Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?


The Mormon Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was founded in 1830 by a man called Joseph Smith who claimed to be a prophet of God. Was this man really a prophet of God? We will soon see that he wasn’t.


The 1851 version of Mormon scripture The Pearl of Great Price says that Nephi appeared to Smith.  Later on  it has been changed to Moroni. Nephi told Smith that he was chosen to be a prophet and a book was deposited that Smith must uncover containing the everlasting gospel. Smith was told his name would be had for good and evil among all nations and his mission would fulfil Bible prophecy. What difference does it make who the messenger was? A lot. Nephi said the Holy Spirit got him to murder the brother of Laban. Nephi made false prophecies. Nephi appearing casts doubt on Smith’s authenticity.  Would God send somebody to tell a man that his name would be universally known and rouse either love or hate?  That is what you might say of a saviour figure but a prophet?

In recent years, the Church added Section 137 to the Doctrine and Covenants with four false prophecies from Smith, one of which concerned Elder McLellin preaching to a multitude in the south and curing a lame man, excised. So here we have a case of the Church correcting a revelation and then saying it was inspired by God!

Smith had to get some prophecies right and these are the ones the Mormons are interested in. But he made a lot fewer impressive prophecies than the Church would have you believe. Here is a study of Jeff Lindsay’s collection of Smithian prophecies which he thinks we should be impressed by.

The Mormons say that Smith prophesied that the Saints would go to the Rocky Mountains before it happened or could even be thought possible. There he foresaw the saints becoming strong there and building many cities (History of the Church, Vol 5. Ch 4, p 85). But the Church had much opportunity to add to the writings of Smith while it was on the way to the Rockies. Many revelations including the notorious revelation authorising polygamy surfaced long after Smith and were under suspicion of having been altered or even composed under Brigham Young and having nothing to do with Smith. This was one of the main accusations against Mormonism made by the Reorganised Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The diary recording the prophecy was written from memory after the Mormons went to Utah and in 1845 the manuscript of the History of the Church contained the prophecy but this was after the Mormons set off for Utah.

The Church says that the Rocky Mountain Prophecy was written before the event. But the manuscripts in question have the prophecy written in small handwriting which is obviously showing that it is an interpolation inserted after the Mormons went to the Rocky Mountains. Dean C Jessee of the Church Historical Department declared that this was the case.

The Mormons incredibly regard section 87 of Doctrine and Covenants which says there will be a war that will start off a world war which will begin in South Carolina and result in the end of all the nations as a true prophecy. The war happened but it did not lead to a world war. The Mormons say it set in motion events that led to World War 1. But you could say any war did that. What had the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand have to do with the trouble in South Carolina? Nothing. And World War 1 did not bring down all the nations or even involve all the nations. Some Mormons say that the war of South Carolina was not the one that happened since Smith prophesied but is still to happen. But probability says that Smith meant the past one for he said it was to come to pass shortly and there was much speculation in his day that it would happen. Smith knew that riots and battles were inevitable even small-scale ones. Even if there had been no big war Smith could still have pointed to the skirmishes as war for that is what they are. The fact that he blurted out such a twistable prediction proves he was a fraud and not a prophet.

The Mormon Church says that when Smith was in Liberty Jail it was extremely likely that he would be put to death but he prophesied that this wouldn’t happen. God told him he would triumph over his foes. The Church says this came true. There is not enough in the prophecy to demand a supernatural fulfilment. Had Smith died then by execution the Church would have burnt the prophecy or even started a resurrection report.

