Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?


Christian Missions – the Shocking Facts

On religious peoples’ own admission, faith is dangerous and wavering. It is hard to keep it up. Doubt or disbelief are more or less inevitable. Even the very saints themselves battled against doubt and uncertainty. The Church does not care if you doubt as long as it is not wilful and as long as you fight it like a cancer. Such a fight would betray that a person’s supreme concern is to obey their religion and not to do what is right or suspected to be right. That will make them harmful to others. It is consciously cruel for a doubting priest to tell a married woman to kill herself by avoiding birth-control.
Religion expects the doubters to remain devoted to it which is evil for it is maliciously to support what you do not trust. It puts dangerous attitudes in you.
The Church tirelessly warns that the faith can be lost or weakened frightfully easily. When that faith leads to death and suffering even if it does not command it, the believer will be corrupted. They are told by their religion to become fanatical at least in attitude.
Religion declares that any resultant evil deeds happen in spite of the faith and not because of it. But when the faith weakens so does belief in the moral code it has. The weakening is as inevitable so religion cannot clear itself so easily. If a person’s faith is weak or gone and he believes that murder is bad for God says so then in that state his belief that stops him from killing will go or at least be too feeble to deter him from murder. Obviously, his religion is as bad as he is if he kills or wants to kill. Religion expects its victims to take faith seriously with regard to intellectual assent and often says that as long as you die repentant you will be okay no matter what kind of life you have led. When the faith is unprovable anyway religion is as good as asking for people not to take it seriously by living a good life for why should anybody be enslaved to guesses or opinions?
Anything religion condemns is condemned because God says so. If reason were the guide then they would not have so many silly rules. If reason and God’s word agree the doctrine is not believed because reason says it but because God does.
The history of the Catholic Church, the fact that it was part of my ancestors’ life, and the fact that it gave me a sense of power and special feelings meant that I was often willing to help and promote it despite doubts and disbelief. The result was a cold and devious person who hated anybody who did not believe in the Church.
The mother of cruelty is fear. Faith incites fear for it demands rigorous self-sacrifice which is fearful and there will be the fear of sin or of losing the faith or divine retribution or worse, everlasting punishment. Fear is the driving force behind religion and it is the reason religion tends to produce cruelty and delight in leading others astray from reason and happiness where the cruelty is disguised with encouraging smiles and “help” and worship and “good” example.
There is enough to make us cruel without religion and it is not needed for all you need to be good and happy is to reduce your needful desires to a minimum and detach yourself from everything outside yourself. Be easygoing. Religion is an unnecessary evil and is to blame for every single evil carried out in its name whether it sanctioned it or not for giving people something extra to hate each other over is sanctioning evil.

A religion has to try and convert others for it claims to be the truth. If it is the truth and is revealed by a good being then it is best for all that they join it. If there is a God who has given a gospel then all people should do what he wants. He has a right to our service and submission. Those who don’t make converts for him are against him. They are unjust. It must be a sin to withhold spiritual truth from anyone unless there is really nothing that can be done.
Religion has to go about bringing in a new victim as fast as possible for delay is sinful and may be harmful. It is a sin to keep a person from the truth without need even for a moment. As long as there is delay, you are promoting evil and offending God.
Christianity received its mandate to turn the world to Christ from Christ himself (Mark 16:15).
Christianity says that causing another’s unbelief by not converting them is as bad and sinful as ceasing to believe yourself. Each religion must have the same opinion. Each religion must have the same opinion. Even religions that preach indifferentism have to believe in making converts for they counsel people against caring for truth which is what we mean by indifferentism.
Lots of people have met religious people who won’t leave you alone. They continually nag at you and preach to you not caring if it all seems to fall on shut ears.
You have to put your religion before being liked for God comes first.
It is better to turn a person against your religion by making them sick of you than for you to do this on the thinking level. Then it is only a feeling that they will not have all the time that is barring them from the gospel and they understand why you irritate them deep down – you have to promote what is right in your opinion. The fact that religion does not usually annoy people proves that religion is just a con.
Jesus continually got up the noses of the Jewish leaders. He told them everything they didn’t even want to hear in front of the people. He even told them that they were vipers and children of the father of lies. They would not have come to talk with him before the people for fear they would be humiliated. Therefore Jesus must have gone out of his way to meet them and annoy them. (God would not need his Son to behave like that for God is all-powerful.)  That is what the gospels teach though it is certain that this is all fiction – the Jewish leaders would not have been that easily had – so such behaviour is obligatory on Christians who have to walk in the ways of their infamous Lord.

