Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?



Hatred is best defined as the wish to degrade another person because of what they are or thought to be or to have done or not done.  You can feel hate but not act on it.  Or you could feel nothing but just choose to hurt the other person. Feeling hate can destroy you.  The cold  hater is worse than the hot one.  The cold hater is more calculating.

If you are sure that hating a person will lead to less hatred in the world in the way that evil can produce incredible good then you cannot agree with religion which says that hatred is always absolutely wrong. That would be a denial that consequences should ever be thought of.

Hatred is evil for it is the failure to value the person as supremely important. I may be most sure I exist but that doesnít mean I should hate if I wish to please myself for it is better to love and like the person. Strong hate is no fun even if you hide it well.

Secret hatred of a person does not harm the person who is the object of hatred. It would be more rational to hate a person when it does no harm to you or them than to fight it when you donít want to. Resisting is hating and harming yourself. Hating another is irrational but life is often about choosing one irrational thing over another. If you donít believe in free will like us Humanists you will not want to hate anybody.

The only way you can make yourself want to stop hating is by realising that you need only yourself to be happy and by detaching yourself from other needs. Religion denies this strongly, saying that to love God with all your heart the way Jesus demanded requires that you need God with all your heart. To need is to exploit and seek to oppose the freedom of the person needed. It means you blackmail God that you will not let yourself be happy unless you have him. Its pure cruelty. God is a pro-hate delusion.

Is hatred wrong because you would not want others to hate you? Love is sacrifice so it is hatred to advocate goodness because you emotionally desire it. Sacrifice is doing what you abhor. Is hatred wrong for you would not will that others hate you? You only will it for their sakes if you love them and not yours. You donít will that they hate you for it is demeaning to them. So the answer is no.

Morally speaking, it is what you intend that counts not what you feel. The less you feel hatred the worse hatred is in the sense that the less you can be excused for willing and holding on to it and acting on it.

Anger is an ingredient of hate.  Anger is the same thing as hate if you choose to hate people because they disagree with your religious or moral beliefs when those beliefs do not really matter that much.  For example, a Christian who is mad at others for masturbating even in private is a bigot and a hater. She cannot use righteous anger as an excuse for the others are not doing anything wrong.

Every religion that stomachs or commends anger is a camouflaged hate group.