The Mormon Church says a remarkable prophecy about Stephen A Douglas made by Smith has been wonderfully fulfilled. But all Smith said to the man was that the government of America will be destroyed if they do not start respecting the Saints and that Douglas would try to become President and if he ever turned against God he would strike him. But what government and when? One in forty years time? In those days a collapsed government had to happen sometime soon. But the government was certainly never destroyed despite its troubles. And Smith only said Douglas would try to become President not that he would or wouldn’t. What counts as trying: asking for supporters maybe? And had Douglas succeeded and led a charmed life and then died, the Mormons would be still be saying God struck him in death – all men have to die so that is not impressive. Or they could say that he couldn’t get out of persecuting the Mormons and so was not accountable before God which was why he escaped the punishment Smith said would befall him if he persecuted. The way Smith worded his prophecy actually proves that he was not a prophet but a shrewd operator.

The Word of Wisdom, Section 89, of the Doctrine and Covenants, forbids tea and coffee, tobacco and alcohol to Mormons. The Mormon Church says this proves that God told Smith that tobacco was bad before it was discovered to be unhealthy in the twentieth century. But he could have allowed tea within reason. This shows that he was only guessing that these things were immoral and harmful. Smith knew that tobacco was harmful to the chest and that was known long before its carcinogenic properties was known.

The prophecies that there would be branches of the Church in New York and Boston are unimpressive for Smith had more success with Mormonism than he thought possible so he knew it had to expand into these places someday. Had he been a prophet he would have been able to give the decade when the branches would be organised.

Smith allegedly told Dan Jones the night before the assassination at Carthage Jail that he would survive the impending unexpected attack and serve the Church in Wales. This came true. But we have only Dan Jones’ word for this. It is one of the lies that are always told about people after they die. Was Dan like a fortune tellers client who remembers the “hits” and forgets the predictions that are wrong or ridiculous?

Smith said that God made Sidney Rigdon a spokesman for him to the Mormon people (Doctrine and Covenants 100:9-11). The Church says Smith foreknew how Rigdon would lead the Church under him. But how a man like Smith who has the power to fulfil the prophecy by giving Rigdon a high office could have the right to make such a prophecy is not explained. It would be a sure sign that he was claiming supernatural significance for what was not supernatural. So what else was he doing? However, the assertion does not claim to be making a prediction. Had Rigdon not become a leading Mormon the Church would be teaching just that.

The Mormon Church says that Smith knew Newel K Whitney by name without having seeing him before in 1831. This is supposed to show that Smith really was a Prophet. But there are other explanations.

How to Answer a Mormon by Robert A Morey is an excellent refutation of the Mormon claim that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. It copies the prophecies so you can read them for yourself and make your own choice.