Jesus told Christians to spread his teaching all over the world. Yet he forbade doubt as sinful. Obviously, when he commands us to believe and when he says faith is a gift from God he would have to. Christian missionaries seek to make those who hear them have doubts about the religion they think is right. All missionaries forbid doubt as an offence against God. The goal of the missionaries is to make their hearers sin by causing them to doubt their own faith and betray it and their own people.
A religion that preaches salvation through sin cannot be honest or holy. The victims cannot repent of the sin for that would entail wishing they had never encountered the missionaries. Instead of salvation, religion metes out spiritual illness and damnation.
All people start off their spiritual lives with a twisted version of their faith. They have to doubt this before they can subscribe to the purified version. If doubt is a sin then it is a sin to give them light for it is causing them to do wrong.
Christian missionaries often go into countries where they could die for their faith at the hands of hostile regimes. When they smell danger they should cease preaching but they wont. This is recklessness though it pleases the Church. They want to be killed if they end up in front of a firing squad. It is so pointless when the Church does not make it obligatory to proclaim the so-called good news in a land of wolves. Its like attempted suicide.
Witchcraft and some other religions are against going out to bring in converts. They accept whoever comes to them but they will not spread their faith. They say that no religion is right for everybody. But theirs is so flexible and they can have members who are not comfortable with magic as long as they believe in magic. If the members do not believe that their religion is best then they should not be in it. Their faith is evil. If they do believe that it is the best then they should preach it. The excuse that one religion cannot suit everybody is useless. Most religions have room for people to make a place for themselves in it that they are comfortable with. If you hold that your religion is true then you should proclaim it. Otherwise, you are trying to bury the truth – something that no person with self-esteem or integrity would do.
When there is so much deception about these issues we should not trust religion and let it have too much power for it will compel people to come into it with it.


The pope and most religions boast that they value the person more than anything else apart from God. That is not true.
Faith is more important than persons to them. To the Christian or the Muslim, the person must be sacrificed on the altar of faith if need be – that is, by their definition if need be. You cannot believe in God and not put belief first.
Jesus told to love God with all our strength and power (Matthew 22). He told us to believe in God. He wants us to love others and ourselves for God’s sake only. So, we are to love God alone in reality and must use others to please God. Others are put out of the heart just for a belief. Belief counts not just more than persons here. It is the only thing that counts. Those who despise Jesus’ dogmatic image should realise that it is his true image. When God alone is the focus of morality it follows that the law has no connection with morality if it leaves God out so Church and state should be amalgamated so that the law can have real moral authority.
When Paul said that there was faith and hope and charity that the greatest of these was charity he only meant that you can’t have hope and faith without charity. Charity causes a person to honour God by believing what God has said. This is not true for you can trust in God and love him without believing in him.
If a believer and non-believer are about to be shot and you can only save one then who do you save?
The answer has to be the former because he or she is the most likely to be an advantage to God. We would say that you should save the kindest person for if anybody does not believe in Atheism that is our doing and we can convert the person who rejects our philosophy.
Inform the believers that when they are surer that they exist than that God exists they should not exaggerate the value of faith. If they persist in their piety then they show themselves up. Catholics priests will know from reading Descartes – who said that the one thing you can be sure of is that you exist - in the seminaries that it is wrong to give up their idols of faith.
When you see a contradiction in religion they tell you that there is no contradiction for it is a mystery how the two opposing teachings can be harmonised. This means that no matter how wrong a religion is then you cannot see it. Faith is exalted over reality and your mind and therefore your whole self. Copout answers are put before all things.
Timidity is caused by the fear of what others think and do. The person who hides their Christian faith is more worried about themselves than about God. And they cannot worry about protecting others because these have the same problem and should be told to get braver instead of being encouraged to be weak. It would be different if certain death would result but if they can hide or run they should declare their faith. It is the approval of others that counts the most and not their liking you. They don’t like not liking you. They may abuse you but inside they admire you for your courage. The Church says that it is always a mortal sin to keep silence when the faith is being condemned (Apologia pro Vita Sua, Appendix, Part 8).
If we are to love God alone then for us to hide our belief in God to please others conflicts with this. Would God want you to love him by hiding him?
When God is all-powerful and in control, it could be his will that his people declare the faith no matter what evil threatens for he is in charge and decrees that faith hope and charity, the three “virtues” of religion, alone matter.
What you believe influences what you do so should faith come first for you cannot be good without it? Sometimes. And never if it is the blind faith of religion. Faith is made for humanity and not humanity for faith.
If faith is supreme then it is easy to perceive how religion can tend towards the suppression of human rights.

The Christian Church says she has no right to baptise babies that will not be raised as Christians even though baptism magically inclines them to believe in Christ. When you think for a minute you can see that his rule is just a cruel plot to get conditioning them and getting their mothers and fathers to be loyal to the Church and give her money and help her condition the child. God could bring the babies into contact with Christianity later on. She should baptise just in case – even if it against the will of the parents. Where is this confidence in God that she says she has now? And if it is true as liberals say that those who are sincerely wrong are in the true religion for they want to be right then it doesn’t matter in which religion they are raised. The rule shows that the Church is perfectly willing to heap an indignity on an innocent baby for the sake of power. All this implies that it is perfectly right to baptise as many babies as possible so that by the magic of this sacrament they may have a greater resistance to sin - with or without the parent’s consent.
If baptism takes away original sin as the Church says, and is a powerful protection against sin, then it makes sense to baptise even those who will or may not ever become Christians.
It is also right to baptise adults against their will and it is possible to do it validly even though the Church says that an adult who doesn’t want to be baptised cannot be validly baptised under compulsion. If they want to be right and if baptism should be received by all, then God has to accept their wish as sufficient consent to baptism. (If he blesses the sincere with forgiveness and salvation and mercy he forces the grace of the blood of Christ on the Buddhist who normally would refuse to become a Christian or pray for pardon.) Their refusal is invalid for they don’t know that they should accept it and desire to be right with deity if it exists.
If sin is insanity as the Catholic Church teaches (page 303, Handbook of Christian Apologetics) then the sinner is in the same position as a baby or a psychotic person. The Church gives these sacraments without their consent because they don’t know what they are doing. The Church can force Church membership on anybody.
The Church claims that the baptised – even the babies of pagans who have been baptised without the knowledge of their parents by sneaky Catholics – belong to her so she has a right to make sure they are reared in her bosom. Pope Blessed Pius IX had a Jewish boy kidnapped and reared him himself all because the child was baptised.
Baptism is forced on babies anyway for they cannot choose it so it is the divine stamp of the Catholic Church that God finds force acceptable in religion.

Though believing that nobody can be forced to believe, a religion that believes in the power of God to persuade people that his word is truth must agree with forcing people to hear it so that the seeds that may produce faith can be planted. It can force people to take the first step towards faith which is agreeing that the Church is true – this is not faith by itself because faith is committing your mind and will to God in trust (page 384, Handbook of Christian Apologetics). You need to believe that there is a goal of faith before you can make your way to it. God said, “My word…shall not return to Me void [without producing any effect, useless], but it shall accomplish that which I please and purpose, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11). Force can convert if God gives grace to all to enable them to believe as religions like Roman Catholicism say. The Bible says that Christ gives light to every person (John 1:9). The Holy Spirit can convince the unbeliever. He is omnipotent and can make conversion likely.
People force people to hear things all the time so they can’t disapprove of religionists forcing a person to hear their gospel. Jesus forced the Jews to listen to him when he hurled abuse and criticism at them in public.
Many refuse to listen when religionists try to get them interested in their message. A rejection of what you do not understand is invalid for you cannot really mean it. Religion must have the right to ignore it and force unbelievers to listen for that maximises their chance of accepting the gospel while not forcing is just abandoning them.
If unbelievers resent the pests it is their problem and they should be grateful so there is no sense in arguing that coercing them to listen will deter them from the truth. They show what if the ambassadors of truth are pests that truth is still truth. Being held prisoner for the purpose of indoctrination will not cause a person to be blinded against the dogmas by anger when it is done in love. They have to be told that they are angry because they are uncomfortable and not because of God or you. The person who is emotionally harmed by it is the cause of her or his own harm and so the forcers should not worry about it. God heals and she or he will be grateful in the end.
Religionists see that force works on getting children to accept secular facts so they will succeed far more if they do it with religion.
Good religionists would capture sceptics, tie them up and then indoctrinate them taking care not to brainwash them.

Idolatry is to worship an image or that which is not the true God.
Nobody has ever worshipped an idol just because it is a lump of wood or whatever. Nobody could do it either – the most you could do is pretend. The idol is always held to be an abode of the god or to have been transubstantiated into the god like bread becoming the body of Christ in Catholicism. Or the idol can be considered to be a substitute for the God. If I kiss my daughter’s photo I am kissing her by proxy. I am honouring her and not the snap.
You can’t mean to worship a false god while knowing it is false so deliberate idolatry is not possible.
To adore an ignorant and arrogant God would be idolatry if idolatry is possible for it is preferring him to goodness.
God has decreed that idolatry is a sin that one should be destroyed by getting stoned to death for (Deuteronomy 13). Idolatry must be sincere for you cannot worship anything without sincerity. To condemn idolatry as sin is to say that sincere error is sinful which is absurd and belie the Bible-basher’s claim that they don’t believe in unintentional sin. The Bible reminds people that they don’t know it all and can commit unintentional doctrinal error which shows how uncharitable it is being when it has such harsh things to say about idolatry. When one sincere error is immoral all sincere error is immoral.
Most idolaters believed in a being that could be identified with God and were still censored and rejected by God. Their honouring idols was an expression of devotion to God. God is saying that if you err about what he is like any attempt to worship him is idolatry. So who does worship him? Only the doctrinally infallible are not idolaters!
All sin is idolatry - loving something better than God - yet religious idolaters are singled out by the unfair Bible. And that is especially awful when all sin is idolatry that does not mean that all idolatry is necessarily sin!
We know that the anti-idolatry rules in the Bible are just products of its quarrelsome spirit and gratuitous hatred. Jesus was an evil man when he supported such rules for he said he believed in the Old Testament which he knew very well for when he was at school he had to learn it and all about it.
The whole Bible should be banned for each book ratifies the others in the eyes and teaching of the church so if one is accepted the rest will be with it. Catholic and Protestant terrorists got their sectarian fanaticism from it. They reason that when God recommends hatred and the concealment of it behind smiles and sweet words he can’t complain if they decided to go a bit further. Religion must stop expecting countries to let it do what is illegal for ordinary organisations to do.
The Christian doctrine of the duty of all Christians to be missionaries and that God brings in converts through the missionaries has loads of bigoted and disturbing implications.

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