Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?



Gratitude involves judgement - I am glad you could hurt me for you did not.

Forgiveness involves judgement - you are guilty but I will be good to you anyway. 

There is a link between gratitude and forgiveness. You will not forgive x unless there is something about x to be grateful for.

Also, you will be grateful for the opportunity to move on. That may mean being grateful to x for that as well.

God then cannot forgive you unless he finds something in you to be grateful for.

The idea of God being grateful to us is mad and self-absorbed but is implied by how we ask him for forgiveness and love.

Religion says he can't be grateful for he gives us all that we have. How can we learn to love God or forgive or ask his mercy? We cannot.

Christian love for God is really a disguised love for a humanised version of God. Its an idol and we are pretending that we don't think we deserve anything from God. In fact we think God should be about us. We think God owes us everything.

Gratitude has to be our own for others to forgive us and that will not work if it is a gift from God.