Internet Infidels has a good page called Joseph Smith as a Prophet by Richard Packham. It shows that Smith was a false prophet and refutes the Mormon boast that Smith made fulfilled prophecies.
Read Section 114. David Patten died before he could accomplish this mission.
The Mormon excuse is that God knew he would die but was not predicting his future but telling him what to do if he lived. This is a lame answer beyond belief. It overlooks the fact that it could be a prophecy, it could be a command and it could even be both. Two out of three chances then that it was predictive.
God rarely speaks and would not waste his words on a command that won't be fulfilled.
Prophecy or command the section has God saying Patten will be alive to do the mission. Why else would it tell him to take care of his business affairs and sell things so that he will have the money to do the mission? God says it is wisdom that David do this.
The detail in the command shows that if it was not merely a prophecy it was a command-prophecy. If it were a command God would not say, "It is wisdom in my servant David W Patten that he settle up all his business as soon as he possibly can, and make a disposition of his merchandise, that he may perform a mission unto me next spring, in company with others, even twelve including himself, to testify of my name and bear glad tidings unto all the world." He would say, "It is wisdom in my servant David W Patten that he settle up all his business and make a disposition of his merchandise, that he may perform a mission unto me to testify of my name and bear glad tidings unto all the world". The stuff about the mission in the spring, David joining with eleven others means that God sees the need for this to be done meaning he has seen the need in the future. He knows what circumstances are needed.
God says that those who deny his name will be replaced and links this with Patten. So Patten will be accepted by God to replace those who have gone astray. He is predicting then that Patten will be alive "to bear glad tidings unto all the world".
Joseph Smith was a false prophet.  I would add that Joseph Smith revised the Bible and kept its vicious parts - ie the commands from God telling his corrupt and evil people to accuse adulteresses and stone them to death!  He claimed to be able to fix it under divine inspiration for the apostate Christian Church had altered it and deliberately mistranslated it.
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Excellent refutation of the claims of the witnesses of the Book of Mormon
Refutes the Mormon claim that Smith was a real prophet of God. The Mormons accept the validity of Ezekiel 12:21-28 which says that if a prophecy is too long in being fulfilled then it is a false prophecy. A prophecy will come true by chance given long enough. Smith made many prophecies that have not come true yet so he was a false prophet. By the same criteria, the Old Testament prophets failed and the Christian claim that they predicted Jesus and his life by the power of God is false for even if the prophecies did come true it was not God that was behind it. Doctrine and Covenants 1:37 pledges that every word prophesised by Smith will come true for God has spoken. On January 4th 1833 Smith predicted by the authority of Jesus that there were people then living who would see the twelve tribes of Israel gathered to Missouri. This never happened. Slaves did not rise up and cause a war as he predicted in Doctrine and Covenants 87. God told Smith that the communism practiced by his Church would never be done away and would still be done when he comes again (Doctrine and Covenants 104). The Mormon Church dropped the communism causing minor schisms on the basis that the Church could no longer be the true Church for doing that.
JERALD AND SANDRA TANNER’S DISTORTED VIEW OF MORMONISM: A RESPONSE TO MORMONISM, SHADOW OR REALITY? This page shows plainly the harm that the Christian Church in general is doing with its rotten Bible for the evil commanded by God in the Bible is defended on the basis that it has a purpose known to God and this is used to justify the terrible doctrines such as polygamy that the Mormons used to live out. The page does what all apologists for religion does, ignore the major problems and nitpicks on rather minor errors in the hope of showing the critics to be not worth listening to. For example, the Tanners believed that Joseph Smith copied his father’s story of a dream he had in 1811 into the Book of Mormon as the dream of Lehi because Joseph’s mother Lucy wrote about the dream in 1845 and the two were identical in all serious points. The page says that Lucy Smith simply filled in her memory of her husband’s dream subconsciously from the Book of Mormon. But she had family and friends to help her remember. The page says that since the Book of Mormon was written first and she was writing 15 years later it is wrong to say that the author of the Book of Mormon was the one doing the copying. But how do you know? It is still most probable that the Tanners are right. If it is not then we still have no reason to take one side or the other. Anyway, what about the more serious objections to the Book of Mormon that the Tanners made? He’s nitpicking. The page says that since the Temple ceremony of the Mormons has many elements in it like Masonry that Smith did not borrow from Masonry for Masonry might have been partly divinely inspired. This denies Occam’s Razor, stick to the simplest explanation and that is that Smith stole Masonic rites. With the logic of the page you could say the book or song you got caught plagiarising was not copied on purpose but somebody must have telepathically put the words of an existing song and the music into your unsuspecting mind.

At Mormons in Transition Website


Barry R Bickmore


MORMONISM UNVAILED: MORE EVIDENCE THAT IT IS TRUE. Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry


This shows that when Smith translated the book of Abraham he invented hieroglyphics where there was a piece missing from the papyri. The characters Smith added make no sense to translators. Yet he translated these imaginary hieroglyphics! His mother and close associate David Whitmer spoke of Joseph copying characters of the gold plates of the Book of Mormon before he translated and that like the Book of Abraham Smith often produced two lines in the manuscript with the translation of a single character which shows that the whole Book of Mormon thing was a hoax.
by Jerald and Sandra Tanner. Gathers evidence that indicates that it was possible that Smith was insane and had manic depression.


A ridiculous rebuttal that has been taken into account for this book and refuted.

Excellent refutation of the reliability of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon