is better to do nothing active for other people but spend all your time casting spells to help them. This like becoming a contemplative nun dedicating yourself to a life of prayer for others is really putting faith before people. Religion is schizophrenic, it pretends to want to help people and then chooses, in its smugness, a futile way of doing so. Magic workers will respond that magic doesnít happen just if you sit back you have to help it to work by doing something. But though you may help it to work it is only a small part. If you help your sick father by looking after him it is mostly how circumstances you canít control work out that do any good. The doctor will help, the nurse will help, his medicine has to agree with him, the heating has to work, your own health has to be okay there is so much. Magic then needs to be very powerful to look after all those things so why shouldnít it work if you do nothing?
What I could never understand was how people who could allegedly bend spoons by mind power canít change their DNA so that they remain youthful until death or manage to change their DNA so that they never die or get cancer. They say magic cannot give you a new set of teeth if your adult teeth all fall out. But why not? Some people do grow teeth a third time. When magic changes what is going to happen it should be able to change nature for changing this is still changing nature.

Believers when confronted with scientific evidence say that astrology doesnít work or that magic cannot do any good say that there are other ways of knowing not just the scientific way for sometimes you just know something for no reason. If they have the right then to erect dogmas and dangerous practices on this foundation then what would they say to a person who believes they just know that the world will end next year, or that Jack the Ripper did right or that God wants women impregnated at all costs? They set up a double standard.

 ďMagic is picturing what you want to happen in your mind and then working up a tremendous desire for it to happen to make it happen.Ē

Many suppose that drugs and alcohol will have to be employed to intensify the feelings for it is very hard to desire anything as much as the potent spell requires. But drugs and alcohol trick the will and cloud the mind. Using them means you are refusing to take the happiness that comes from accepting yourself as you are. You are taking the harder route. The real will is still there and it does not want this so the spell cannot work. Deep down you want to be your own person. There is always a part of you that does not desire something you want which creates problems too. This is a catch-22 situation.

The will only goes after what is best for yourself Ė it only gets it wrong when it misperceives what is good for you. Therefore magic is no good when it is done for other people unless it is done to make you a nicer and happier person to others and them nicer to and happier with you. Magic is selfish when it is done to make you enjoy helping others for that is really using them to please yourself and all magic is an attempt to manipulate and sweeten up other people despite white magicians saying that to use magic like that is wrong and is actually black magic.

Psychology refutes the power of magic.  Perhaps it works as a tool that enables you to develop self-esteem? But you donít need magic for that and you should develop self-esteem on its own and by your own devices not by using hidden forces. The forces would be giving you fake self-esteem for how can you feel good about yourself when you think it is happening because of magic and not because you really genuinely think you are good.
The will only seeks what is best for you. All the intentions for which spells are cast are really one intention: what is best for the magician. What is best for you is that you live forever in peace and not die. You cannot truly will to die because you are surer that you will live on if this body does than you are if it will die - so spells for anything else canít work. All the energy will be taken up to ensure that you live forever in peace or to attract more energy to do this with.

Magicians who ask for friends and money and health for themselves are wasting their power. It is not best for them to waste magic so their spells will be impotent. Happiness lies in having friends and in simplicity and everybody knows that so casting spells is a farce. They have the answer inside them.

If all magicians are after such things thinking they are for the best then there are piles of energy all over the place cancelling each other out. For example, if magician A does a spell to get the job and so does magician B then the energy will cancel. The one that gets the job will imagine it was the spell did it. you would need to do magic 24/7 for a week to win at magic. If you finally get your desire it won't have been worth the effort. The best for every magic-worker is that there be no competition. The growing popularity of magic proves that there is no magic for spells should reduce magic workers on this reasoning.

Some would object to this that the persons with real occult powers are few and far-between and that most magicians are charlatans or impotent. But in that case the real ones should have influenced science to stumble on the secret of eternal or longer life and availed of it themselves. This hasnít happened.

Altruism is doing good for others and being willing to die and suffer forever to do that good. It is a total turning away from any thought for self. It is impossible for nobody would suffer forever just so that somebody might have a jelly tot.
Some would object that what is best for me is not happiness but spirituality and self-sacrifice. They turn magic into a sacrament. But altruism is impossible and evil is not what is best. The more spells you do to make yourself self-sacrificing the less success you will have. Magic will not work to help those who can help themselves without it for the energy is needed for better things than that and laziness is not best for you if sacrifice is. Anybody could do what people call self-sacrifice if they trained themselves.

We are naturally for ourselves alone. We would rather go about in prefect bliss than get that contentment from helping others or even in money. Spells do not work for we donít get such an amazing high from spell casting. If spells that are for ourselves worked then why donít they make up the idea of using them to be in permanent ecstasy occur to us? They would if they had any power in them.

The great occult systems place a lot of emphasis on free will.

If you believe in free will then you believe you deserve to suffer all the time. You know how much harm you do chiefly by not sacrificing yourself for others. This will prevent your magic from working good for you for the belief that you should suffer will counteract it.

If there is magic power in us it cannot be used for it does not give anybody eternal youth and life.
Magic cannot work when you do not believe or prove it to yourself because the true will only goes after what is real and most important.

Magic is nonsense. Go and help somebody instead of casting spells.

Magic if it is illusion has to lead to lies for illusions are not innocent bystanders.  They need help and support to thrive.  They create a context for lies to fester in.  Even magic believers must hold that most magic is illusion. They should admit that if they think it sometimes works then it works at a price so it does not really work at making the world better.

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